Monday, October 13, 2008

if not mistaken Jay Chou's album is out.
omg and ive found the real tracklist.
cause the album was leaked even before it was out.
and there were many fake song names.
hah at least ive got the very real one.
and im gonna download all his songs :)

oh and theres this new song by SHE.
Jay composed that song and the title is 安静了.
the moment i saw it i was like "oh my gosh, the title. omg omg omg".
and when i heard it, it was even more omg.
why? because its like almost the same as Jay's original song 安静.
i cant believe it lar. how much i loved that song.
and Jay go compose another one similar to it. @@
anyways, it doenst sound that bad so its okay lar.
hahah and the new song by SHE + Fahrenheit is nice.
woooosh, so many new songs bahh.
so im very busy going online lately to find the songs.
luckily i have one week off this week. hehehe

ps: im not done searching for the songs.
pps: yesterday, some few stuffs happened. so like im kinda tired already.

so yeah, ciao people. need to go listen to Jay and take a rest :)

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