Tuesday, October 7, 2008


oh am geeeeeee.
i totally flunked my Biology exam this morning.
all my hard work came to almost a waste.
not like i really did work so hard for it though *ooops*
but i really wanted to good for this exam you know.
and its like the FINAL exam already bah.
uhhs, if only the exam was on Monday, maybe i'd studied more.
plus, i had my period yesterday so like my studying mood was gone.
Paper I was still okay. then Paper III i lost 16% for the report part and Paper II, it was kinda okay but not really okay.
@@ they shouldve put the Bio exam either yesterday or next next week bah.
since ive got one week of during PMR, still got time to get on the study mode and really study.
bahh, its BM tmrw and im not gonna do anything about it.
its either im gonna fail but almost pass or jst ngam2 pass.
oh well, i think im gonna go find a corner, sit there and think about how badly i did today.

but before i go, Happy Birthday Jessica ! :)

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