Thursday, July 31, 2008


oh my friggin gosh. its very hot outside pls. i dont think i can stand it anymore. what the heck is wrong with the weather these days? uhhhs, it felt like i was studying in an oven instead of a classroom this morning. grrrr. i hate the shitty weather. hope it rains tmrw. no no i dont want rain. i want big big wind. yes, very big wind to blow away the hotness. and also clouds to cover the sun. its also because of the weather that im becoming darker day by day. *SIGH* i hate being dark. i look like a roasted human you know. pffffft. btw, school holidays are near. its in two weeks. wooooosh. finally, one who week without school. how amazing is that? eventhough its one week, i'll be ever so happy. no need to study in an "oven" for one week. no need to feel like melting. no need to walk so far everyday. this time, im gonna spend my holiday wisely. and also sleep wisely. haha. ahhh, its getting late. gtg finish my moral report. ciao babes ! (:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i cant believe Regina's leaving today. she's on her way now i guess. wow, time passes really fast. i remembered the day she came back. it was such a surprise to see her walking our of the school canteen. didnt expect her to come back. and now, shes already on her way back to Houston. Regina, if you happen to see this, I MISS YOU ! and today, its quite fine i guess. it isnt that hot. which is a good thing. but exams coming next week larh. ohmygosh. i havent even started studying. but one thing's for sure, ive already started stressing. *SIGH* and i was hoping i'd do better this sumatif. kns larh. i dont think i can liao. whats worse, add maths is second day. where got enough time to study? luckily physics and chemistry is on the second week. if not, sure die larh. aihh, need to get my mind off these larh. two more days till the weekends, i need to rest larh. my gosh.

my cure for all crappiness and sh*t =]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

good good day

its already night time and nothing bad happened. woohoo ~

i guess i was thinking too much when i said that sth bad happens on 29th July every year. actly, it shouldnt be bad bahh. i mean, the first time, on 29th July 2005, both my legs ter-scratch this nail. it was kinda rusted i think. and its also the day when me and him first talked. talk as in cakap/shuo hua/blablabla. it was a really short conversation though. then in 2006, i had my front hair cut, which was a disaster, as what ive expected. then last year, my comp kena virus. so you know how unlucky 29th July of these two years were to me. fortunately, today went on as usual. which is a good thing :D

Monday, July 28, 2008

its tmrw !

t o m o r r o w i s 2 9 t h J u l y .

o m g . i a m n e r v o u s : O

my weekend

and so ive been busy over the weekends. kinda busy now actly but i need to use the internet to search for some stuffs so might as well take some time to blog. lols lets start with Saturday noon. had lunch at my cousin's house. went there late cause my sister had extra class. went to pick her up at 1pm and went straight to my cousin's house. after lunch, i was stuck to the tv cause hubby's drama was airing. watched until 3.30pm then went to tuition. i was 15 minutes late and when i was about to get off the car, saw that Mr. Dhana's car wasnt there. and i thought that maybe there isnt tuition or he might be late. went upstairs to find everyone sitting quietly. waited for another 5 minutes then i decided to call the teacher. luckily i called cause actly the tuition class was postponed. he informed Miss Wong earlier but she said that she did not see the msg. we asked her to check her phone then she saw the msg. it was already sent to her the night before. wth.. called daddy to pick me up. at night, we went to Ai Ping's house to celebrate her birthday. had barbecue for dinner. *yummm* halfway through dinner, Charlene and Joanna went hysterical. we all kept laughing and became sober-ish in the end. like, L-O-L. went home quite late and i stayed up until almost two in the morning. was trying out the layouts thingy and finally i got the layout im using. simple and nice. ahhh, i love it. lols it took me like an hour or two jst to get everything done. wanted to change when i saw a layout of hubby but then it wasnt really that nice. so i'll be sticking to this layout at the moment. ahahaha.
didnt go to church yesterday cause of my bad stomachache. went to Sunday School and it rained. woooosh, jiwang bahh. went to KB in the afternoon. and and while shopping in Soon Lee Megamart, i saw this guy, he looks 20+ i think and he was with his mum. uhh, i dont know but the moment i saw him i jst liked him. haha lame i know but somehow i like him alot. he isnt good looking or whatsoever. maybe hes a girl magnet or sth. LOL i mean, he looks normal, well not that normal larh, hes got that look which no ordinary guy have, or maybe hes got that im-a-foreigner-but-living-here-and-looking-hotter-than-you-ppl kinda look you know. aaaah, i dont even know what im talking about. lols, and hes got a tattoo on his right leg i think. cause he was wearing this 3/4 pants so can see the tattoo. well, my point is that i like him and thats it. he was wearing a cap also. makes him look cool. HAHAHA. we then went to Supa Save also and while reading the mags, daddy called me. so i went over to him and he showed me sth. you know what he showed me? it was giant red onions and big onions. like omfg-ly big and gigantic. take a look at the pictures below. then like we went to Escapade Sushi also and we came home around 6.30pm i guess.
and today, it was okay. aint that boring larh. got photography duty and today and its the prefects photo taking. dehhh, took us about an hour to get everything done :O
btw, here some pictures. didnt take much cause i was very very lazy. hehe

see the girl with the vege? do NOT get near her.

vege girl strikes again

the two oversized babies. LOL

Charlotte. HAHA

the over sweet wine thingy.

the normal red onion and the giant one.

baby reading her book and wearing my hoodie

my ten cha soba :D

this video is dedicated to Miss Charlene Wong and Joanna Voon. hope you both like it. hahah
will blog again tmrw if im free. gtg finish up my homework now. ciao ! (:

Saturday, July 26, 2008


school went on as usual yesterday morning. went to the canteen with Tracy they all. we were talking about going out with Regina when she suddenly appeared beside us. lols wanted to go out today but few of us are busy so like we changed the plan to after school yesterday. so like we had to rush there. reached Parkson around almost 2.30pm and we went straight to Cineplex to check on the movie time. wanted to watch Dark Knight but the time wasnt right. then looked for Journey To The Centre Of The Earth but it had already started. so in the end we watched Long Khong 2. cacat-ed movie indeed. luckily i brought my bad. so like me and Regina kept covering our eyes when those yucky parts came out. gosh the movie's like showing how people die. but the lesson was good. it teaches us to NOT play around with black magic cause once you to, it'll stick to you until you die. and i believe that this is true. theres no turning back when you mess with these things :O
the Ai FM thingy was jst outside Parkson bahh. i didnt get to watch. shouldve asked my parents to come after they finish dinner. there were three singers last night. one of them was Nick Chung. i saw two of them liao actly. and when Nick Chung appeared, my car came. ahhh. how unlucky of me. wanted to hear his song actly. i love love love two of his songs. well, nemind larh. hes a Malaysian singer and i'll have my chance some other time. moreover, i saw him already last month. HAHAHA.
well, i guess yesterday might be the last time i see Regina before she leaves for Houston on Wednesday. hopefully she'll go to school either on Monday or Tuesday cause the next time she's coming back, it'll be in about two years. or more. somehow we became closer this year. i dont think we've spoken much in primary school since we were never in the same class. in form one and two, we werent in the same class also. lols

Regina and i

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Thursday, July 24, 2008

im addicted

this morning i was so excited to go Bio class. double period of that subject, i thought i would have the chance to see those monkeys. in the end, all i saw was a pretty bird and two squirrels. gosh i was really looking forward to seeing the monkeys bahh. then jst now during physics, dexter and i went to look for monkeys again. tough luck for us, no monkeys were to be seen today. T_____________T
lately, its been raining alot. since monday until now i rained like every morning? i like the weather today. windy and cold. was sort of day dreaming in class and suddenly sth came up. i was thinking about emotions and stuff then like i thought to myself "when was i really happy?". i mean like i havent actly been really happy in ages. since last few weeks ive been having bad mood swings. its like im smiling now and when i turn around, i can be frowning away. uhhhs, maybe cause my period is coming. maybe cause ive been stressing out. maybe cause theres to many reasons for this. jst hope i'll recover from this soon.
i need to find a day where i can sleep till im satisfied. i havent been having enough sleep lately. and whats worse, exams are coming in two weeks. this time, i wanna try to do better than the 2nd sumatif. need to +u+u lur. wish me luck people @@

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sick and brithday again.

song playing : Qing Tian - Jay Chou
mood : totally bo mood.

jiwanggggggg ~

pffffft. ive got stomachache and im stuck at home now. a good thing too cause i dont have to go school. lols i dont like Tuesdays. and the weather right now is like so cold. it started raining last night if im not mistaken and uhhh, it stopped already. but its still cold. gosh, when i go to school, the weather is superly hot. and when im not in school, it becomes c
old. wooosh. good for jiwang-ing now. ahhh. and Jay Chou's songs are the best during times like these.
btw, its Michelle's birthday today. and also Ana and Chiam's birthday last Wednesday. so ...


may God bless you both always. getting older liao, must be guai guai lor. esp to Ana, be more matured lahh.




[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Monday, July 21, 2008



today, is a very special day for you.
today, is the 17th anniversary of when you were born.
today, is also the day you turn seventeen.
today, is your birthday.

heres a birthday song for you :

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to melo,
happy birthday to you.

may God bless you always and good luck in yr future undertakings. hope you do enjoy yr day. and hopefully, there isnt any other brithday present better than the one i gave you :P

and and, i wanna thank you for everything. although we've known each other for about 2 years and 2 months, it seems as if we've been friends for so long. thank you for all the things youve done - though you didnt do much. HAHA. jk jk - and jst thank you for being such a good friend. without you, my life wouldve been duller and less laughters. and also, youre one of the reasons that makes me have the urge to go Sunday School every Sunday :D

sorry, but i had to do this. i look too fugly. lols

once again, happy birthday babe ^^

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Sunday, July 20, 2008


finally i can blog. i couldnt get on to blogger since yesterday =="

so its like this, yesterday was the 1st anniversary for my blog. and also, its been one year since that incident where we were caught my Mr. Marcus and Mr. Patrick during sports day. lols come to think of it, so much have happened in this one year. both good and bad - though mostly are bad things @@. and yesterday there was this Chinese Karaoke Singing Competition held by the Chinese Club of my school. i had quite a good time there. some of my classmates joined the competition. cause of that, me and some friends decided to give them flowers which are sold during the competition. so we had to like go up and down the stage. haha. one thing, Liew looked good yesterday. he should dress like this more often XD and i went back before they announced the results though. so i dont know the results yet.
after the competition, me and Cass went over to our cousin's house as his daughter was celebrating her 3rd Birthday. ate the KFC that they da pao-ed. then at night, went to daddy and mummy's friends house for some open house thingy cause they jst moved house. saw Pricilla there. had a little chat with her then i had to go back cause Vallamy was complaining. as we left the house, daddy drove towards the city. instead of going home, we went to Imperial. actly i wanted to reload my very expired phone BUT a magazine on the rack at the Hypermarket caught my eye. so you know, i chose to buy that mag instead of reloading my phone. hehe see, im such a good person. the mag costs RM10.00 and reloading costs RM30.00 and if i buy both, it'll cost daddy RM40.00 bah right? seeing that im such a good daughter, i decided to buy one only and you guessed it right, i bought the mag and daddy gets to save RM20.00 (: what a good girl i am *grins* plus, i saw a small picture of hubby on the mag cover so i was very very tempted to buy that mag. AND i didnt regret it at all. it was definitely worth buying the mag and NOT reloading :D
then today was sort of fine. went to Sunday School as usual. when Sheryl saw me she called me a BOHO[not sure how you spell it but its pronounced as bou hou]. five minutes later Marelyn arrived and when she saw me, she called me a Sober. then i was like wth.. why are they calling me that? LOL since i was a BOHO + SOBER, im supposed to be like ummm emotionless right? so heres a pic of me being "emotionless" with my stone bracelet which looks like those thingy monks use to pray - which also symbolizes me praying. which is like a BOHO + SOBER. ahahaha.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Friday, July 18, 2008


finally, im done with my BM oral. but i was still like nervous. i mean like last week when i did it i was friggin nervous. then when i re-do today, i was still nervous. like omg. but i cant be blamed can i? my BM isnt good at all. and it really is hard to pronounce some of those words. ughhh.
anywho, english today was fine. the new teacher is young and pretty. her name's Veronica. well the guys were so excited when she came to class. i guess shes too pretty liao. too bad for them that shes only a temporary teacher. she'll be leaving in about a month? goshh. that means we do not have a permanent english teacher yet. *SIGH* i miss Mr. Ardi alot. wonder hows he doing over at Seafield. sure hes happy since he gets to see his wife every weekend.
and uhhh, during english, the boys were like playing some cacat-ed game but it was really funny. some of the things they did were hilarious. even the Miss Veronica was laughing at their silliness. ahhh, and one thing. during Bio class yesterday, we - as in the few of us sitting behind - saw a monkey at the "jungle" behind the lab. cute eh the monkey. we even got ourselves scolded for being so sakai. if the monkey was in a zoo, i dont think it'd be as interesting as seeing it living in the wilderness. its like very natural bah. Dexter was the paling sakai one. he kept looking at the monkey. even when teacher asked him to read some stuffs from the textbook, he used to book to cover his face so he was like half reading and half looking at the monkey. as Darren said, memang gila monkey bah him. ahahaha.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


jay chou is famous.
and that is very very true. i love his songs. everyone should listen too. i know some people may dislike him but his songs are jst, i give 2 thumbs up.

lols jst ignore the above. hmmm, today is a very boring day indeed. quite less the same like yesterday but abit better. why? cause ive got aircond. no need to be so desperate and search the whole school for tissues to wipe away my sweat. uhh, my mind's totally blank. *thinks of what to write* since ive got absolutely nothing to write about, i'll post up a picture i edited recently. it isnt that nice but i think its good enough. lols

what do you think about it? comments pls? hehe ^^

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Monday, July 14, 2008


uhh, so last Friday was sort of a boring day. nth much happened. then on Saturday we had to go to school for the Moral Kerja Amal thingy. had to write two reports in one go so we cleaned the school compound and also some of the classes. luckily it wasnt that hot. if not, i wouldve melted while plucking the weeds. omg. and i jst found out that my classmate, Heather Hazel - she transferred to my school around mid January this year and she was here for like less than a month? then she had to go back to Kuching for some rawatan thingy cause she said she was "sick" that time - had passed away on Friday afternoon. i was very shocked when i heard that. i mean like, she actly died. couldnt believe my ears when Simon told me that. what a shame, shes so young and she seems like such a good person. and this makes me realize that ive been very fortunate all the while. we all are actly. but we'll never know what might happen tomorrow, or even an hour later. i used to complain alot last time. about those unnecessary things. luckily im not like that anymore, though i still complain A LIL BIT. ahh, jst hope her soul rests in peace. to everyone who reads this, do pray for her too.

St. Co jogathon day

look at Simon's "clean" left shoe

the very cool thingy that can cut the polystyrenes.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Friday, July 11, 2008

sad sad day

today is the last day for Mr. Ardi in school. he will be going to a new school on Monday. sad isnt it? im gonna miss him so much. jst now when i went to toilet, i saw him walking around the school. told me that it will his last time walking in this school. then he wished me good luck and blablabla. woooosh. that moment when he said all those things, my eyes became watery. like gosh, it was such a sad moment. dahlah the weather jst now was windy. good for emo-ing. aihhh i cant believe that hes actly moving. hes going back to Selangor, fyi. i guess he'll be happier there. i mean like, during weekends, he can go back to meet his wife. ahhh, hope our new English teacher would be as fun as him. eventhough he doesnt really teach, its still fun having him around.

MR. ARDI, 4S1 is gonna miss you ALOT. and if you see this, must miss and remember us okay?

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Thursday, July 10, 2008

To : Teck Hung


happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to salao,
happy birthday to you !

someone's getting older today.
must remember to work hard in life.
good luck in all the things that you do.
hope you enjoyed yr day today.
and may yr wishes come true
dont be so "stupik" all the time. HAHA :P


Monday, July 7, 2008


was browsing through some of my documents in the comp and i came across this "document" which i wrote like three years ago? it was back in form one bah. i'll post up some of the cacat-ed poems that ive written. come to think of it, i really was lovesick back then. ahhh, those were the times. i remembered clearly when we first talked. the time, date and place of our conversation. and also the first time we msged. and everytime you would shoot me with yr killer smile. i even still remember some of the dates that has kaitan with you. like example, the last time we ever talked, it was outside my house around 9.30+pm on 20th February 2006. since then, its been 868 days since we last talked. and its been 24 days since i last saw you[as according to today, 7th July 2008]. OMG i think i was really overreacting. HAHA. well, at least im over it now. no more crazy days of me counting days and this and that anymore. lols

to have a heart in one piece instead of a thousand
hoping that one day it will be cold as stone
and harder than anything in this world
to prevent it from melting everytime i see you
i have been waiting so long for the wounds to heal
and the scars to disappear
so that i wouldn’t have to hurt anymore
as the days go by i feel myself dying slowly inside
like a rose withered and torn
it hurts me so bad
all the tears ive cried for you
wishing that someday you’ll be mine
the desires since the day we became friends
my dreams all crushed into nothing at all
when i thought these memories could fade away
i thought that by forgetting everything
things would be okay
and that i would be stronger than i ever have been
but i was wrong; so wrong
i feel so broken up inside
with the shattered thoughts crumpled up in my mind
it seems so hard for me to let go

[ the poem above, its the very first poem ive written. and it was like in 2005 ]

words from a brokenhearted
i cant seem to see
the emptiness inside
it keeps me from me
the happily ever after
not a story to waste
like in the fairytale
life is this place
the moment i saw you
was the moment i learnt to cry
it taught me so much
that even love is worth a try
if only i could turn back time
just to change everything
i’d start all over
right from the very beginning

the thoughts of you
the memories faded away
it all came back in a sudden
i should have known
you’d still be hurting me
the moments are gone
my feeling’s still here
holding on to the times we’ve had
it isnt much of a memory to remember
though its still clear in my mind
the autumn breeze is blowing
the leaves fall from the tree
the memories are soon falling
and blown away from me

for once when i think i could actually forget about you
i thought that i could really do it
i did try to move on
but i failed so badly
i can’t get you out of my head
it seems that you’re always on my mind
and nothing can change the fact that you’re the one i really miss
but looking back now
its all just for laughs
the times i had with u
will only be memories to keep
and would it be okay
if we stay as friends
im not asking much from you
its all i ever wanted
since the day u broke my heart

and these are some of the poems ive written. looking back at, it seems kinda childish how i used to write these things. but it aint bad either. reading them brings back the memories, those bitter sweet memories.

[ AHVIAN] ♥♥

Sunday, July 6, 2008

my kaki sangat sakit

it was a very tiring day yesterday. went for this jogathon thingy early in the morning, then went to parkson for a movie. then supposed to go tuition but i didnt cause mummy said no need. then my cousins and her went shopping at parkson also (: then went to my cousin's house after that. and stayed at home at night.
gosh, my legs hurt so much. i couldnt even walk properly. so if you see me limping, then you'll know why. and guess what, i got LAST in the jogathon yesterday. paiseh much. didnt even dare walk back into the field. i was half an hour later than the person who got first. like when i was passing through my school, that dude was already on his way back. gosh then at parkson, i kinda got a hard time walking around. even today, it still hurts. at sunday school, all of us who went for the jogathon were very tired. Kurt actly fell asleep. lols i wanted to sleep but cant. aihhh both my legs hurt so much right now lah. and i wonder how am i gonna sit tmrw during assembly and also walking up and down the stairs of Block E and Block F. ADUH

yours truly (:


sleeping in class. a BAD example. LOL

really drinking merh? lols

i look fuglishly fugly =|

liang moi here

btw, surprised Chriss with her birthday present after the jogathon. she looked, stunned. HAHA. and congrats to that Jeff dude who got first for the Men's Open category as well as first for all the category. lols and also to Allan and Kurt for getting 6th and 9th :D
and one more thing. to Mr. Tan Teck Hung, did any unknown number call you? cause someone on yr msn list actly fell for yr pm that day. that person msged me asking about the "free petrol" thing. HAHA. die lah you. simply give ppl wrong info. lols

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

Friday, July 4, 2008


didnt go school today. guess what? my flu hasnt left me yet. how "nice". so im stuck with abit of flu and lately the weather has been kinda cold. so i guess that flu of mine will be sticking around for some time. lols
well, had dinner over at my cousin's place jst now. so like after dinner, i went to borrow some CD's from him. was browsing through some of his discs - hes got a heck lots of CD's i tell you. hundreds of em. can even open his own CD store di - when he suddenly came up and told me that hes going to ta bao roasted bird. and i thought, "bird? wooots. hope its tasty". half an hour later, he came back with my uncle and they bought like 12 little roasted burungs. HAHA. the chili mixture thingy was included and boy, does it taste good. eight of us finished a dozen of birds in 20 minutes? dang. uhhh, dinner tonight was good. cause of the birdies and the shark meat. havent had those in months.

the cute lil' grapes
this drink tastes good
this is only part of it

look at the super tiny wing @@

ahhh, im off to bed now. its raining heavily outside. which means i'll be sleeping soundly tonight (: but i hope it wont rain tmrw. its jogathon day. goodnight !

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥