Friday, January 30, 2009

2nd landslide in 2009.

btw, i forgot to blog about the landslide.
as you know about 2 weeks ago there was this landslide at the Shell petrol station opposite Parkson.
and today at about 1pm there was another one.
omg yes i know, 2 landslides in half a month.
this time its like about 1km away from the old landslide.
i dont think anyone died though but 6 houses were damaged.
and 8 families had to stay at the Red Crescent HQ temporarily i guess.
what a year huh?
feel really sorry for those people lor.

but hor, i somehow feel that its like the Tsunami.
like its a warning or sth from God.
its like Hes telling us to repent. omg
i mean seriously, things that never happened before are starting to happen.
and it seems really really scary lor.
heres a video and pic of the incident.

omg im very very lazy to blog lah.
somehow i kinda lost my blogging mood.
lol but im jst gonna summarize the past 3 days in 10 words,
which is :
"i didnt receive any hong baos at all since tuesday !!"
omg isnt that like the saddest thing ever?
i only received hong baos on monday.
wth.. luckily this year isnt so boring(although not much hong baos)
cause some of my relatives came back to celebrate together.
i had a really fun time with them lor.
well, all of us did. haha
and since monday we've been visiting relatives houses only.
lol maybe got one or two friends lor.
but the rest are my cousins and aunts de house.
ive also had some surprises this year.
surprises as in shocking news. lol

unfortunately, one cousin left yesterday and another 3 today.
and i kinda miss them alot already.
like what daddy said jst now, "happy times always pass really fast".
which is indeed very true.
theyve been back for about 10 days already
and it only felt like what, 3 days?
overall, i had a really good CNY this year.
its like one of the best CNY ive ever had.

and talking about that reminds me of school.

Monday, January 26, 2009

its almost the end of day one of CNY.
ive gotten quite a number of hong baos today.
and im hoping to get more than RM850 this year.
honestly, i was hoping it'd be more than 1K but thats kinda almost impossible
so yeah, if got RM850, its good enough.
so far ive alrdy got around half of the amount mentioned above.
jst hope that daddy will be more rajin to visit more houses in the following days.
haha anyways, we visited my cousin's cousin de house today.
omg dahlah the outside of the house is alrdy really pretty,
the inside is much much prettier than the outside. lol
about 20+ of us went to visit their house.
really speechless when i stepped in the front door.
its by far the nicest house ive seen in Miri so far.
everyone went extremely sakai the whole time we were there.

oh and i read ____'s blog today.
my first time reading his blog lor.
never knew he got blog also. haha
well the way he wrote some of his posts,
it was like err full of passion? lol
idk lah but i could feel that hes a good person.
but he never seems to show this good side of his.
not in front of any of us that is.

ps: i jst remembered one thing, my(almost) favorite car in Miri has undergone surgery. and it looks diff now. OMG
pps: i saw two dudes at the bazaar on Friday night. both really attracted me lo. haha one was holding a camera and the other looked like some rich kid. haha the first one looked like one really filial kid. he was with his parents and hes only 21. quite ngam for me lo. LOL jk jk and the other one, i loved his perfume. we were in the middle of this "traffic jam" at the market and we were literally stuck to each other. wooosh, we were even wearing the same bracelet thingy. hahah
ppps: i want many hong baoooooooo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

yes, its been reaaaally busy for me since Friday.
been having family dinners and this and that all weekend.
and theres more to come cause tmr is CHINESE NEW YEAR !
omg i friggen happy at the moment.
the thoughts of bai nian-ing and getting ang baos and wearing clothes really makes me happieeee ;D

anyways, i'll summarize up all thats happened since my weekend started.
so on Friday my relatives came for dinner at my house.
mummy cooked laksa for everyone.
ive talked about this briefly in one of my previous post i think.
then yesterday, we went to Gloria Hotel to celebrate grandmama's 80th(chinese) birthday.
and it was like the best day of my 2009 life. lol
everyone was telling each other meaningless jokes.
i havent laughed so much since a gazillion years ago.
it was really fun lor cause like most of my cousins were around this time.
there was about 30+ of us there?
and like another 3 family werent there with us last night.
which means, another 30+ people gone.
the birthday cake baked by Nicholas was really big and tasty too.
then tonight is the CNY eve dinner.
everyone was really having fun talking and eating together lor.

you know, sometimes i wonder how long will this last.
this family gathering and stuff like that.
it seems like as everyone becomes older,
the chances of having family gathering decreases.
and my grandmama's alrdy very old too.
ive seen many family that dont have family gatherings anymore.
everyone is on their on.
like you have yr family and i have mine
and everyone dont contact each other anymore
then families members start to drift apart and everything.
its really sad when you think about it lor.

*fire crackers starts to play*
*boom booom booooom !*
*goes out to the balcony to watch with mummy*
*neighbours put pretty fire crackers*
*see sakai neighbours watching it outside their house*
*come back in, helps mummy put on toenail polish*
*talk talk talk*

LOL it jst started raining very heavily.
the fire crackers have been put for about more than half an hour now.
i guess this rain is to stop people from putting more
cause soooo many other people are like sound asleep right now.
anyways, its CNY today.
will be going to mass later at 7am.
so yeah, im off to put on some toenail polish on my own toes.
goodnight :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

난 텅 빈 기분.
가끔은, 내가 너무나 모든 것을 포기하고 같은 느낌.
나는 문제가 있을 때, 모두 내가 울고있다 할 수있다 .
난 아주 슬픈 느낌.
하지만 난 외롭지 않아.
나는 음악과 나 자신이 있다, 그것은 이젠 그만이다.

ps: 한국어에서 타자를 치는 것은 재미이다 :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

iv realize that i havent really been blogging much lately.
well, ive been really busy with school and im kinda lazy to update. hahah
anyways, CNY is coming reaaaal soon lor.
kinda really excited about it.
visiting houses and receiving angbaoooooo :D
not to mention the night bazaar too.
lol speaking of that, this year my family really laoya lo.
only went like err one and a half times?
first day open, wanted to go but raining.
so my parents go makan at open air then drive around the place.
then two days ago got go awhile but not much to see
cause not yet opening ceremony.
then tonight i went with daddy only
cause my cousins and uncles and aunties came over to eat laksa.
went down xia, saw Nicholas and Nelius.
two tall dudes, from far also can see dao anyways. lol
then daddy went to talk to them.
was walking towards their direction when suddenly someone appeared out of nowhere.
and that someone was Ivan. haha
didnt recognize him at first though.
lol he kinda looked abit diff lo.
but he said i never change since form one.
aww, isnt that nice?
it means i still look YOUNG :P

1. Your name?

according to

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'Vivian Vivian Vivian Vivian Vivian '
5. one of the most beautiful names a girl can have.

*see number five? LOL

2. Your age?

according to

1. the most random number
2. The right age to start having sex, according to Chef on South Park
Chef: "The right time to start having sex is 17."
Sheila: "So you mean 17 as long as you're in love?"
Chef: "Nope, just 17."
Gerald: "But what if you're not ready at 17?"
Chef: "17, you're ready."
3. 17 is something you dont understand.
4. also known as the spread eagle position -______________________-"

3. One of your friends?

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1. What you want to say when you want to confuse someone or piss them off
random chav: "dayz i just got shanked"
me: "SUTO you dirty chav. Yeah you run back to your little council home"

4. What should you be doing?

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1. Masturbating. omg :O
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8. Last person you talked to?

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the loverly person who gave birth to me and has and will look after me 4 the rest of her life
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ahvian isn't defined yet.

*wooots, it isnt defined yet. which means, my name is special :P

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5. Anyone

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

after raining for so many days,
the sun finally came out.
its been so long since i last saw the blue sky.
and it feels good to have the sun around.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


wooots, its Jay Chou's birthday today.
and he is finally officially 30.
wonder how is he celebrating his birthday now.
too bad im not in Taiwan to celebrate with him. lol
so as a huge fan of his,
eventhough i cant celebrate with him,
im gonna dedicate this post to him.
as if he'll ever read my blog. lol
Jay is like my all time favorite singer.
eventhough he wasnt good looking before,
i feel that the older he becomes, the cuter he is.
dont you think so too? ^^
ohh and i loveeeee his voice.
singing or talking, both i like. haha
here are some pictures of him below :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

tagged by Lus. ive done this before but being the all-of-a-sudden-im-not-lazy person that i sometimes am, i shall do this tag :)

The rules:
State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
The 10 people I tag are then to follow and write their own 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts.
Most importantly, NO TAG-BACKS.

1. i cannot sleep in the afternoon cause i'll definitely wake up with a headache.
2. the most played song in my iTunes is Jay Chou's 我不配, which is 2243 times.
3. i am very in love with a guy name Joe.
4. i like to daydream.
5. little things, words and actions can really 感动 me sometimes.
6. i am reaaaaally afraid of losing the people i love.
7. i always feel like crying. like when i read sth touching, id have this feeling and my eyes will turn watery. or even when im angry and scolding ppl, it'll happen too.
8. before i entered form one, i dont listen to chinese songs.
9. i hate bitter things like bitter gourd, coffee, blablabla.
10. my all time favorite color is blue.
11. im like really attracted to tall guys(not all though) lol but if you put two guys in front of me, most prolly i'll notice the taller(about 180 and above) one first. but if hes more than 6'3" then i'll definitely look at him and forget about the shorter guy. lol
12. i talk to myself.
13. i think i have a little tiny bit of OCD :O
14. i have broken my left wrist when i was 8 years old.
15. i have always wanted twins. one boy one girl that is.

thrs actly some more but i dont remember any others right now. lol btw, im gonna break the 2nd rule cause im too lazy to tag. hehs

Monday, January 12, 2009

its like 5am right now. dammit
you know, when i woke up an hour ago,
i thought it was already like err 7am?
and i thought that i need not go to school.
but who knew, it was only 4am.

anyways, my blog has been really boring.
agree, no?
other than the flood post that is. lol
so yeah, here are some pictures below to entertain you guys.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


in my previous post i mentioned that it was about to flood right?
and guess what?
10 minutes after i blogged, water started to come in through the front door.
slippers and bottles were floating around outside my house.
when daddy came back, i could see the dustbin "swimming" away.
and in no time, my whole living room was filled with water.
luckily it was only about less than an inch high.
then we decided to wash the living room.
and its only daddy and i, jst the two of us.
lol then like, we went to find the missing slippers and dustbin.
you know, it was really cool to walk in the water(like sakai lol).
saw quite a few dead cockroaches drifting away on the road.
and also a frog swimming(looks like its enjoying itself).
ohh and we found our dustbin lying in front of my grandma's house.
lol it took us about an hour to clean the place up.
really really tiring lo.
its been 2 years since my house got flooded.
and this time the flood came on the right time.
cause CNY is near and this was our chance to wash the place :P

as you can see, the longkang is actly gone ==

Saturday, January 10, 2009

omg its been raining heavily since last night.
im like all alone at home right now and its kinda scary.
plus, i think my house is gonna get flooded again.
omg what to do?
omg the water is gonna come into my house anytime soon. @@

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ive been pretty moody lately.
and i dont know why.

Monday, January 5, 2009

and im officially back to school.
happy? no. frustrated? yes.
omg why does school have to start so early everyday?
cant our school start at 9am instead?
many schools from other countries are like that what.
like maybe 9am start, then 12pm lunch a while then continue until like err 3pm?
like that also okay mah right? pfffffffffft.
at least if school starts so late, then no need wake up at 5am every morning mahhhh.
seriously, if i had lots and los of $$, id really move to somewhere faaaaar faaaaaaar awaaaaaaaay from Malaysia.

omg i want more holidays plssssssss.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fahrenheit's new album officially out.

Album Title: 越来越爱
Artiste: (Fahrenheit) 飞轮海
Release Date: 02 January, 2009

Album Tracklist:
01. 动脉
02. 越来越爱
03. 寂寞暴走
04. 恒星
05. 默默
06. 最佳听众
07. 留下来
08. 孤单摩天轮
09. 雨是眼泪
10. 你应该被珍惜

pps : lately im very very into chinese songs.
i almost completely dont listen to english songs anymore. :\

Friday, January 2, 2009

omg my class is gonna be in Block A.
not that its a bad thing or what but the canteen/toilet/lab is soooo far away.
although ive been hoping form 4 would be in Block A,
i was alrdy used to it being in Block E.
plus, its nearer to the three places i mentioned jst now.
ahh, at least class got aircond lo(hopefully its working since its new).

i went to my sister's school today.
seeing her in class reminds me of how much i missed being in primary school.
life was so much easier back then.
no stress, no worries, no big exams. omg
oh and i saw my cousin's ex wife bringing her son to school.
shes got such beautiful long hair T______T
you know, she looks so much like my nephew's sister instead of his mum.
shes like so young(24 only leh) and her anak is so old le.
feel so jealous right now. omg
anyways, went Parkson with mummy and sister after coming back from school.
its my first time going to Toys R Us and the things there quite expensive wor.
saw this doll with super huge eyes like this ----> @@
lol sort of ugly at first but shes kinda nice to play with.
she can even "pee" and "poop" -_____________-"

my cousins were there too so they asked us to have lunch together at McD's.
so we went there and omg it was friggen hot.
felt they all the airconds were rosak or sth.
i sat at the next table with my parents and cousin.
my nieces were with my sister at another table and they all looked so cute.
little girls in dresses eating fries and burger. lol
and i cant believe my dad, my cousin and i finished 7 large fries.
and the err 1 or 2 of that curly fries thingy.
lol we were on our 4th one when my mum came i think.
then we kept on eating and eating. omg

btw, school is starting on Monday.
why so fast wor?
i havent even finished enjoying.
and also my drama marathon. omg
i need more holidays.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

omg omg omg omg omg omg.
i am sooooooo very in love with Joe right now. omg
damn the friggen astro for only showing the Taipei Countdown.
aiyooo, why miss out on Taichung countdown also? *inserts miserable looking smiley*
aaaaaaaaaaaaah !!
Ariel Lin got sing 面包的滋味 leh.
and guess what? Joe did a last minute duet with her.
like it wasnt even planned and he jst took a mic and went onstage to sing.
and and he sounded so good. omg

ps: Jasmine, if you see this, you know this song right? omg you should, no you have to watch this video. really omg laa. its really really good. and look at Joe like omg much? :D

its BMW baby.
got to ride in this yesterday and omg im lovin' it ;D
but it wouldve been much nicer if the car was black lo.
still, yesterday ive ridden in a Mitsubishi too.
dang, its as nice as this one. omg
so many nice cars lahhh.
i want one toooooooo.
ei, *coughs* my birthday is coming reaaaaal soon.
umm, anyone care to buy one for me? pretty pretty please? *gives that kelian look*
id be so cool to drive one to school. LOL