Sunday, November 11, 2007

busy day

it was a sorta busy day yesterday. woke up around 5.30am and changed to go jogging walking with mummy outside our house. when we came back, daddy had jst done hanging out the clothes and started to wash the car. i went in and bathed and we all got ready to go to to Gymkhana Miri, also known as was my sister's kindergarten graduation day. its so cute to see little kids dressed in those graduation clothes and the square hat thingy. lols so the programme started at about 9.00am sharp. there were performances, certificate giving as well as games. before the games, every level three student went on stage to sing a few songs. it was such a saddening moment. i couldnt help but cry when they started singing. they sang Auld Lang Syne[or howsoever you spell that song name] in english&chinese&malay and Its A Small World. there was another song i think. dont quite remember though.

vallamy and her friend, vivian.

vallamy taking the certificate from the present headmistress, Mdm Elaine Bong.

vallamy looking so cute in her graduation baju.

then in the afternoon, mummy and i went to her friend/my babysitter's daughter de saloon. i went to get some highlights and mummy washed her hair. i only highlighted like a few strands of hair nia. i was expecting it to be bright red but it turns out abit purple-ish. anyhow, it looks much prettier this way. plus the lady said the color will be brighter if i wash few more times.

reddd (:

reached home at about 3 o'clock. my cousin and his family came over. about half an hour later, my aunt came along. my cousin and i watched the 'Forbes Top 100 sumthin sumthin' on E!. they were showing the top 100 people that make the most money in one year i guess. and guess whos on number one? my cousin kept insisting that Tiger Woods would get #1 but he didnt. he earned around 100 million US dollars a year and that is still not number one. even Steven Spielberg lost to that person by earning 110 million US dollars a year. you wanna know who got #1? well, its none other than Miss Oprah Winfrey. shes like the the richest famoust person there is. from 1st June 2006-1st June 2007, she earned like 260 million US dollars throughout the year. its like wtfomfg. i cannot believe that she actually earns so much jst by having this talk show and she didnt need to play golf or football or basketball or race cars or sing or or direct movies. omg omg omg. damn shes rich. lols

the rich lady

then in the evening, we went to have dinner at dynasty hotel. actually we went to imperial but the place was booked by an army of malay ladies. lols there were at least a hundred of them there. anyways, we drove off to Cafe Rosita and ate the buffet dinner. we went home before nine and i slept after ten. well, thats about it for yesterday. will blog again some other day. byebye (:

btw, yesterday was dearest calvin's birthday. and this goes out to you.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

30 Days Of Night

went to parkson today. watched 30 Days Of Night. it was an okay movie. kinda scary though. and like the sound effects were abit too loud for me=\ ummm for those who havent watched it, heres the synopsis.

Barrow, Alaska, a small town on the Arctic circle, is preparing for its annual "30 days of night," a period during the winter when the sun will not be seen. People who don't want to suffer the extended darkness leave for Fairbanks or other parts south. As the town gets ready, The Stranger, rows ashore from a larger ship, then trudges towards Barrow. Once he arrives, he sets about sabotaging the town. He steals and destroys all the cell phones, destroys the town's only helicopter and kills all of the dogs.
Barrow's sheriff, Eben Oleson investigates these crimes. As he does so, he learns that his estranged wife, Stella, who moved out of town awhile ago, missed the last plane out of town and will have to spend the 30 day period in Barrow. Although they try to avoid one another, when Eben confronts The Stranger in the town diner, she helps subdue him and take him to the station house.
From the jail cell, The Stranger taunts Eben, Stella, Eben's teenage brother, Jake, and grandmother, telling them that death is coming for them. Just then, vampires attack the local telecommunications center and power supply, rendering the town dark and cut off from the outside world. Eben goes to the telecommunications center and finds the operator's head on a pike. He and Stella then go through town, trying to find the ones responsible for the gruesome crimes.
Meanwhile, the vampires, led by Marlow, attack the town. Marlow speaks in an ancient, gutteral language; the other vampires shriek. Unless they are shot in the head, bullets are useless against them, and they slaughter most of the town, including Eben's grandmother. Those who survive congregate in the diner. The vampires attack Eben and Stella but Beau Brower, the local snowplow driver, rescues them. They too go to the diner. Everyone decides to go to the boarded up house of someone who had left town earlier that day. The house has a hidden attic where they will be able to hide. Marlow finds The Stranger in the jail and, taking mercy on him in thanks for his work on the vampires' behalf, kills him quickly. Marlow orders the vampires not to turn anyone into a vampire; they will slaughter the town and then disappear in order to preserve modern humanity's belief that vampires are the stuff of bad dreams and nothing more.
Over the next week, Eben, Stella, Jake and seven others stick it out in the attic. They fight about leaving but most stay; only Wilson and his senile father, Isaac, are lost. Eben ventures out to try to help a stray survivor and learns that beheading the vampires will kill them.
Two more weeks pass. Stella and Eben see someone signaling them with a flashlight from across the street. It is Billy, Eben's deputy. Eben and Stella make it to Billy's house. When the vampires attacked, he killed his wife and daughters but his gun became jammed when he tried to commit suicide. Stella and Eben take him back to the station house. There they learn that the others have made it to the utilidor, a power station that controls the oil pipeline, the only structure that still has power. Eben, Stella and Billy begin to sneak towards the utilidor. Stella stops to rescue a young girl who is being stalked by a vampire. Eben and Billy try to distract the vampire while Stella gets the girl to safety.
Eben is happy to see the rest of the survivors have made it alive. The vampire attacks Billy, ripping into his neck and dazing him. When the vampire turns to attacks Eben, Billy knocks it into the gears of the utilidor's pump, disintegrating it, but also losing his left hand in the process. Eben then kills Billy before he can turn into a vampire.
The sun is due to rise in a few hours. The vampires decide to incinerate the town to cover their tracks. Stella radios to Eben that she and the young girl are hiding under an abandoned truck across the street from the utilidor, the flames rapidly approaching them. Realizing he cannot beat the vampires as a human, Eben injects himself with Billy's infected blood so he can fight them as a vampire. He and Marlow fight a vicious battle and Eben wins. Leaderless, the other vampires disappear.
Stella takes Eben to watch the dawn. She holds him in her arms as he is incinerated.

lols. thats the long synopsis. couldnt find the short one so i pasted this long one. and here are some pictures from the movie.

only now then i realize how good looking josh hartnett is. LOL i always thought he was jst okay looking since hes always in those 'Top 50 Most blablabla' thingys. he looks plain hot in this movie. especially the part without his beard + moustache. HAHAHA.
overall, the movie was alright. i guess. cause most of the times i was like covering up my ears and listening to music. the sound effect was abit too loud and i was sitting near the speakers. and to those who havent watch this movie, you gotta watch it (:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


YOU know, i didnt wanna blog actually cause nothing much to write about. BUT i was 'forced' to do so by mr dexter stanley. so here i am trying to write sumthin.
.................................................................... *sound of the wind* my mind's totally b-l-a-n-k right now.
uh, ive got it. todays tuesday. the 6th of november, 3.37pm. im sitting here in my room. 101% BORED. these days im like stuck to the computer. well more to sticking to youtube. ive been watching taiwanese dramas and ive watched like five whole dramas in the past three weeks plus. so you can see how bored i am these weeks. and i havent really been going to school. heheh lazy want go school leh. everyday do the same thing. run around the field. then back to the hall and sit on the floor till our asses get numb and go home by noon. you can imagine how boring is that. well, at least im not going to school anymore. ive given myself holidays earlier than the actual one :P

look at this picture. it looks nice right? i mean you look at the nails. ana told me about this picture and when i saw it, i was like 'ohmg look at her nails. whether theyre real or fake its plain pretty'. i guess my mind's still blank. nothing to post so jst blog about this. but still, the picture's real pretty (:

anyways, i guess im done with blogging. will blog again soon. i think. byebye ^^

Friday, November 2, 2007


how old is barbie? well its jst a thought. i was watching The Island Princess with my sister jst now and it suddenly came to my mind. and have you realize that in almost all barbie movies, the main character - which is barbie or whatsoever name thats given to her in the movie, sound exactly the same? unless they use the same lady's voice for every one of the movies. hmmmm *thinks*
anyways, sorry for not blogging these days. really not in the mood to blog. so i guess i'll stop blogging for a while. will continue when i feel like it. and btw, quite alot of things have happened since i last blog. jst wanna let you all know that my life right now is like me riding on the bumpiest and fastest roller coaster on earth. if you get what i mean lah. toodles ~