Saturday, July 28, 2007


its been a week since my last post. *sighs* its been kinda tiring for me these days. im like being so damn lazy and i kept getting moodswings. actually i dont really got anything to say so i'll make this a short one. ummm todays a saturday. and guess where i went this morning? one clue. the place i go every morning from monday - friday. thats right. school. we had to go to school this morning. idont even know why we had to go to school today. the teacher said it was replacement for some occasion in october, but im still blur -.-" and now thrs this new rule in school. actually thrs alot more rules, but this rule is so so dontknow how to say laa. its like this, every morning before class starts thrs this roll call thingy where everyone has to gather in the school hall/field and we have to line up and take our attendances. and that is like 6.40am. aduhh. that means everyone has to be at school before that time. well for me its no problem cause i reach school early everyday. *frowns* then before class finish, we've got another roll call. again. ugh this is like making our lives so hard. i mean they jst block the gates enuff liao laa. no need to give roll call before class finishess ba. and the one before class starts, make t later laa. what if got traffic jam ler? aduhh. and ive got another two years in stjoe. how do i survive with the roll calls every single day of schooling? :(

Thursday, July 19, 2007


today. hari sukan. went to school normal time. some friends came and we hung out. afterwards, we started to feel hungry. and one of them suggested that we go to brighton. we agreed and when we wanted to walk out of school, mdm su came and we asked her to drop us off thr. well the guys had to walk of course. well, we reached thr and ordered our food. the drinks came first and while i was drinking, guess who come to our table? none other than mr patrick avon. aduh. he sat beside cassandra and asked 'seronok kan?' eee.. scary ler. then mr marcus came and patted my back and said 'of all the people. why are you here?' aduhh. i cant believe he said that. hopefully they'll forget about it after sports day. and we weren't even escaping. we jst went thr to eat breakfast. and then go back to school. some other students were thr too. but those were gonna ponteng. when i was done eating, i went over to mr marcus and mr patrick and sat between them. haha then u know what mr principa lsaid to me? well this is what he said, 'girl, i want to punish ur legs for bringing u here[while stepping on my right foot]. need to remove them. u know what the bible says? if ur eyes make u sin, remove them. if ur teeth make u sin, remove them. am i right? so if ur legs make u sin, what are u going to do[while laughing]? remove them of course'. then he continued laughing again. haih so after we ate, we had to go back to school straightaway. so soi ler today. then sooo panas lagi. aduhh. it took us like more than 5 minutes to walk back. by the time we reached school, the back side of my baju was already all wet. then we jst stayed at school until 11am like that. heh what a day. well tmrw's another and i hope nth as soi as today will happen again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


hehe another post for today. jst wanted to say how cacat tuition was. at first it was english. everything went normal. then it was bm class. and this is where the so-called fun began. class started at 7.30pm. everyone was at their seat except for joel. he was nowhere to be seen. then i remembered him telling me that hes gone downstairs to limteh with a friend of his after english class. about half an hour later, he came in. he said that he talked until he lost track of time. we were giving this 'kertas model pmr' thingy and had to be done with it by 8.10pm. everyone did their works and the only sound that could be heard were the voices of joel and jeremy. they were talking all thru bm class. as usual laa. joel kept talking and talking and jeremy jst did his provoking. they laughed and talked and provoked so much that the teacher kept staring at them. lol then suddenly, joel sneezed. and boy, the sneeze was damn loud. i remembered once when he said that he was out with his friends and McD's and he sneezed. and the only people who didnt look at him were his friends. haha after that, they jst continued laughing and provoking people. during the last 10 minutes of tuition, joel started to arm wrestle. he was asking two guys in front of him to challenge him. and that was funny, cause he was like jumping around and shouting. and he was like 'woo hoo! noone can beat me!'. that was even funnier. you should see the way he talked jst now with that weird slang. hahaha =]


no extra classes today. so i went to renew my passport. it took us like half an hour or so. the office was damn cold. when i got thr, i had to fill those forms - which i hate so much. as i was filling em, an old lady come and asked mummy about renewing the passport. then mummy offered to help the lay fill the form. i glared at her for about 10 seconds and thought, 'ugh. why is she being so nice? so mafan laa. still need to help that auntie fill her form'. but then the lady was old. shes like 75 years old? then mummy went to queue up and i was left thr with the lady. after helping her fill the form, she took out RM2 and told me to take it. i refused but she insisted on giving it to me. she asked me to go lim teh with the money. then i jst told her that its okay and she was like 'thank you then. ure really kind, girl'. and she smiled. macam so kelien when she said that. after that i continued with the passport-making process. then we went to that cold drink stall near dewan suarah. over thr, daddy met his friend. he invited us to go mountin hiking at the museum thr later. but im kinda busy and have tuition later so we rejected his invite. hehe

Monday, July 16, 2007


my very first post. hmmmm hope this blog turns out as expected. hehe well todays a monday. another boring day at school. nth much happened though. jst went to school. had class like normal. then in the afternoon we're supposed to have extra class. but somehow the teacher cancelled it. and was i ever so glad about that . no extra KHB class. yeay !! so after school, i went to the canteen to eat and went to the library. when we reached the library, the first thing i did was rush to the shelf where all the school mags were put. i took like at least 20 mags from the shelf and our table was like full of em. some kids from the next table kept staring. lol it was funny cause the only thing i did was look for familiar faces and laugh at those with weird expressions. too bad the school didnt have mags from CH. it would be nice to look at all those ahbengs + ahlians :]