Monday, October 20, 2008


Chemistry was kinda sorta okay but not so okay.
its Maths Paper I&II and EST Paper II tmr.
omg i havent even started studying.
i guess i got bored of studying and i havent enjoyed enough yet.
come on, there was a one week break last week.
so you cant blame me =P

and as you know lately ive been addicted to Jay Chou
so like ive been searching many2 info[s] about his new album,
and some other stuffs about him.
his album came out on the 15th of this month and its not out in Miri yet i suppose.
what a lousy place, boo you ~
so anyways, ive found some people commenting on his new album.
*(its from a forum somewhere in his website i think)
im gonna post it out below and for those who wants to buy his album,
you can decide on how to save money after you read this :)

by zaizai

track 1- Nice start to the album. Rocking song to get it going, somehow i feel there's a darkmagic side to this song. Cool 4/5

Track 2- I would say this is one of the more classic jay songs. Nice RnB style. Lyrics are meaningful too. I especially loved the last part of the song- the rap. Reminded me of qingtian's rap at the end too 4/5

Track 3- Nice snake music, but not to my liking 2/5

track 4- The instruments in this song kinda puts me off, especially for the starting. Singing starts off well, but Jay seems to be struggling in the chorus. More of a yi lu xiang bei song. 3/5

Track 5- loved this. Funky, sexy, like omg. 4/5

Track 6- Starting of the song was like Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding. But its a better one(less shouting). Piano ballads like this make me go silent 5/5

Track 7- Ok his classic zong guo feng style. I loved the erhus(makes my hair stand), but I prefer a lighter sounding song. The chorus shldn't be so heavy. But still, nice. The girly sound is amazing. 4/5

Track 8- Gary and him. Nice funk. 3/5

Track 9- His classic track 9 songs, originating with yuan you hui, then ma ya tang, then mi die xiang then tian tian de, and now this. Brightens my day with his doraemon. 5/5

Track 10- The clown laughing is hilarious. Makes me wanna dance, has the style of mi die xiang. 4/5

Track 11- well this is a breakthrough. lyrics and music.. aww. simplest of simplest music. beautiful. I wld prefer if other songs had simpler instruments like this too 5/5

I feel that this album has more jay-roots song. That's why i loved it. I put it just behind ye hui mei.

by JayChou4eva

Here's my review


1. Dragon Warrior
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Not the best album starter IMO compared to some of his other albums. I still like this song a lot though, very powerful and a suitable beginning to this particular album. I especially like the pre-chorus and chorus. Good use of electric guitar.


2. Give me the time for a song
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: JayChou

This is a very nice 'classic' jay song. Really like the backing vocals in the chorus and that synthesizer in the background. Jay's signature woo's come back here. The only criticism I have for this song is that sometimes the lyrics don't sound very good together with the line of melody, and the bridge is a little bit weak compared with his chorus and verses.

3.7/5 Good melody. Not a memorable song but.

3. Snake Dance
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Huang Jun Lang

I was very surprised to find out that Jay's track 3 song was this song, since usually his track 3's are zhong guo feng style songs. At first when I heard this song, I was disappointed astonished , sounds like sort of a worse repeat of Ben Cao Gan Mu. After a few more plays, I started to like it. The verses sounds a bit headachey, but I really like the chorus, which sounded like a combination of Ben Cao Gan Mu (with the instruments) and Twilight's Chapter Seven (with girl singing main line and Jay rapping in background). However this song still remains the weak link in the album for me. I like the use of Indian elements though.


4. Hai Hua
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Gu Xiaoli, Huang Ling Jia

Good, solid piano ballad. I like the sound of the guitar (?) and pan flute sounds put together. When I first heard it, I thought his voice was breaking in the middle of the choruses, but later I found out that it was a special technique called yodeling, which was supposed to be very difficult to do.

4.2/5. Definitely in my top 5.

5. Mo Fu Xian Sheng
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang

I love the bit from cowboy is busy in this song! And the intro is really funny, the piano accompaniment sounds like something from the 1910's like raggae, or Broadway, especially in the instrumental section bit after the first chorus! So funny. However the whole song itself is a bit too strange for me to bear. But- but Jay's voice is just so CUTE in this! inlove Such a bright chorus

6. Shuo Hao De Xin Fu
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Another Jay ballad. This song is more emotional than the other ballads on this album

3.8/5. There was nothing very spectacular about song, but Jay Chou sung it nicely and expressed the sadness very well in his voice.

7. Lan Ting Xu
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Very good composing in this song. However, not the best of his zhong guo feng songs. I felt that his chorus was a bit too loud and rough for my liking eusa_snooty , however this was leveled by the beauty of the verses, which were arranged very well IMO.


8. Wandering Poet
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Gary again features in this song. I love the feeling of this piece, Jay introduces yet another style into his songs, has a lazy feeling from the use of the harmonica. Taiwanese (?) is also used, and makes the song sound very good, very relaxed and casual. I like the verses, esp. Gary's part. Only problem is that the song is too short.


9. Time Machine
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang
This is my third favourite song out of the entire album. I love the beginning of it, and it is so innocent sounding. Plus the lyrics sound really good. Very funny mv, with the doraemon theme


10. Uncle Jack
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Huang Jun Lang
My second favourite song. I love the wicked laugh at the beginning, somehow it humorises the evil darkness of the Joker. The verses fade well into the choruses. I feel that the mixing and arranging was done very well. I like the lyrics.


11. Dao Xiang
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Jay Chou

Just the name itself already makes me give it full marks. I love the simplicity and the tenderness of it. The tune is very easy to listen to and the chorus is so sweet and happy, Jay does a good job of singing in this song. I also really like the unexpected pause in the middle of it as it adds interest to the piece and sort of makes the listener be more alert.

Music aside, Jay Chou really has made a breakthrough in terms of lyrics. His words are so meaningful, and bring happiness to anyone who hears this (this is true, I made my friend listen to it after her boyfriend dumped her, and gave her a copy of the lyrics cos she couldn't read Chinese, and she said it made her feel better. Kudos to jay,)

5/5. Most outstanding song of the album IMO. kaosclapping

3.3+4.2+2.2+3.7+3+3.8+3.5+3.3+4.8+5+5= 41.8/55
Av- 3.8/5 = 76% = 8/10 (rounding up)

Looks as though this album had a much better ending than start. The ordering of the songs was also very different. Some songs sounded the same as older songs such as Shuo Hao De Xin Fu/Xin Yu, Dragon Warrior/Golden Armour. But I like this album a LOT. Nothing can ever beat Qi Li Xiang though. Nothing. EVER. Well, maybe some future Jay album, but Capricorn doesn't. No offence.

by PinkDagger

I don't know if I want to rate it in numbers yet. I usually need time to let songs grow on me before I can establish whether they did well in my mind or not.

- Dragon Warrior
I really like the sound of this. It has this epic intro that reminds me of a movie soundtrack, and I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing for people, but I think it's really neat. It's catchy and, well... epic!
- Give Me Time For A Song
I agree with JayChou4Eva that this song isn't the most memorable, but it is quite soothing. I don't really have much to say about it.
- Snake Dance
I instantly fell in love with this song the second I heard it (pitifully, as a leak). I thought "this is the sexiest sounding song ever!" I totally love the beat and how smooth his voice sounds rapping to it. I usually don't like songs with a similar sound to this, but I don't know why this one is different. It sounds.. hot. Haha.
- Ocean of Flowers
I love the sound of this in contrast to songs like Snake Dance. It reminds me of some of Jay's music that first attracted me; really soft, but growingly powerful and just sweet sounding.
- Mr. Magic
WAY CUTE! I love it!! It's so happy and out-there. I was one of the massive fans of Cowboy on the Run, so this caught my attention right away, and I love that he evens add a little of the cowboy in there. I could just see him prancing around in cute little overalls with a huge grin on his face. happy
- Where is the Happiness We Were Promised
Jeeze, the tone changes so much from one track to another, aha. I really like this song. The lyrics begin so, so sadly and the melody is so soft and relaxing. It sounds to me like his voice is really infused with emotion and I find that hits home really well to pull listeners in, too.
- Orchid Pavilion
I think it's erhu at the beginning? Whatever instrument it is, I love the tone it sets. I like the cascading of notes it does every now and then. It's very peaceful and regardless of how it compares to Jay's other Zhongguo feng songs, does well establishing that feeling.
- Homeless Poet
This song sound so smooth and jazzy, and then picks it up later on with some guitar. He and Gary sound so sly when they sing solo.
- Time Machine
I thought his idea behind this was so adorable. I believe in an interview, he said he'd love to travel back in time and be able to do things like find his childhood dog who'd run away. <3>- Uncle Joker
When it comes to the aura of the song, it's not the most attractive to me until it hits the chorus. I like the melody over the rap. It does a good job of portraying this eerie kind of evil though.
- Fragrant Rice
Alright, so who
doesn't like this song? It's nostalgic, it's calming, it's innocent, and it sounds very nice and natural. Very, very cute.

by banana_splitz

1. Dragon Warrior- 3.5/5
Strong use of instruments reminiscent to Huo Yuan Jia w/chinese feel kaosdj

crazy 2. Give me the time for a song 3.75/5
I would catergorise this piece in the classic-jay-true-rnb section, along with Wu Bu Pei and Xing Qing, etc. Nothing particularly special, but has a very nice melody and beat

3. Snake Dance 2.5/5
I really like this idea of Indian music fusion thing going on there, but the song just doesnt work for me.
HATE that high voice in the chorus, but hopefuly this will be one of those songs that grow on you, like Lan Se Feng Bao

4. Hua Hai 4/5
Jay does this song justice in terms of singing. Bravo on the yodeling.

5. Mr Magic 4/5
One word- CUTE.

6. Where is the Promised Happiness? 3.5/5
Again, very beautiful ballad, Jay expresses the emotions wonderfully, but nothing special here.

7. Orchid Pavillion 3.9/5
Not his best zhongguofeng style song, however nice arrangment of sounds. The thing i like best about this song is the name

8. Wandering Poet 4.25/5
I LOVE the mix of taiwanese and mandorin, Gary's voice complements this song very well with Jays. Nice relaxed feeling Thumbs UP! dancingkaos

9. Time Machine 4/5
I just LOVE the mv, it made the song better IMO

10. Uncle Jack. 3.9
This song was very very good, that laugh at the beginning and throughout the song just got to me em64

11 Dao Xiang 6/5
I think that we can all agree that this was the best song on the album. For me its one of Jays breakthrough songs! WOOT, GO JAY
*waves jay banner in the air*

Overall- 7/10 YAY Good work Jay!! kaosclapping

so heres what 4 fans think about his album overall.
and from what they wrote, Dao Xiang's the best song
and i totally agree with that.
you guys should go listen to that song.
its highy recommended.
and try to find the lyrics too if you dont mind.
its meaningful :)

ps: you can jst ignore the emoticon thingy. i jst copied bulat2 from the website. heheh

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