Friday, October 17, 2008


went to Jingwood Cafe for dinner jst now.
if not mistaken, i think i saw _ thr.
err, i dont remember his name though :x
after that we went Parkson a while.
the moment i stepped out of the car, i went straight to Speedy.
and uhhh, Jay's album is delayed. omg
well, i didnt think of buying it though but i really wanted to look at it.
last night i asked mummy to give me his album as a Christmas present.
and as usual she didnt even react to it -__________________-"
pffffffffffft. but i dont think i have any chance of getting his album lor.
and im quite sure that its gonna be expensive.
at least around RM59.90? or more than that maybe?
and i still cant believe that its delayed lar.
so many people buying it in Taiwan/China until out of stock? @@

btw, was watching 8864 jst now and guess what?
Fahrenheit's already in Malaysia? wtf..
i thought their concert's next month?
how come suddenly come here today?
aduhh or maybe theyre coming again next month.
hmm, seems impossible ler.

ah well, im gonna get some beauty sleep now.
cant concentrate on studying at all.
and ive got a show to catch tmr morning.
so ciao and goodnight people :)

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