Tuesday, October 28, 2008

in my previous previous post,
remember that i talked about Jay Chou's 时光机?
i did mention about him using a Doraemon guitar in the video right?
well, look at the picture below :)

when im down, i listen to music,
when im stressing out, i get myself stuck to the computer
when im having troubles, i go to slee
when im very unsatisfied or lost(past of lose/ meaning hilang also), i cry
and when i have noone to turn to, my blog's all i have.
sometimes i feel like im thinking too much,
other times i guess that all i have is myself.
i realize that im always avoiding.
avoiding all the things in life.
i dont know what i want and im jst very helpless.
*SIGH* is there a psychologist in the house? :O

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