Tuesday, October 14, 2008


15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself:

(1.) im crazy in love with Joe <3
(2.) i talk to myself. well not always.
(3.) i have weird moodswings.
(4.) im very addicted to the computer. you see, whenever im at home, i'll always be stuck to the comp. its like my life depends on it or sth.
(5.) i think alot and i seriously mean ALOT. esp when it comes to ____.
(6.) i always dream about getting to know _ more and be good _ so that he'll bring me to _ to meet _. which of course will never ever happen.
(7.) im jealous of some people who have so much $$ that even when theyre stupid, they still can get into uni without problem.
(8.) i seriously hate hate hate lizards. they are icky and yucky and very disgusting to even look at.
(9.) my favorite numbers are 12 and 99
(10.) although i like many2 colors, blue will always be my favorite =)
(11.) im loving Jay Chou's song ALOT. its highly recommended.
(12.) i think that sometimes being alone isnt bad at all.
(13.) i dont have a best friend.
(14.) i cannot live without music. listening to songs is a must for me.
(15.) i cant wake up late. idk why but seriously, no matter how late i sleep, the latest would be like 9am? ive tried to sleep until 10am[ive woken up few times in between] and i had this huge headache.

well, im done already. though i think they should put like 20 instead of 15. hahah
btw, im not gonna tag anyone this time. so if you see this and feel like doing, then go ahead. ^^

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