Wednesday, October 22, 2008

one more day

today's exam was okay lar.
finished EST jst in time.
i didnt have much idea for the essay lor.
and its Physics tomorrow.
i cant wait to get over with it.

this Friday we're having Sivik and PJK.
as you know its two very UNimportant subject.
no need to study for that two subjects lor.
jst use common sense jiu enough liao.
hahah and after that im gonna be freeeeeee ! :)

Wait wait wait,
got one thing at my MSN,
deng deng deng !
Darling's msn name : OnlyYuu
I put : OnlyVian
so sweet hor?
and of course will know you happy de
thats why i put it lor ^^
now we both have the same msn name liao =P
(haha i copy how you write)

* another 20 more hours and i'll be free like a bird liao ~~
** my blog's time is like 20 minutes slower i think.

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