Monday, June 29, 2009

my computer died T______________________T

thats why i havent been updating lately.
lol im at mummy's offine now btw.
omg i need internet/computer to survive laaaaaaa :(

Friday, June 19, 2009

JZYC Day! <3



생일 축하합니다!


aaah, how time flies really fast.
i remember last year during ur birthday,
i also wrote a post dedicated specially for you.
hmm, doubt that you'll ever come across my blog though
but nevertheless, i still wanna wish you Happy Birthday!
all the best in 2009(since u call it "Year of Surpassing Zheng Yuan Chang").
must 加油 in ur work and i'll support u no matter what :)


ps, i love you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

im a very lazy blogger.
and that is very true.
i realize that there have been a gazillion times when i couldve blogged,
like lots of events that happened in the past
or interesting things that have happened
or when my mind is full of things that i wanna blog about,
i jst didnt cause my lazy bone would start tickling
and my fingers will become numb so i wont blog.
i knw i knw, its a bad thing
but *sigh* what to do?
besides, i do not have any inspiration to blog too. omg

Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing Up Isnt Always Easy.

There are so many decisions to make
at this time of you life
and so many changes with
family and friends.
Whether or not you know what
career you want to be,
looking to the future can be overwhelming.
Work, school or both take up
so much time and energy
That is seems like there's little left over
for fun and relaxation.
The future may not look as exciting
as it once did,
and it may look a little
overwhelming at times.
The freedom that comes with adulthood
also comes with alot of responsibility.
There are even more demands
on your time,
and people treat you like a child
in some ways,
but expect you to act like an adult
in others.
All you can do is your best,
follow you heart
and use common sense.
Most of all, believe in yourself and
in your dreams.
You will likely have to make
some sacrifices
and work hard for a while,
but dreams are worth the effort.
The choices you make and the way
you live your life now
will determine what your future will be.
Every day is precious,
each moment unique.
Learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty
and the people around you.
Make time to enjoy yourself
but work hard, too.
You'll find that the present
and the future
can be all you could ever hope for.

- Barbara Cage

Thursday, June 11, 2009

was at Tanjung last Sunday for our cell group gathering.
yes, this time our gathering was at the beach.
and before dinner even started,
there was a sudden screeching sound followed by a *BOOM*
this made everyone stop doing whatever they were doing
and had them turning their heads to face the road.
lol then daddy and i wanted to kepo2 abit
so we went to the scene and we saw . . .



it was a minor car accident.
if not mistaken, the Myvi was trying to overtake a Proton when going down the hill.
in the end, this was what happened and the Proton jst drove off.
aaah, an unlucky day for the poor Myvi.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Judy Zhou

sorry for the lack of updates.
ive been really lazy these days.
but not to worry, here i am with a short update.

so lately ive been addicted to 周定纬's 寂寞包厢.
ive heard it many times on 双星(Astro channel 324).
and well, i have never ever been fond of the singer at all.
he looks kinda weird and idk, hes jst not handsome.
you know, maybe i think its his funny looking eyebrows.
in case you guys dont know how he looks like
here is a picture of him(below).

see what i mean? @@
but to many people he might be drop dead gorgeous.
*pukes out everything ive eaten in the past 2 weeks*
LOL okay maybe i wont puke out that much stuff
but anyways, back to the main point.
his song 寂寞包厢 is really good.
definitely two thumbs up for it :D
another important thing about this song is the MV.
the moment i watched the MV,
all my negative feedback about 周定纬 disappeared
and suddenly he became very hot.
like hotter than chilies and peppers pls(LOL?)
i guess maybe its his sunglasses.
they make him look hotter than a normal person.
lol below is the MV of his song 寂寞包厢.

now do you agree with me?
OMG hotness pls :P

ps: people always say that he is the combination of Zhou Jie Lun and Luo Zhi Xiang.
pps: he looks so hot in the video that you might even think its two different people when you scroll up to see the picture again.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

last Saturday i went to church with daddy and mummy.
it was the last night for the Novena(chinese one)
it was held at the chapel beside my school.
so we arrived at around 7pm.
*deng deng deng* in less than 5 minutes my legs became super itchy.
guess what? i was bitten by sand flies !!
omg i seriously hate em laaaaa.
this hate of mine can be considered as fear also
cause im scared of being bitten by sandflies.
haha so next to lizards(this is my ULTIMATE fear + hate),
sandflies are number 2 on my hate/fear list(i think. LOL)
when i got home, i counted the bites and i had 15 of em.
apuuuuu ~
how sad is that?
and yesterday it became big and reddish and abit "kembang" u knw.
*SIGH* i cant seem to stop scratching my legs.
even when sleeping also itchy.
whats worse is that im sick again.
i dont think i can take it anymore @@
ive tried rubbing my legs with ice.
kinda works abit but i dnt think its enough
cause the ice cube is really small.
i think i need to move to the north or south pole laa.
so i have plenty of ice to use to make my legs numb.
lol and this morning, i even took out a red bucket
and filled it with cold water + ice cubes to dip my feet.
lol it isnt that effective but at least my legs isnt that itchy anymore.

as u can see from the pics,
(except for the last one) its taken yesterday.
that time it was still orangey
but nw its almost becoming maroon @@

ps: selling papayas can earn money :P

Monday, June 1, 2009


hope u guys enjoy ur Gawai this year.
drink more tuak and get drunk yeah? LOL