Wednesday, October 15, 2008


it jst stopped raining.
and all that ive listened to this whole morning
is none other than Jay Chou.
since i woke up until now, my mind somehow couldnt stop wondering.
the tears are like lining up behind my eyeballs
and getting ready to roll down my cheeks.
i think my jiwang mode is back on.
luckily next week its still exam week.
i dont have to talk much then.
and after exams straight away im gonna take leave from school.
maybe about a week?
after that then maybe go back school to take my exam papers.
i wanna try to talk as little as possible.
to avoid __ and __.
i think, starting now im gonna try to talk less.
unless its about interesting stuffs like Taiwan dramas :)
since i like to think so much, ive decided to give my mind a chance.
a chance to think until my head explodes. bahhh ~

and Jay Chou, i loveeeeeee your songs :D
i heard that his album's out today?
i wanna buy an original copy this time lar.
if not mistaken, got a 2009 calender included.
and it looks superly cool.

oh and i like the picture at the top.
the one where the shoeless lady is drawing hearts on the road.
its really pretty lor.

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