Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 today, 2009 tomorrow

ah, time passes really fast this year.
i mean like its gonna be 2009 in less than 2 hours.
in a blink of an eye, this whole year is gone.
at times i would think like,
"did i do anything wrong this year?"
"have i messed up everything?"
"any regrets so far?"
"is whatever im doing now is for the best of me?"
and lots of other questions.
well, this time i wanna make things right.
ive been screwing up most of my life and i want a change.
i cant be failing in everything every year mah right?
hopefully 2009 will be a much better year.
as you know, im this super lazy person.
but im gonna try and throw away that bad habit of mine.
and also many other things lor.
i'll be making a list of new year resolutions after watching tv.
gonna try to stay up until past midnight today.
will be counting down myself lor(kesian much. lol).
so yeah, *takes a deeeep breath*

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

faces of millions

so youve read the post title.
well its from a group i joined in facebook few months ago.
its about this lady trying to make a photo mosaic of a million ppl from all around the world.
i think its an interesting project so ive decided to take part it in.
you can see my face in the pic above right? hahah
too bad my picture isnt next to some hot dude. lol
to those who have facebook, do join this group.
if not then click HERE to join :)
its stated that its gonna be a huge photo mosaic.
its about 3-storeys high - or as mentioned, 10M x 10M? or sth like that lor.
it'll be fun to see yr face with another 999,999 other ppl from diff countries.
do consider about it k? :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

was playing friendster.
and i came across this profile.
i clicked to see her photos.
and then i saw that picture.
it was mr sunshine*, her and a friend.
and tears rolled down my cheeks.
goodnight. omg

*name is p&c.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

omg i am so done with the babi html codes.
i shall not edit anymore.
eventhough it looks kinda weird, ignore it.
i love this layout so much. omg
but i friggen hate the html code.
its like really hard to edit bah >=(

you see the picture above?
look at the title, it says "Joe and Vivian blablabla ...etc". LOL

Friday, December 26, 2008

its been 4 years since the Tsunami incident.
its also been 4 years since my house was flooded. omg
i think its the Tsunami that affected my place and got my living room flooded.

ps: school is starting in 10 days. ohh emmm geeeeeeeeee.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

aaaaah ! i woke up too late again. omg
this time, im not gonna sleep.
so i guess i'll be continue-ing my drama marathon tonight.
after everything's done that is.

so today's Christmas.
went to church as usual and my neighbour(+ her son) tagged along.
after mass we went to Boulevard Restaurant for some Calvary Christmas Celebration.
there were quite alot of people there but around less than 3 tables of people were chinese.
so yeah, it started at around 9am?
thought we were gonna eat soon, cause its a eat-for-free thingy. lol
but then the people were having praise and worship.
one of the lady told my mum that theyre not gonna eat until like 11am or so.
so we left as daddy was kinda busy too.Add Image
then mummy and i went to Boulevard to buy some stuffs.
came back home and helped abit in the kitchen.
everyone came around 5.30pm and started eating around 6pm i think.

the food tonight was really good.
theres spaghetti, roasted chicken, sausages, french fries, raisin rice, coleslaw, and so on.
i think i can feel that my tummy is gonna explode anytime soon.
well after dinner we had this exchanging gifts thingy with the kids.
they had this lucky draw thingy so the last present was mine.
and guess what? i got a box. those cute box that you have to fix yrself.
luckily i got that cause my room is lacking space to put all of my things :S

theyre all still downstairs though.
jst came up awhile to blog.
btw, Merry Christmas to everyone reading my blog :D

the little booklet with some songs' lyrics in it

the lovely heart shaped candle

btw, mixing orange juice with red wine and zappel does taste kinda good. lol its like when you drink it, you can taste all the three diff drinks in yr mouth(well thats how it felt jst now).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i hate arguments and crying.
yet it still happens.
it has been going on for so long now.
in a week, maybe only 2-4 days things get along normally.

anyways, this morning while having breakfast daddy's friend came to our house.
he asked if we heard the sound of sth like explosion or sth around our area.
well, we did hear many dogs barking and it was raining quite heavily.
he told us that a house nearby(jst turn left from my road) was err kinda demolished?
dont know whats the correct word for it but we drove past the house jst now.
the car back mirror was broken, the gate lights and front door also.
i heard that last night around 10pm or so, few cars went to the house and wrecked it.

then after dinner we went to church and did some cleaning.
my job was to sweep the floor and omg it was really hot.
my sister's face literally turned bright red after cleaning for a while.
the men took out the fans and cleaned it so yeah, no wind at all.
took us about an hour plus and around 8.20pm we went to Boulevard.
bought some Christmas thingy from Super Save and went Hypermarket buy some food.
ohh, i saw my aunt and cousin there too.
my cousin was wearing this muscle tee or singlet as you call it.
wants to show his newly built muscles i suppose and his tattoos too.
he looked kinda cool from behind though.
talking about that, i kinda want a tiny tattoo too. lols
a small one will do(cause its really expensive).
btw, i bought this mag too :D
so long didnt buy any mag le and this time, no hubby in it.
what to do, Roy was on the front cover and he totally took my breath away. LOL

ps: Happy Birthday Allan ! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

came back fro KL yesterday.
im feeling very very very very lazy so im not gonna blog much about it.
so i went there with my parents and sister.
reached KL at around 12.10am?
the luggage were kinda mixed up with the Penang flight so had to delay again.
the hotel limo came to pick us up and we reached Coronade around 1.30am(i think).

and from Wednesday morning until yesterday afternoon, we went shopping.
yes, ive never walked this much while travelling before.
only took the cab when we went to malls outside of Bukit Bintang. omg
ahh and we ate pretty much alot also.
so its like all we did were sleep eat shop shop eat sleep eat shop eat shop eat eat.
at first we went to find my uncle(mum's side) and his family.
then on Friday night we went with my cousins(dad's side).
they were living in this apartment and its like 25 storeys high.
their "house" is located at the 21st floor and its reallyyyyy far away from the ground.

lol anyways, so yesterday we went for some dim sum.
we met up with Samuel's sister also.
but she was kinda late cause when she reached, we already finished eating breakfast.
my dad was talking to her about being so busy and she replied(in chinese),
"aiyah i sleep very early lahh. this time i sleep at 5am. early leh?"
LOL 5am is so not early and like what daddy said,
by the time she reach home ppl already finish giving out newspapers and sell vege de also go back liao.

ohhh and we went to Aquaria and Genting too.
saw lots of fishes and also standing in the clouds.
too bad i didnt get to go into the casino though.
well, another 5 more years to go lor.

ps: i didnt take much pics though. kinda became very lazy. lol
pps: happy err "dong jie" to every chinese out there :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so i havent been blogging for about a week le.
supposedly i told myself to blog like around Christmas which is next week.
but i realize that when i dont blog, lots of things happen and its like ive got so much to write.
but when i blog, theres nothing to blog about. ==

ohh and my earning in nuffnang increased ABIT.
do you friggen know how happy i am right now? omg.
and partly because of that, i have decided to blog now.

uhh, im going on a vacation tonight.
will be back this Saturday night.
guess what? im on the same flight as Michelle this Saturday(i think). lol
hopefully things will go smoothly.

btw, this morning while checking my mail, i saw this email from a dude named Leon.
the subject was "Hi" so i thought, "maybe its not a forwarded mail".
but who knows, when i check, it was about Streamyx and err phone lines?
well, the main point is that he sent that mail to about 10 people?
and all the recipients email have the name "vivian" in it.
jst look at the picture below.

click on it for a larger view. lol

Monday, December 8, 2008

came back from Bintulu yesterday.
had a fun but tiring trip.

btw, im gonna leave my blog for a while.
will be back when i feel like coming back.

ps: i'll be leaving my blog, msn and phone. which means i wont be blogging for a while, i wont sign in msn and wont reply any text msgs(unless theyre important). in short, im jst taking a break from all these. will be back umm, maybe around Christmas? hehs

Friday, December 5, 2008

i feel so fucken miserable right now.

ps: hes in Beijing now. omg

ei, the above part, got error or not? :\
hahah my chinese is really bad but then abit improving liao lar.
thanks to watching so much chinese-speaking dramas.
lol anyways, back to the main point.
this ----> “没有傻傻的过去怎会有好的未来”。
last year my chinese was still kinda bad.
so dont really know how to read that.
i got some help and finally understood the meaning of it.
honestly, it is quite true lor, but then ahhh, nvm.
i cant concentrate on blogging now cause my sister's bugging me ==
i shall be back to blog again later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the emptiness... words cant explain.

Monday, December 1, 2008

anyone know where to watch Singapore dramas maaaaaaaaaa?
omg im really desperate for it lar.

tagged by jesz

1. What’s your ambition?
# i used to love being a teacher when i was like 6 years old? lol then i wanted to become a doctor. and then i thought of wanted to become a psychologist. well, being a doctor is still one of my main choices but its impossible to take this field.

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
# why is family not included? but if i have to answer then i'd say my Joe is paling important :)

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
# never?

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
# not all the time. only when im dealing with certain matters.

5. How many babies you want?
# i want a pair of twins. one boy one girl to be exact but its almost impossible lar. if no twins then one boy one girl. or two girls one boy also can. hahah

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
# God's promise :) but then sometimes there are rainbows even if it didnt rain

7. What is your goal for this year?
# its like already December. lol but theres another one month to go so err, i wanna be a better person. or jst postpone my goal to next year lar.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
# you see those old 90 year old couples?

9. What's a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u? (List 10)
# if youre asking me in detail, even 20 isnt enough for me. but jst to make things simple, as long as i see him and i like him and i dont feel that anything is wrong with him, thats perfect enough for me.

10. What are you really afraid of?
# losing the people i care about. thats like my biggest fear. even more than lizards.

11. What are your bad habits?

12. Is there anything you wanna tell the people who hate you?
# hating me wont make you any prettier.

13. State a random fact about yourself
# im random? hehs

14. What does flying means to you?
# freedom?

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
# i want ice blended lychee. and a very cold and big bottle of that Assam drink thingy.

16. Most unexpected gift you received so far and when?
# err a phone from my gan father last year?

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
# attached to her kingz
# almost always camwhoring
# doesnt go to church every sunday
# tall
# cute
# used to be my rival(fighting for my hubby)
# know her more from her blog.

18. Are you addicted to something?
# oooh, im addicted to someONE, not something. and that someone is *drum roll* of course Joe ^^

19. What will u become in another 10 years to come?
# hopefully a mother and a wife and a successful daughter

20. Who are you?
# im the famous Vivian Lee :D

Remove one question from above and add in your personal question.
Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people.
List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged.

i tag :

1. Jasmine
2. Darling Yuu

3. Melody
4. Joan
5. Jacquelyn
6. Ee Xin
7. Joanna
8. Michelle

Sunday, November 30, 2008

in your eyes, where do i stand?
in your heart, where is my place?

im gonna start disliking you(eventhough im supposed to do that soooo long ago).

tagged by jacq

8 Facts/Stuff about me.

1. im a girl. obviously

2. 12th February is my birthday :P

3. im turning 17 in 2 1/2 months ! old i may be but im gonna drive soon :)

4. i love love love Joe Zheng Yuan Chang :D

5. Jay Chou is my 2nd love

6. im a sentimental person :O

7. i have to listen to songs everytime i switch on the comp. it'd be weird if i use the comp without listening to any song.

8. i think i have a headache disease or sth cause i cant get rid of it :\

10 people I would tag:

1. Melody

2. Darling

3. Regina

4. Ying Yng

5. Alyssa

6. Jessica

7. Siok Ngi

8. Nana

9. Flora

10. Lu See

tagged by Melody

Rule 1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

Rule 2 Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continuing this game by sending it to other people.

1. Do you have secrets?
2. Would you fall in love with a girl younger than you?
im straight k?
3. Do you enjoy going to college?
im still in high school lar.
4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
put it in bank for investment then donate some then the remaining, travel the world.
5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
if got the feeling then yes. hahah
7. List 5 recently watched movies.
movies? err HSM3, 12 Dancing Princesses, Ariel sth sth The Begining, Kung Fu Dunk and Twins Effect I.
8.If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
omg noooo. if the girl hes with is someone i dislike then i'll try to tear them apart. HARHAR. and if shes someone decent and nice, then i'll give them my blessing T_____T
9. If you were given the chance to turn back time, what would you do?
hmmm, i'd undo some of my mistakes and stop myself from falling for _____. *ahem, is not Joe k? =P*
10. Do you have any regrets?
loads of em
11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
HOPEFULLY happily married with an anak and being successful
12. Who is the most important person to you?
daddy, mummy, sister and ____.
13. What kind of person do you think the person that tagged you is?
a funny person.
14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
married but poor. its much better(if the love is very strong) then the other one jst like someone i know. single, rich and loveless. @@
15. What is your favourite color?
blue is my all time fav :)
16. Would you give all in a relationship?
if its a kahwin-based relationship.
17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, which one would you choose?
like this "so-called" situation of mine now, err i still dont know lor. hahah
18. What are the top 5 places on your "to-go" list?
TAIWAN. some of the top cities in USA. Korea. Italy. Africa.
19. Name 3 things you would like to do but would never be able to.
- a be super genius then go become a doctor and save people.
- become a superstar. LOL
- earn lots and lots and lots of money then give it to my parents and donate em.
20. 5 people I have tagged.
you, you, you, you and you.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

the world's oldest person died on Wednesday at the age of 115.

"SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Edna Parker, who became the world's oldest person more than a year ago, has died at age 115.

UCLA gerontologist Dr. Stephen Coles said Parker's great-nephew notified him that Parker died Wednesday at a nursing home in Shelbyville. She was 115 years, 220 days old, said Robert Young, a senior consultant for gerontology for Guinness World Records.

Parker was born April 20, 1893, in central Indiana's Morgan County and had been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person since the 2007 death in Japan of Yone Minagawa, who was four months her senior."

that was from the Yahoo! article which i saw a moment ago.
kao, if i was able to live until that old and still sort of healthy, wont that be awesome?
so if im 115, it'll be year 2107. @@
now is that cool or is that cool?

Friday, November 28, 2008

"i dun have mood now..."

6 minutes later, youre gone. FOREVER.
exactly 7 months ago.
that was the end of you and me.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who ceases to be a friend, never was one.

"These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." - Mark 7:6 NIV

ps: why change to orange/yellow? noooooooo. and why two colors? i prefer he original one, jst like last year. its pretty enough le.

ish ish i hate being sick lar.
i havent been like this for so long le.
usually my sickness is very minor but this time, idk lar.
all i know is that im really sick.
this morning i woke up still okay, jst abit tired.
after breakfast jiu slowly feeling sick le.
then daddy dropped me off at tuition.
thought i would be okay but who knows, i feel even more sick.
then went back after English class lor.
haihs felt so much like vomiting and i went to toilet few times.
but all i did was vomit out water :\
and my head ar, i dont think i can stand it anymore lerh.
as you know, since a long time ago, heaving head problems is very normal for me.
its like theres never a day in a year that i didnt have any headache at all.
sometimes the headache comes unexpectedly but it'll only last for few hours.

lately ive been kinda afraid of getting sick.
why? cause i'd feel that after i go to sleep at night, i might not wake up in the morning.
its like my life would end jst like that.
the other day i suddenly felt very very uneasy and i felt like i can hardly breathe.
then i thought "will i be able to make it to tomorrow?".
woooosh, a very scary thought. @@
it got me thinking the whole night and the words "What If" started to appear.
like, what if i cant make it tmrw, what if i went to hell, what if i dont make it even to purgatory.
too much thoughts made my head even more pain.

dammit my head's starting to hurt real bad again.
uhh, i think i'll be going to bed. again. ciaooo :(

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

went to Belle's Bookshop in the evening.
im liking the place alot now that its got a Christian corner.
somehow i jst love walking into that corner and search for books or whatever i can find.
and everytime im here, it feels as if im a tiny step closer to God.
and that ive all of a sudden become sort of "holy".
so as usual i went over to look for some interesting books.
was looking for the one i saw in Popular the other day but they dont have it.
so i jst went on looking and looking, until i saw this one book.
the title is "Questioning God".
its quite less the same with the one from Popular.
jst that, that book is called sth sth God's unanswered questions or sth like that.
theres a part which says "what if you had a face to face talk with God, what would you ask?".
its a good one actly cause ive been thinking, exactly what would i ask.
on the way back, my mum was talking to my aunt about this seminar she went few months ago.
when it was the priest's turn to speak, he spoke of his illness and questioned God.
it was then he heard God said "I have never left you..."
omgg so sad lar T_________________________T
it makes me feel so superly guilty for not reading the Bible daily or praying all the time.
*takes deep breath* im a sinner once again.
oh wait.. ive always been a sinner. omgg

ps: anyone knows when is the next confession? @@

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

im surrounded by fucken shitass people.
i wonder how much more worst my life is gonna become :\

ps: the uncle that talked to us the other day suddenly seem very familiar. anyone knows him? do let me know if you do. thanks
pps: i am so friggen in love with Joe. i
love love love him.
ppps: ive jst thought about what i want for Christmas. anyone loving&caring&rich&generous&kind enough to donate some woofers for my car and also a pair of computer speakers(cause mine is gonna explode soon)? pretty please?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

pictures =)

so heres the pics taken from yesterday's date.
the first two pics is the random talkative uncle. lol
go see the second picture.
the way he sit is like we all know each other and talk until soooo shuang like that. HAHA

below is my very vain darling :P

us at Coffee Bean

this is the pic which we both love so much. hahah

Yuu is cute here ^^

see im so concentrating on taking the uncle's pic. haha

Belgian Chocolate + Vanilla = our drinks ~~

this is the teddy bear we saw at Watson.
costs RM79.92 ler and is cute lar.
feel so much like hugging it.
i remember yesterday before taking this pic, darling go say hi and wave to the bear. haha
quite funny xia.
who knows after taking the pic, Silas go say halo to the bear also.
even more funny. haha
speaking about Silas, very funny lar him.
he sent this msg "好啦!如果跌倒的话我可以帮你们叫ambulance的!我请你们住columbia asia!" ,which i thought was really funny. lol

our lunch :)
this pic and the one above is taken from darling's blog.

and the finale ...

picture taken by darling. im lovin' it =)