Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i dont feel like blogging anymore. SORRY. i'll be back when i feel like it. till then, goodbye people.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥

just realized that the date for my previous post is WRONG.
its supposed to be February 10, 2010 instead of February 11, 2010 =.=

anyways, yesterday was the day i dread.
it was like the end of the world.
(okay, maybe not so cham but it did felt like it)
im gonna miss everyone and everything.
im gonna miss going limteh every morning
(tsk tsk so early jiu snake le. mmg no hope liao. HAHA)
im gonna miss thumbprinting
im gonna miss opening and closing the place
im gonna miss snaking around with the other snakes
im gonna miss going to Ladybird and UG there to talk during working hours
im gonna miss drinking chicken soup everyday
im gonna miss having lunch/dinner earlier than the actual time cos i went to drink chicken soup
im gonna miss walking around the place even if its past lunch/dinner
im gonna miss eating at the canteen even if the food isnt nice
im gonna miss having to hide here and there when we eat during non-eating hours
im gonna miss walking to the ice cream stall there jst to get wind and talk to the auntie
im gonna miss talking to mdm and the auntie cos its too boring
im gonna miss hearing "pasang lagi, biru 蓝色!, hitam 黑色!, merah 红色! ... etc"
im gonna miss lying on the pile of baju/pants and talking/listening to them talk/listening to songs
im gonna miss speaking malay with them eventhough i suck at it
im gonna miss calling for martin, eg : "blh panggil martin?" "calling martin calling martin"
im gonna miss watching my white horse prince work
im gonna miss talking to my black horse prince and get nervous when hes around :\
im gonna miss how im so used to everything already
im gonna miss all the moments spent with you guys
im gonna miss each and every one of you
im gonna miss everything.

sometimes, i just wish time could stop right there and then so i can spend more time with them.
but i know its really very impossible, so yeah, what to do? :( :(


Thursday, February 11, 2010

today we went snaking again.
like yesterday my lunch time was 12.30pm until 2.45pm
why 5 minutes earlier than the previous day?
its cause my mum called halfway through snakingshopping.
wtf she called and asked why i wasnt at my "station"
and where i was and what i was doing. *kantoi*
hahaha but it was okay,
mdm yong was good enough to tell them i was inside cause its burning hot outside.
hehehehehehe :P
oh and i get to see my white horse prince also today.
lately, hes been appearing very often.
more like, everyday and every night.
woooots, im sure my last few days here will be very meaningful.
and the best part is, ive been watching my white horse prince for more than an hour.
yeaaah, from around 8.30pm until around 10pm?
BUT hor, there was this very awkward moment just now.
cause i was like talking to Janat at first,
then Ami called out to me saying he was there.
so i walked(quite fast) over and stood there to watch.
within seconds, at least 5 or 6 of them came over to my place
and started clapping hands and wooing here and there.
apuuuu, then they all like turn to me and gosh MERAH MUKA SAYA.
very very very paiseh pls.
thank goodness the guys outside didnt know what was going on. :\
another sad thing is that i didnt get to talk to him at all.
instead, i got to talk to the boss. wth =.=

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another great day today.
my lunch time was stretched from 12.30pm all the way until 2.50pm.
how come so long?
one work, SNAKE :P
hahahaha yeaap, thats what we've been doing lately.
snaking here and snaking there.
woooots, now everyone's snaking too.
(i dont think its because of me lor :P)

its been really very fun these few days.
and and i get to see both my black and white horse prince!
eventhough i dont talk to the white one,
at least i still can stand/sit there and watch him work.
whereas the black one,
we do talk to each other.
and lately, hes been coming down so i can see him more often.
whats more, he speaks english!
i know its nth special but hes like the only person there who speaks to me in english.
for the past month, ive only spoken chinese and malay
no english at all until he started to appear lately.
ahh, somehow i get quite nervous when we talk.
i couldnt even speak properly but at least he understood what i said.
everytime he grabbed my hand, i'll have this tingly feeling
and idk, i just love talking to him. :D

anyways, everything is gonna end in two days.
OMG i really really really 舍不得 everything lah.
so much have happened in the past month,
i just dont want it to end so fast. T_T

Sunday, February 7, 2010

had quite an awesome day at work today ;D
eventhough there were many customers,
but at least i had fun.
love all my silly colleagues to bits.
theyre like really fun to hang out with
and seriously, i havent been so happy since i went in high school.
you know, people always said leaving high school is painful
but to me, i think leaving this work hurts much more.
i guess its cause i have a good relationship with most of the people here.
and at school, ah im speechless. :\

Friday, February 5, 2010


PRICE : RM40,000.00
CONTACT : 0168792388/0168557818 - Mr. Lee

Monday, February 1, 2010

busy busy busy.
afternoon shift today.
2 more hours to go until i leave the house
and ive still got so much to do =.=
aaaaah, my hair is so ugly!
i hate my ugly hair.
i wanna get it done
but im jst too busy with work.
whats worse, CNY is in 2 weeks.
i mana ada time oh? T_T
and i still got some things not yet buy lagi.
ish ish, hope next monday i'll get to buy everything lor.

EH, i just realized that CNY is next sunday. WTH
apuuuu, today already 1st february. @@
10 more days until my last day,
11 more days until my birthday,
13 more days until CNY!
LOL i feel so blur right now :|