Wednesday, October 1, 2008

still in heart?

im not going to go into detail for this post. im only gonna let out my feelings.
so i went to Imperial Mall earlier this morning.
it was around 10.30am i think.
we went to this phone shop at the ground floor
and the moment i turn around, i saw an angel.
well, not exactly an angel but to me he is. hahah.
anyways, he was walking towards my direction.
our eyes met and he shot me with his killer-1000-watt smile :D
i could feel my heart beat getting faster and faster and faster.
this time, my heart beat wasnt like the ones i felt before.
its kinda diff this time but i felt like i was back in 200_.
the feelings i had were the same as long time ago.
maybe the last time i saw him, he was with a girl that i didnt feel much like this.
but this time, he was all by himself.
no one was with him, no
girl was with him.
and when he walked past, he said BYE BYE.
do you have any idea how much i wanted to cry when he said that?
i havent seen him for so long already.
and im glad that i did. cause it really made my day :)
my cheeks were turning bright red when i went to the toilet to check.
actly, this is the second time ive seen him this year.
unlucky much? oh yeahh.
my friends often have more chances of seeing than i do.

somehow, after jst now, i cant stop thinking.
thinking about why i felt that way.
am i not over him yet?
but that was like so long ago.
and its worthless if i continued to like him.
ive already got my hubby Joe Cheng bahh.
i dont need him anymore, right?
i seriously cant stop my tears lar.

i miss you.

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