Sunday, March 29, 2009

omg i can actly online.
what a fucken MIRACLE.
pehhhh, i seriously do not know what is wrong with my internet.
memang very very babi baaaaaaa.
make me sooooo geram nia everytime i try to go online.
so yeah, sorry for not updating laa.
its not that i dont want,
its cause the internet dont let me :(

ps: life w/o internet is kinda very 辛苦 at first but at least im kinda used to it liao. at least got songs to accompany me lor. but ler, i cant dl any song w/o the fucken internet =="
pps: but come to think of it hor, its like Lent ba now, so need to fast and not onlining is a good way of fasting for me lor. lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i am blogging at Tracy's house. LMAOOOOOO ~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i feel so _______.
i dont know how to explain this feeling of mine at the moment.
i cant go online at the moment
and all i can do is drown myself with jiwang songs.
omg as bad as it sounds,
i even have to type this out in Notepad.
will only paste it in my blog when i can actly go online.
i mean, how kasian am i?
apuuuuuuu ~

lol so the above was written last night.
i am soooooo miserable right now.
everytime i sit in front of the comp,
need to try my luck and see whether can online or not.
jst like ppl in the casino trying their luck to win big cash ==
kasian much pls? hahaha

anyways, someone finally went to ss today.
BUT hor, aiyah you go read her blog laa.
haha but i did manage to take a very nice picture lo.

cant really see the "E" but its still nice right? :P

and and today is the last day of the holidays.
very very sad about it lo :(
i want more holidays baaaaaa.
i dont wanna go back school and face pressure again everyday.
haihh hopefully i'll get over everything soon.
and then i'll be relaxing for a few months.

ps: 난 널 정말 많이 울고 싶은 기분 , 하지만 절대 그럴 수 없어요 .내가 너무 많은 문제를 겪고 오전 , 난 그냥 뭘해야할지 잘 모릅니다 :( :( :(

Friday, March 20, 2009

tagged by zoe senior :P

What would your last name be if you married the last person you texted?
calipusan. LMAOOOOOOO ~

What was your first alcoholic beverage?
shandy? lol i dont remember

How old were you when you first smoked?
i dont smoke :)

Have you ever lived with your girlfriend /boyfriend ?

Have you ever taken someone back after they've cheated?

What do you have pierced on you?
ears at the moment.


Have you dated anyone on your top?
no top. everyone's equal.

Do you sleep on your stomach?
im not a baby anymore. lol

Have you ever broken someone s heart ?

Next time you will kiss someone?
tmr morning.

Have you ever injected a drug?

Who are the people you would do anything for?
people i love

When was the last time you felt like your heart was actually breaking?
few days ago when my parents wanted to move the computer out of my room. omg

Do you get along better with the same sex or opposite?
same? idk actly.

Are you happy with your life at the the moment?
no comp in my room lea T________________T

Last time you talked to your best friend?
looooooooooong time ago. haha

Would you ever live with anyone on your top friends?
like ive said, no top friends. everyone's equal ^^

What is bothering you right now?
the fact that i have to sleep tonight without knowing where the heck the lizard in and that i dont have music to listen as i fall asleep.

How do you feel about the last person you kissed ?
i love her to bits.

What do you have to do tomorrow?

Hows your heart ?
its still beating. lol

im not tagging anyone this time. very lazy. hahaha

the holidays are almost over.
this time, i havent been wasting my holidays doing nothing.
ive done quite alot actly.
like clearing up my room an moving the friggen computer away.
and last night i actly slept without having the computer next to me.
its the first time in so many years that the computer is actly out of my room.
i so cannot believe it.
im sitting here in the other room typing this and listening to songs.
it doesnt really feel good to use the computer here.
and one thing, my room feels very empty.
im not used to having so much extra space in my room.
oh and did i mentioned that daddy moved the tv away too? -__________-"
and after everything is cleared up,
my room will be nth but empty and uhh boring.

btw, the idk why but sth is seriously wrong with my internet connection.
luckily the whole thing like suddenly can connect
but im sure it'll become cacated again in about an hour or so or less @@

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i can finally online.
omg the internet line is seriously very cacated laa.
aduhh i couldnt online the whole day yesterday
i couldve died if the line didnt get any better today.
lol maybe not that cham but it felt like that.
luckily i was out until night.
if not, i think i wouldve died already @@

anyways, the computer is officially out of my room
it feels weird everytime i enter my room
cause the table right beside the door is moved to the other side
and my bed already changed direction. haih
gonna miss having the comp in my room laa.
i cant even listen to songs anymore when i go to sleep at night.
babi lah my silly head problem.
if not, the comp would still be in my room.

btw, MISS MELODY, if youre reading this
i want to tell you that because of you i kinda really like W705 :O
surprised? who ask you lor.
always talking about how much you love it
until monday when i saw the phone then i start to like it also.

ps: darling, sorry i cant go out anymore this week. am kinda busy clearing up my room and some other stuffs. we go out some other time k? ^^

Monday, March 16, 2009

ive been out for more than 14 hours.
ive been in Parkson for more than 12 hours.
omg im really exhausted.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


okay, since the internet line is suddenly good at the moment
i shall blog about some stuffs that's been happening lately
(cause i havent been blogging much).
starting off was last Saturday.
my nephew jst turned 1 month old and we had lunch at Kok Chee Restaurant.
the food there is quite good actly.
esp the famous Peking(however you spell it) Duck.
oh and my cousin ordered roasted pig :D
havent eaten that since like forever.
and it isnt available at Han Palace anymore :( :( :(

the roasted piggy.

then after lunch we went over to my cousin's house.
sat there and talk talk talk and played with the kids.
then my cousin showed us this mini puzzle thingy.
omg laa, it looks reaaaally cute.
its for kids to play and one piece of the puzzle is as big as my thumb nail.
so you can imagine how tiny it is.
i know it may not be anything special but to a sakai like me,
its soooooooo cute lah. :P

see the size of the puzzle? lol

then on Monday(public holiday), we went to KB for breakfast.
i know i know, going thr for breakfast only wtf.
haha it was a kinda really short trip laa.
went thr in the morning then came back around after noon?
bought a Cadbury Easter egg thr also :D

and in my previous post, i did mention about not sleeping right?
lol so i stayed up all night wanting to study.
which i did, but not all night long. haha
i kinda gave up when i got abit tired
cause i thought like
"im alrdy last in class, what for need to study> =="
so yeah, i watched televisioncomputer from around 3am until 5am.

"what you do when you get bored of studying" - quoted, D.S.

oh and exams ended yesterday.
woooooohoooooooooo ~!
i am officially free for the week.
besides,i have enough to clean my messy room
and iron all the clothes alrdy.

and today, my sister and i actly went out for breakfast with my parents.
its been reaaaaaally long since we last ate breakfast together on a Saturday.
but then my grandmama followed also.
so we went to eat at the open market.
after that i pei-ed my grandmama go Dr. Arif there "wash" her leg.
at first i thought washing meant cleaning with water and medicine.
but who knew it was this(see below). lol

shes standing on one foot btw.

went to the Isuzu thingy2 with daddy, Vallamy and Patricia jst now.
kinda alot of people there lo.
saw some familiar faces too.
there were performances by KL artists, games and also children singing comp.
of course, food is being sold there also.
the people there were smart also to get those famous food stalls to come sell food.
got Nagaliar, the Krokop 6 Ice Kacang, then err Satay House also i think?
ohh and theres Burger Sam too :D
the thingy2 is for today and tmr only (14th & 15th March 2009).
so if you guys havent go, you better get going now. haha

btw, i'll be going on a date with darling later.
woooots, havent seen her since our last date which was November '08.
lol so i'll be updating more then :D

Friday, March 13, 2009


i cant believe that i did not sleep last night.
ive wasted my 8 hour of beauty sleep staring at the bio notes.
okay, so maybe it wasnt that long
cause i was in front of the computer.
yes, i was online almost the whole time XD
i opened and closed Mozilla more than 5 times the whole night.
cause wanna study but when no mood,
i'll go open it and continue surfing the net.
and at around 2 sth o clock i gave up reading
and went to watch Corner With Love. haha
watched from ep7 until ep9.
after watching i got ready to go to schl
but still, i wasnt ready for the exam.
omggg i was really blur during exam.
did some questions then went to rest.
my head feel very very dizzy lor.

then in the afternoon still got tuition.
but i only went for Chemistry cause i was too tired.
i was so tired i kept yawning and wiping away my tears of sleepiness.
lol and i was like sitting there all alone
and since not everyone came today,
class was actly kinda cold.
and that made me even more sleepier :O
besides, Mdm Hii isnt teaching during add maths class.
we're only doing some revision for Chapter 2 i think.

uhhh, right now i still feel sleepy.
you know, i have been awake for 39 hours straight?
yeapp. i did not sleep since yesterday morning.
woooots, i havent been able to stay awake for so long before.
not that its really long or anything but its cooooool man.
i remembered few years back when i stayed up all night watching Full House.
then the next morning i slept for 2-3 hours on the sofa.
hahaha well im feeling really cacated at the moment.
will be going to sleep in about an hour,
so that i'll be awake for 40 hours straight.
lol i know it sounds silly but whatever, its cool alright? :P

oh oh and before i forget,
the SPM results came out today.
i havent officially went to check out my school's results yet though.
will be doing so before exam starts tmr. haha
need to go kepo2 sikit bahh. lol
anyways, a very good friend of mine went to get her results also today.
i thought she wont be going as she was supposed to have class that day
but who knew she said that the lecturer isnt around?
lol so yeah, i waited for her results from like 9.30am all the way until 12pm
when she finally msged me saying that she got straight A's.
although its not all A1 but youve done a really good job
and i, MISS VIVIAN LEE, am honored to say that i am proud of you :D
(you know, i have been praying for you all these while. lmaooo)


Milo and Me :D


ps: this was supposed to be posted yesterday. but after tuition sth went wrong with the comp and server was down so i couldnt even go online(yes, i know its a reaaaaally sad thing T____T). but im veeeeeeery happy that its back to normal liao. omg Thank God everything's fine now. maybe cause today's Friday 13th and its my lucky day. lol

Thursday, March 12, 2009

its 3am and im still sitting here.
im wide awake at the moment.
been reading the same thing since before midnight?
and im still very blur laa. omg

but i didnt really put 100% on studying lo.
i was more like online-ing, studying and sms-ing.
haha so yeah, not much hasil from that kinda studying environment.
lol but its getting late liao.
i think i better really go and study laa :\

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

im gonna study(abit more than usual) for Biology tonight
and i have Jay Chou's voice to accompany me all night :)

wish me luck people cause i seriously wanna good grades for this subject.
two more days and i am freeeeee !
having biology test tmr.
and im like still very blur about everything?
omg someone pls help me >< style="font-style: italic;">*SIGH*

at least thrs a one week break starting this Saturday.
can sleeeeep and watch dramas le.
but hor, thrs so much to be done during this holidays.
dont think i can even rest.
i need to clean my room,
iron the many baju(s) piling up higher than my sisterlike a mini hill in the other room,
find my long lost form 4 notes so i can do revision,
do the sleep test(luckily i can do that at home) ,
move the computer, yes i have to move it out of my room :((

uhh, i think i'll be very busy in this one week.
jst hope i have enough time to sleep and watch dramas.
besides, after this hols i doubt that i'll be so free anymore.
cause like spm is coming reaaaaal soon and like i need to start studying.

ps: darling if youre reading this, must jia you and be a strong and happy fish k? i'll always support you^^
pps: Happy Birthday Della !

Monday, March 9, 2009


100 truths, tag 10 people to do the same. Don't forget to tag!
Last beverage → plain water
Last phone call → cousin's wife
Last text message → the girl Ah Goh
Last song you listened to → 陽光宅男
Last time you cried→ yesterday eh?

Dated someone twice → nope
Been cheated on → no
Kissed someone & regretted it → no eh?
Lost someone special→ yes

Fallen out of love → no
Laughed until you cried → not until cry but got tears coming out alrdy
Met someone who changed your life → no
Found out someone was talking about you → got many lo
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → what top friends?
Do you have any pets → yes
Do you want to change your name → no, thanks. i like my name jst the way it is.
What time did you wake up today → six plus?
What were you doing at midnight last night → sleeping
Name something you cannot wait for → THIS FRIDAY :D
The last time you saw your father→ about an hour ago?
What's one thing you wish you could change→ my bad attitude
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → Thomas got lah
What's getting on your nerves right now → noone
What's your name → Vivian
Elementary/Primary School→ St Joseph Primary
Middle/Secondary School → St Joseph Secondary
High School → same as the above.
Hair color → brownish black
Long or short → quite long
Are you a health freak → not really.

Righty or lefty → lefty :)

First surgery → never
First piercing → primary 5
First best friend → sheila?
First sport you joined → running?
First pet → fish or dog.
First vacation → Kuching

Eating → nth
Drinking → nth
Waiting → for time to pass

Want kids? → yes
Want to get married?→ sure lo.
Careers in mind? → photographer isnt a bad choice hor? lol err idk actly.

Kissed a stranger → nope
Drank Wine/Beer/alcohol → yes
Lost glasses/contacts → both
Ran away from home → lol im not that dumb to do that
Broken someone's heart → yea
Been arrested → im an angel pls
Cried when someone died → nope. i was still young.

Yourself → not really
Miracles →they do happen
Love at first sight → not at the moment
Heaven → definitely
Kiss on the first date→ idk
Angels → yeaaa

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → yeapp
more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → nope
Do you believe in God? → YES

i tag anyone who wants to do this cause im lazy to go around and tell ppl theyre tagged. lol

Saturday, March 7, 2009

i jst remembered that i forgot to post sth
which was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago. lol
and that is this --> why is 黃文星 sooooooo hot? omg
i know its a silly thing but omg he really became very hot laa.
i saw him on 百萬大歌星 the other day and he became very good looking lo.
much much better than how he looked like in Love or Bread.
oh oh and George Hu is also very very very hot laa. omg
sooooo many hot people appearing in front of my eyes(of course thrs the comp screen in btw)

lol anyways, theres no school on monday.
wooots, no school means no exam.
which means i have one extra day to study for chemistry.
hopefully this time i can put on full concentration to study for it.
i really wanna score for this subject ba.
and not forgetting biology too, which is next thursday :\
i have officially lost 98% of my voice.
nooooooooooo, i so cannot lose my voice,
not at this kinda time that is. *SIGH*
and whats worse, i cannot sing! omg

Thursday, March 5, 2009

isnt this the cutest? ^___________^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

for sale

2nd hand CRV.
still in very good condition.
anyone interested? haha

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

im down with fever.
but im feeling abit better alrdy.
having add maths and EST I exam today.
you know, i actly forgot about EST exam today.
i thought only got add maths ==
but nvrmind lo cause it isnt any diff whether i go or not.
for add maths that is cause if i did go,
i'd be resting/daydreaming throughout the exam.
besides, staying at home also better lo.
can study for moral and sejarah :O

oh yeaa, i received this forwarded chinese msg from a friend last night.
its the chorus for the song 最后一次
and talking about who wrote this song and why.
some say that she wrote this song when shes about to die,
some say that her boyf is dying so she write for him
and others say its cause of their relationship problems or sth like that.
but from what i heard, its about a girl whos dying and she wrote this for her boyf.
this song is really touching lo actly.
you guys should go listen to this song.
heres the lyrics :



*(repeat twice)