Thursday, October 2, 2008


woke up around seven this morning.
daddy isnt feeling well =(
Vallamy had this tuition function thingy at Tanjung in the morning.
so the three of us went without him.
the thingy started at 8.30am and we were there on time.
our breakfast was the butter milk and red bean bun from Sau Pau Cafe.
then the kids took a group photo and started their games.
boy, this morning the beach was really very windy.
my hair was almost blown away when i was at the Jetty with mummy.
on the way down the Jetty, i saw this two dudes.
they looked like they were gay and theyre so cute together.
haha the were both linking hands and walking slowly up the Jetty.
then daddy came for a while and left to work.
it was a good day actly cause i was walking and talking with mummy.
guess what? we actly had a good chat this morning.
and no, we didnt argue at all.
not even once the whole morning there i guess.
hope this can continue until forever lor.
i seriously cant stand argue-ing with her like almost every single day of our lives.
the ending of almost every argument aint pretty at all. and that sucks big time.
anyways, we left as soon as they gave out our lunches.
went back home and then went out again to go bai nian.
Vallamy didnt wanna follow so she was home alone.
went all the way to Senadin there and some of the workshop dudes went also.
there were like 10 dudes and 2 ladies squeezing in the van. haha
after taking our "free lunch" we went back home.
i guess thats all thats happened.
cause after we came home, all i did was online, sleep and play. lols
btw, here are some pics taken this morning :)

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