Friday, October 31, 2008


ive made up my mind.
i'll be using this old skin at least until end of November.
hahah wanna know why?
cause its simple, no need to fan about new skins and can put nuffnang.
btw, heres a picture i edited few days ago.
specially for my darling :)


im not really satisfied with my blog lar.
i need it needs a make over.
Oprahhhhh !!!
Pimp My RideBlog !!!
someone, come help meeeeeee !

anyways, i jst realized something.
Cassandra calls me Joe Cheng Freak.
Abel calls me Jay Chou Freak.
both guys i memang very suka at the moment. :P
and one more thing,
im still very 不爽。
right at this very moment,
i feel that my life is 110% meaningless.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


all of a sudden i feel like changing back to the original blogskin :P
maybe its cause i see too much of darling's blog liao bah. HAHA


1: The person who last tag you is: darling Yuu.

2: Your relationship with him/her is: my darling lor ^^

3: Your five impression of him/her: mature, tall, pretty, my tadika friend, in love with an engdao guy :P

4: The most memorable thing he/she had done for you: Oxford Yakin, Dec '06

5: The more memorable thing he/she had said to you: she call me her darling also

6: If he/she become your lover, you will: love her banyak2

7: If he/she become your lover, things he/she has to improve will be: nothing lor. shes good enough

8: If he/she become your enemy, you will : will never happen de

9: If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be: read my answer above

10: The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is: be her very good friend

11: Your overall impression of him/her is: shes my darlinggggg !

12: How you think people around you will feel about you? : ben ben de person. hahah

13: The characters you love yourself are: uhhh, my ability to dream so much. LOL

14: On the contrary, the characters you hate yourself are: MANY things.

15: The most ideal person you want to be is: myself? haha

16: For people that care and like you, say something to them : thank you all. i will appreciate and remember you all forever.

im gonna stop here cause i dont wanna tag anyone le.
btw, school is very boring lar.
and like what i said yesterday, go school = no go school.
so yeah, stay at home better lar. haihh

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



the tears wont stop flowing down my cheeks.
i seriously dont know whats going on with me.
omg can someone like save me?


went to school today.
and guess what?
go school = no go school.
what a waste of time lar.
only went to take my exam papers bah.
then its playplayplay all morning.
can say quite boring xia.
the whole morning all i did was miss my computer.
too bad there isnt any cc nearby T_______T

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

in my previous previous post,
remember that i talked about Jay Chou's 时光机?
i did mention about him using a Doraemon guitar in the video right?
well, look at the picture below :)

when im down, i listen to music,
when im stressing out, i get myself stuck to the computer
when im having troubles, i go to slee
when im very unsatisfied or lost(past of lose/ meaning hilang also), i cry
and when i have noone to turn to, my blog's all i have.
sometimes i feel like im thinking too much,
other times i guess that all i have is myself.
i realize that im always avoiding.
avoiding all the things in life.
i dont know what i want and im jst very helpless.
*SIGH* is there a psychologist in the house? :O


you see the first pic, do you see a chatbox in my chatbox? HAHA.
and the second pic, its a blog in my chatbox.
something went wrong with my blog the other day that when i clicked the link in my chatbox,
instead of opening a new tab to show the blog, it appeared in my chatbox instead. lols

btw there two pictures below, isnt it the cutest? hahah

Monday, October 27, 2008


have you listened to Jay Chou's album yet?
if you havent then i think you better go and listen.
its definitely a 10 thumbs(IF i have so many) up.
and lately ive been addicted to his 时光机。
you have to go listen to it and watch the video too.
hahah its like all about Doraemon? lols
in the video, Jay was even playing a Doraemon guitar.

oh oh and i so cannot wait to driveeeeeee :)


im at mummy's office now. :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008


im like super sleepy now so im not gonna blog about anything.
jst wanted to wish dearest Shaleen a very happy sweet sixteen.
a year older, a year prettier liao lor.
hope yr wishes come true and all the best in yr studies :)
*below is the birthday girl


its not even seven in the morning and its friggin cold.
i turned off the aircond about half an hour ago and its still cold.
ughh, its been raining for like 12 hours straight.
i dont think i can go back to sleep anymore though =(

so uhh, again ive realized something about __.
and its that hes different from other people.
the way he talks, the way when hes serious, the way when hes jst playful, everything.
i love him all because he is simply himself wherever he goes.
thats what makes him so special, especially to me :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


its the hari ganti for TYT's birthday today so its a public holiday.
was planning to wake up late and as usual, i failed.
woke up abit too early today, around before 6am?
actly ive woken up few times already but i jst didnt bother to get up.
so like i went back to bed and until around almost when i couldnt stand anymore,
i jst got up from bed and went to sit in front of the computer.
cleaned the toilet and part of my room this morning.
*AHEM* very guai hor? :P
cousins came over at about 10am and we went to Apple Cafe for lunch.
went to Jom Heboh after that and omg, the place was crowded and it was damn hot.
only daddy and i went down cause mummy had to go to the pharmacy.
then like we went back half an hour later?
supposed to go back again in the evening but it was raining.
had dinner at grandma's house and went out again.
went around Miri finding for a pharmacy(yes, again).
its cause mummy's gum was hurting alot bahh.
wanted to go to Boulevard de but the surrounding area was filled with cars.
went to find for other pharmacies but all were closed
so no choice but to go to Boulevard.
luckily it was open and we went it.
was looking at the medicines there and i was thinking "should i study this next time?"
uhhhs, im still thinking about what to study once im out of Form 5. *sigh*
well, after mummy bought her medicine, heres where the interesting part comes,
we went passed Speedy and mummy suddenly stopped and looked in.
i asked her why she stopped and surprisingly she said "看一下周杰伦的album出了吗".
i couldnt believe she would say that whats more shocking was that his album has arrived !
i went to take a look and there were only 2 of his albums there.
then she took one of it and went to the counter.
i was like "你在干吗?" and she said shes buying it.
omg i was totally speechless. @@
isnt she the best mummy ever? :D
omg i love you sooooo much right now.
remember in one of my posts i mentioned about asking her to buy me his album?
i told her to give to me either as Christmas or Birthday present mahh,
then i said Christmas better cause its nearer and she wont buy for me without reason de.
but who knows this happened and i am friggin happy at the moment.
woohooo, i can go to bed with a big smile on my face tonight.
hahah well, im gonna end my posts with some pictures
and i'll be on my way to dreamland to find Jay Chou. LOL

this is what Vallamy ordered. looks yummy right? haha

the person singing live on TV3 i think

camera shy? hahah

its Christmas already? LOL

Friday, October 24, 2008


went to yahoo jst now and found this article (below) featured at the home page.

Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby

By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press

TOKYO: A 43-year-old Japanese woman whose sudden divorce in a virtual game world made her so angry that she killed her online husband's digital persona has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, police said Thursday.

The woman, who is jailed on suspicion of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data, used his identification and password to log onto popular interactive game "Maple Story" to carry out the virtual murder in mid-May, a police official in northern Sapporo said on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

"I was suddenly divorced, without a word of warning. That made me so angry," the official quoted her as telling investigators and admitting the allegations.

The woman had not plotted any revenge in the real world, the official said.

She has not yet been formally charged, but if convicted could face a prison term of up to five years or a fine up to $5,000.

Players in "Maple Story" raise and manipulate digital images called "avatars" that represent themselves, while engaging in relationships, social activities and fighting against monsters and other obstacles.

The woman used login information she got from the 33-year-old office worker when their characters were happily married, and killed the character. The man complained to police when he discovered that his beloved online avatar was dead.


exams are officially over.
im overjoyed :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008


i committed a sin today.

omg im a sinner now. not that i wasnt one before but uhhhs, nevermind. i dont really feel guilty though. i need to go for confession soon. well, only God and i know what it is. and also a third party, Christianne Melody.
*you better not say anything about it.

anyways, im freeeeeeeeee ! :)
exams are finally over. theres still Sivik and PJK but who cares no one's gonna study for that bahh. at least i dont have to worry about failing this or that subject and no need to wait for time to pass and do nothing but daydream. my holiday starts tmr at noon. its gonna be all the way until 2nd January 2009. im still going to school though but NO MORE STUDY. woohooo~

and also a very special thanks to Miss Melody. because of that, this post is specially dedicated to Y-O-U. here are some words of appreciation from me :
thanks for keeping me company this morning. thank you so much for today. if it werent for you i think i'd be stressing all the way cause of the friggin exam. i also appreciate all that youve done and im very sorry for troubling you too. youre the best :D
btw, i'd also like to take this chance to wish you
**not in a lesbian way okay?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

one more day

today's exam was okay lar.
finished EST jst in time.
i didnt have much idea for the essay lor.
and its Physics tomorrow.
i cant wait to get over with it.

this Friday we're having Sivik and PJK.
as you know its two very UNimportant subject.
no need to study for that two subjects lor.
jst use common sense jiu enough liao.
hahah and after that im gonna be freeeeeee ! :)

Wait wait wait,
got one thing at my MSN,
deng deng deng !
Darling's msn name : OnlyYuu
I put : OnlyVian
so sweet hor?
and of course will know you happy de
thats why i put it lor ^^
now we both have the same msn name liao =P
(haha i copy how you write)

* another 20 more hours and i'll be free like a bird liao ~~
** my blog's time is like 20 minutes slower i think.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Bab 6 : Pembentukan Kerajaan Islam Dann Sumbangannya.

Apakah maksud konsep Khalifah?
- Khalifah dalam bahasa Arab bererti pengganti. Dalam konteks tersebut pengganti Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. akan memerintah dan mentadbir kerajaan Islam.
- Khalifah dalam konteks agama bermaksud tanggungjawab memelihara kemurnian Islam dan blablabla...etc.

its Sejarah tmr and im actly very very lazy to study. you know lar, its not really an important subject. im only trying to study this is because 98% i dont listen to the teacher during Sejarah class. im blur about this whole subject and last summative i failed Sejarah =(

oh wont someone pray for me? and wish me luck too of course. haha btw, i realized one thing. my English is getting worse and worse. i think maybe cause of all the Taiwan dramas lately and i i mostly speak chinese now? and since the week before my exam, i think ive only spoken chinese. maybe a few words of BM and English but 99.8% i spoke chinese. @@


Monday, October 20, 2008


Chemistry was kinda sorta okay but not so okay.
its Maths Paper I&II and EST Paper II tmr.
omg i havent even started studying.
i guess i got bored of studying and i havent enjoyed enough yet.
come on, there was a one week break last week.
so you cant blame me =P

and as you know lately ive been addicted to Jay Chou
so like ive been searching many2 info[s] about his new album,
and some other stuffs about him.
his album came out on the 15th of this month and its not out in Miri yet i suppose.
what a lousy place, boo you ~
so anyways, ive found some people commenting on his new album.
*(its from a forum somewhere in his website i think)
im gonna post it out below and for those who wants to buy his album,
you can decide on how to save money after you read this :)

by zaizai

track 1- Nice start to the album. Rocking song to get it going, somehow i feel there's a darkmagic side to this song. Cool 4/5

Track 2- I would say this is one of the more classic jay songs. Nice RnB style. Lyrics are meaningful too. I especially loved the last part of the song- the rap. Reminded me of qingtian's rap at the end too 4/5

Track 3- Nice snake music, but not to my liking 2/5

track 4- The instruments in this song kinda puts me off, especially for the starting. Singing starts off well, but Jay seems to be struggling in the chorus. More of a yi lu xiang bei song. 3/5

Track 5- loved this. Funky, sexy, like omg. 4/5

Track 6- Starting of the song was like Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding. But its a better one(less shouting). Piano ballads like this make me go silent 5/5

Track 7- Ok his classic zong guo feng style. I loved the erhus(makes my hair stand), but I prefer a lighter sounding song. The chorus shldn't be so heavy. But still, nice. The girly sound is amazing. 4/5

Track 8- Gary and him. Nice funk. 3/5

Track 9- His classic track 9 songs, originating with yuan you hui, then ma ya tang, then mi die xiang then tian tian de, and now this. Brightens my day with his doraemon. 5/5

Track 10- The clown laughing is hilarious. Makes me wanna dance, has the style of mi die xiang. 4/5

Track 11- well this is a breakthrough. lyrics and music.. aww. simplest of simplest music. beautiful. I wld prefer if other songs had simpler instruments like this too 5/5

I feel that this album has more jay-roots song. That's why i loved it. I put it just behind ye hui mei.

by JayChou4eva

Here's my review


1. Dragon Warrior
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Not the best album starter IMO compared to some of his other albums. I still like this song a lot though, very powerful and a suitable beginning to this particular album. I especially like the pre-chorus and chorus. Good use of electric guitar.


2. Give me the time for a song
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: JayChou

This is a very nice 'classic' jay song. Really like the backing vocals in the chorus and that synthesizer in the background. Jay's signature woo's come back here. The only criticism I have for this song is that sometimes the lyrics don't sound very good together with the line of melody, and the bridge is a little bit weak compared with his chorus and verses.

3.7/5 Good melody. Not a memorable song but.

3. Snake Dance
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Huang Jun Lang

I was very surprised to find out that Jay's track 3 song was this song, since usually his track 3's are zhong guo feng style songs. At first when I heard this song, I was disappointed astonished , sounds like sort of a worse repeat of Ben Cao Gan Mu. After a few more plays, I started to like it. The verses sounds a bit headachey, but I really like the chorus, which sounded like a combination of Ben Cao Gan Mu (with the instruments) and Twilight's Chapter Seven (with girl singing main line and Jay rapping in background). However this song still remains the weak link in the album for me. I like the use of Indian elements though.


4. Hai Hua
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Gu Xiaoli, Huang Ling Jia

Good, solid piano ballad. I like the sound of the guitar (?) and pan flute sounds put together. When I first heard it, I thought his voice was breaking in the middle of the choruses, but later I found out that it was a special technique called yodeling, which was supposed to be very difficult to do.

4.2/5. Definitely in my top 5.

5. Mo Fu Xian Sheng
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang

I love the bit from cowboy is busy in this song! And the intro is really funny, the piano accompaniment sounds like something from the 1910's like raggae, or Broadway, especially in the instrumental section bit after the first chorus! So funny. However the whole song itself is a bit too strange for me to bear. But- but Jay's voice is just so CUTE in this! inlove Such a bright chorus

6. Shuo Hao De Xin Fu
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang

Another Jay ballad. This song is more emotional than the other ballads on this album

3.8/5. There was nothing very spectacular about song, but Jay Chou sung it nicely and expressed the sadness very well in his voice.

7. Lan Ting Xu
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Very good composing in this song. However, not the best of his zhong guo feng songs. I felt that his chorus was a bit too loud and rough for my liking eusa_snooty , however this was leveled by the beauty of the verses, which were arranged very well IMO.


8. Wandering Poet
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Gary again features in this song. I love the feeling of this piece, Jay introduces yet another style into his songs, has a lazy feeling from the use of the harmonica. Taiwanese (?) is also used, and makes the song sound very good, very relaxed and casual. I like the verses, esp. Gary's part. Only problem is that the song is too short.


9. Time Machine
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Vincent Fang
This is my third favourite song out of the entire album. I love the beginning of it, and it is so innocent sounding. Plus the lyrics sound really good. Very funny mv, with the doraemon theme


10. Uncle Jack
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Huang Jun Lang
My second favourite song. I love the wicked laugh at the beginning, somehow it humorises the evil darkness of the Joker. The verses fade well into the choruses. I feel that the mixing and arranging was done very well. I like the lyrics.


11. Dao Xiang
Composed: Jay Chou Lyrics: Jay Chou

Just the name itself already makes me give it full marks. I love the simplicity and the tenderness of it. The tune is very easy to listen to and the chorus is so sweet and happy, Jay does a good job of singing in this song. I also really like the unexpected pause in the middle of it as it adds interest to the piece and sort of makes the listener be more alert.

Music aside, Jay Chou really has made a breakthrough in terms of lyrics. His words are so meaningful, and bring happiness to anyone who hears this (this is true, I made my friend listen to it after her boyfriend dumped her, and gave her a copy of the lyrics cos she couldn't read Chinese, and she said it made her feel better. Kudos to jay,)

5/5. Most outstanding song of the album IMO. kaosclapping

3.3+4.2+2.2+3.7+3+3.8+3.5+3.3+4.8+5+5= 41.8/55
Av- 3.8/5 = 76% = 8/10 (rounding up)

Looks as though this album had a much better ending than start. The ordering of the songs was also very different. Some songs sounded the same as older songs such as Shuo Hao De Xin Fu/Xin Yu, Dragon Warrior/Golden Armour. But I like this album a LOT. Nothing can ever beat Qi Li Xiang though. Nothing. EVER. Well, maybe some future Jay album, but Capricorn doesn't. No offence.

by PinkDagger

I don't know if I want to rate it in numbers yet. I usually need time to let songs grow on me before I can establish whether they did well in my mind or not.

- Dragon Warrior
I really like the sound of this. It has this epic intro that reminds me of a movie soundtrack, and I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing for people, but I think it's really neat. It's catchy and, well... epic!
- Give Me Time For A Song
I agree with JayChou4Eva that this song isn't the most memorable, but it is quite soothing. I don't really have much to say about it.
- Snake Dance
I instantly fell in love with this song the second I heard it (pitifully, as a leak). I thought "this is the sexiest sounding song ever!" I totally love the beat and how smooth his voice sounds rapping to it. I usually don't like songs with a similar sound to this, but I don't know why this one is different. It sounds.. hot. Haha.
- Ocean of Flowers
I love the sound of this in contrast to songs like Snake Dance. It reminds me of some of Jay's music that first attracted me; really soft, but growingly powerful and just sweet sounding.
- Mr. Magic
WAY CUTE! I love it!! It's so happy and out-there. I was one of the massive fans of Cowboy on the Run, so this caught my attention right away, and I love that he evens add a little of the cowboy in there. I could just see him prancing around in cute little overalls with a huge grin on his face. happy
- Where is the Happiness We Were Promised
Jeeze, the tone changes so much from one track to another, aha. I really like this song. The lyrics begin so, so sadly and the melody is so soft and relaxing. It sounds to me like his voice is really infused with emotion and I find that hits home really well to pull listeners in, too.
- Orchid Pavilion
I think it's erhu at the beginning? Whatever instrument it is, I love the tone it sets. I like the cascading of notes it does every now and then. It's very peaceful and regardless of how it compares to Jay's other Zhongguo feng songs, does well establishing that feeling.
- Homeless Poet
This song sound so smooth and jazzy, and then picks it up later on with some guitar. He and Gary sound so sly when they sing solo.
- Time Machine
I thought his idea behind this was so adorable. I believe in an interview, he said he'd love to travel back in time and be able to do things like find his childhood dog who'd run away. <3>- Uncle Joker
When it comes to the aura of the song, it's not the most attractive to me until it hits the chorus. I like the melody over the rap. It does a good job of portraying this eerie kind of evil though.
- Fragrant Rice
Alright, so who
doesn't like this song? It's nostalgic, it's calming, it's innocent, and it sounds very nice and natural. Very, very cute.

by banana_splitz

1. Dragon Warrior- 3.5/5
Strong use of instruments reminiscent to Huo Yuan Jia w/chinese feel kaosdj

crazy 2. Give me the time for a song 3.75/5
I would catergorise this piece in the classic-jay-true-rnb section, along with Wu Bu Pei and Xing Qing, etc. Nothing particularly special, but has a very nice melody and beat

3. Snake Dance 2.5/5
I really like this idea of Indian music fusion thing going on there, but the song just doesnt work for me.
HATE that high voice in the chorus, but hopefuly this will be one of those songs that grow on you, like Lan Se Feng Bao

4. Hua Hai 4/5
Jay does this song justice in terms of singing. Bravo on the yodeling.

5. Mr Magic 4/5
One word- CUTE.

6. Where is the Promised Happiness? 3.5/5
Again, very beautiful ballad, Jay expresses the emotions wonderfully, but nothing special here.

7. Orchid Pavillion 3.9/5
Not his best zhongguofeng style song, however nice arrangment of sounds. The thing i like best about this song is the name

8. Wandering Poet 4.25/5
I LOVE the mix of taiwanese and mandorin, Gary's voice complements this song very well with Jays. Nice relaxed feeling Thumbs UP! dancingkaos

9. Time Machine 4/5
I just LOVE the mv, it made the song better IMO

10. Uncle Jack. 3.9
This song was very very good, that laugh at the beginning and throughout the song just got to me em64

11 Dao Xiang 6/5
I think that we can all agree that this was the best song on the album. For me its one of Jays breakthrough songs! WOOT, GO JAY
*waves jay banner in the air*

Overall- 7/10 YAY Good work Jay!! kaosclapping

so heres what 4 fans think about his album overall.
and from what they wrote, Dao Xiang's the best song
and i totally agree with that.
you guys should go listen to that song.
its highy recommended.
and try to find the lyrics too if you dont mind.
its meaningful :)

ps: you can jst ignore the emoticon thingy. i jst copied bulat2 from the website. heheh

Sunday, October 19, 2008


okay so im supposed to study Chemistry right now.
not that im not studying or anything, but im bored of reading.
so uhh, while studying, i also did some online-ing
and heres some pictures to see. :)

a very "unexpected" album cover

and below is Fahrenheit aka 飞轮海 in Malaysia

and thats all for now. need to continue to bia my Chemistry now. ciao ~

Saturday, October 18, 2008


another ordinary day.
nothing much happened.
well, only that i cried quite alot today.
why? cause of the tv shows.
idk why but lately ive been crying alot when watching tv.
this morning i watched the X Family on Shuang Xing and i cried.
then jst now when watching The Big Give on Hallmark, i cried again.
apuuuuu. something is wrong with me ==

oh and i went to _ today for _.
got to meet _ and as i was leaving _ wished me luck in my exam.
omgggg i so cannot believe _ would say that.

anyways, im more and more addicted to Jay's songs.
hopefully i'll be able to get all his songs soon :)
well, off to study and sleeping in a bit.
need to wake up extra early tmr. goodnight :\

Friday, October 17, 2008


went to Jingwood Cafe for dinner jst now.
if not mistaken, i think i saw _ thr.
err, i dont remember his name though :x
after that we went Parkson a while.
the moment i stepped out of the car, i went straight to Speedy.
and uhhh, Jay's album is delayed. omg
well, i didnt think of buying it though but i really wanted to look at it.
last night i asked mummy to give me his album as a Christmas present.
and as usual she didnt even react to it -__________________-"
pffffffffffft. but i dont think i have any chance of getting his album lor.
and im quite sure that its gonna be expensive.
at least around RM59.90? or more than that maybe?
and i still cant believe that its delayed lar.
so many people buying it in Taiwan/China until out of stock? @@

btw, was watching 8864 jst now and guess what?
Fahrenheit's already in Malaysia? wtf..
i thought their concert's next month?
how come suddenly come here today?
aduhh or maybe theyre coming again next month.
hmm, seems impossible ler.

ah well, im gonna get some beauty sleep now.
cant concentrate on studying at all.
and ive got a show to catch tmr morning.
so ciao and goodnight people :)


dont know when i'll get my chance to go on a Ferris Wheel.
its really pretty esp when you ride on it in the evening or at night.
ive never really gotten a chance to go sit on a big Ferris Wheel.
those in the ang mo places have like the biggest ones ever.
and its so high up that when you reach the top,
the people below become as small as ants. hahah
and riding the Ferris Wheel is like a romantic thing :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


i think my blog's gonna turn into a Jay Chou blog.
hahah everything is about him lately.
oh oh and his album is officially out.
i think i wanna buy the original disc this time :)
Jay Chou Jay Chou Jay Chou.
hes like a big influence to me again.
not only me but also to millions of other people in this world.
and i must say that his songs are totally awesome.
oh and i read this article this morning and it really is touching.
well the part about his fan falling into coma that is.

It's rare for Jay Chou to hold an autograph and singing session, yesterday Xi Men Ding was packed full with 5000 fans, his latest album has broken 90 thousand copies pre-ordered. It's surpassed the record of "Common Jasmin Orange", he was very touched by it, he was eager to share his new songs with the fans, as autographs were being signed they generously played one of the songs. A group of female fans from Poland appeared, they held up a banner saying "Jay, we invite you to Poland!", they also hummed "Fragrant Rice", he said smiling: "This makes me think of Chopin."

The fan Liu Yan Lin who fell into a coma after a car accident would only respond to Jay Chou's songs in the past, with the caring of Jay Chou, her condition gradually got better, yesterday she appeared at the autograph and singing session accompanied by her mother, seeing her able to walk on her own, Jay Chou clearly expressed his thoughts, he was surprised and happy with the miracle.

its like although she had coma, every time she heard Jay Chou's songs her eyelids would flicker. cant believe that her miraculous recovery was due to listening to Jay Chou's song. so now you see how big of an influence his songs can be? hahah and this one part below also the same.
*Li Si Duan is a reporter, i think. lols

When they talked about Jay Chou giving Li Si Duan a signed poster, Li Si Duan smiled saying his daughter worshipped Jay Chou a lot, she'll listen to whatever Jay Chou says, Jay Chou immediately wrote on the poster "Listen To Your Parents", Li Si Duan smiled saying he was going to use the poster as a family instruction.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


it jst stopped raining.
and all that ive listened to this whole morning
is none other than Jay Chou.
since i woke up until now, my mind somehow couldnt stop wondering.
the tears are like lining up behind my eyeballs
and getting ready to roll down my cheeks.
i think my jiwang mode is back on.
luckily next week its still exam week.
i dont have to talk much then.
and after exams straight away im gonna take leave from school.
maybe about a week?
after that then maybe go back school to take my exam papers.
i wanna try to talk as little as possible.
to avoid __ and __.
i think, starting now im gonna try to talk less.
unless its about interesting stuffs like Taiwan dramas :)
since i like to think so much, ive decided to give my mind a chance.
a chance to think until my head explodes. bahhh ~

and Jay Chou, i loveeeeeee your songs :D
i heard that his album's out today?
i wanna buy an original copy this time lar.
if not mistaken, got a 2009 calender included.
and it looks superly cool.

oh and i like the picture at the top.
the one where the shoeless lady is drawing hearts on the road.
its really pretty lor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself:

(1.) im crazy in love with Joe <3
(2.) i talk to myself. well not always.
(3.) i have weird moodswings.
(4.) im very addicted to the computer. you see, whenever im at home, i'll always be stuck to the comp. its like my life depends on it or sth.
(5.) i think alot and i seriously mean ALOT. esp when it comes to ____.
(6.) i always dream about getting to know _ more and be good _ so that he'll bring me to _ to meet _. which of course will never ever happen.
(7.) im jealous of some people who have so much $$ that even when theyre stupid, they still can get into uni without problem.
(8.) i seriously hate hate hate lizards. they are icky and yucky and very disgusting to even look at.
(9.) my favorite numbers are 12 and 99
(10.) although i like many2 colors, blue will always be my favorite =)
(11.) im loving Jay Chou's song ALOT. its highly recommended.
(12.) i think that sometimes being alone isnt bad at all.
(13.) i dont have a best friend.
(14.) i cannot live without music. listening to songs is a must for me.
(15.) i cant wake up late. idk why but seriously, no matter how late i sleep, the latest would be like 9am? ive tried to sleep until 10am[ive woken up few times in between] and i had this huge headache.

well, im done already. though i think they should put like 20 instead of 15. hahah
btw, im not gonna tag anyone this time. so if you see this and feel like doing, then go ahead. ^^


its the second day of PMR.
and also the second day of my one week holiday.
the other day mummy was asking about PMR,
and i jst remembered that a year ago, the exam had already ended.
and it was when i started my drama marathon.
which in the end didnt turn out as expected
cause i was aiming to watch like 15-20 dramas?
but in the end only watched 10 of it.
well, the first one i watched was KO One.
and the continuation which was X Family.
and i remember that i also watched It Started With A Kiss.
at first i watched it cause Jiro was one of the main actors
and Ya Lun was one of the supporting actors.
who knew, when i started to watch it i got addicted.
i watched it all day and all night.
and guess what? i fell in love.
oh yes, i fell in love with the main actor of the drama, Joe Cheng :)
and what made me love him more was that hes as tall as daddy,
which is jst right for me. ahahaha.
but anyways, that was Oct '07 and now its already Oct '08.
and i realize that its already been a year.
and im still loving him. woooots
and in this one year he had his hairstyle changed.

from It Started With A Kiss ..

to They Kiss Again ..

both pictures taken with Ariel Lin. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

if not mistaken Jay Chou's album is out.
omg and ive found the real tracklist.
cause the album was leaked even before it was out.
and there were many fake song names.
hah at least ive got the very real one.
and im gonna download all his songs :)

oh and theres this new song by SHE.
Jay composed that song and the title is 安静了.
the moment i saw it i was like "oh my gosh, the title. omg omg omg".
and when i heard it, it was even more omg.
why? because its like almost the same as Jay's original song 安静.
i cant believe it lar. how much i loved that song.
and Jay go compose another one similar to it. @@
anyways, it doenst sound that bad so its okay lar.
hahah and the new song by SHE + Fahrenheit is nice.
woooosh, so many new songs bahh.
so im very busy going online lately to find the songs.
luckily i have one week off this week. hehehe

ps: im not done searching for the songs.
pps: yesterday, some few stuffs happened. so like im kinda tired already.

so yeah, ciao people. need to go listen to Jay and take a rest :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


so its the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang this morning. its my first time attending this thing. can say quite excited also lar. plus, Michelle's there so its much better. students are supposed to reach like before 7am and i reached about 5 minutes after 7am ler. hahah sorry Mich for making you wait so long. so we went in, then took our seats and waited for things to start. Siew Siew was sitting between me and Michelle. at first they changed place but my Cikgu Azilah like move back the position. hahah the VIP's arrived on time today. then everything started. hmm, it was okay lor. Lee Kim Shin was there for 2 hours, which is counted as okay liao since hes always very busy. then when it was my turn to take the certificate, it was my uncle's brother, Raymond Sim that gave it to me instead of the YB. the thingy was supposed to end at 12pm but it finished at 10.30am instead :) it was a good morning i guess. had the chance to use the new camera too. and Mr. Charlton's really cute lar :P

ps: that Jay Chou song, i downloaded it at around 1.30pm yesterday afternoon, and until now, ive listened to it for like 78 times already. hahah im gonna aim for 1000+ jst like Wo Bu Pei.

Friday, October 10, 2008



its daddy dearest's birthday today. went to celebrate at Imperial Restaurant there. supposed to be only my family. then suddenly got my grandma, cousin and two aunts. wooosh, cant believe that daddy's one year older already. sorry that i didnt buy you anything this year. only shared money with mummy to buy you gift. and its not even my own money =( jst hope that you will be "长命白岁" [is this how you write it? or got error?]. may God bless you always. I LOVE YOU DADDY <3
btw, heres a birthday song for you =)


ps: its Wu Chun's birthday too. so Happy Birthday to you too. hope that this year you'll enjoy yrself more as youre celebrating it in Brunei with yr family :)
pps: its Taiwan's national day today also.
ppps: Happy Birthday to Boniface !


ive got Jay Chou's new song already ! :)
now, im jst waiting for his new album then go download all the songs :) :)
woooosh, im like so in love with his songs again lar :) :) :)
his songs are definitely very highly recommended :) :) :) :)
seriously, if i have 10 thumbs, i'd give his songs all 10 thumbs up :) :) :) :) :)

p/s: there was this huge scene during roll call today. hahah to everyone who were there, you should know what happened this morning.hes such an ass to shout like orang gila bahh.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


ohh i saw CS this morning in the car. lucky much? woooots.
and i still cannot believe that he follow her car to school everyday.
and he reminds me of year end 2006 when i had holiday course in Oxford.
that time was the best. no stress at all.
only laughing and having fun everyday.
i remember during BM class, me and Jia Tian used to look at CS all the time.
and he only took BM class. which is a sad thing lor.
i could only see him on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays.
one and a half hour each day, four hours each week.
and i remembered Maths class too.
Pricilla, Me, Joel and Ivan.
jst the four of us sitting in front of the teacher.
everyday talk and laugh and talk and laugh.
that time i really was happy. i really was glad.
i didnt have much problems back then.
in fact, i didnt have any problems at all.
ahhh, how i wish i could turn back time.
go back to the start, back to before my troubles began.
and i'd love to re-live those days.
the days of happiness and laughter.
i remember being much of a jovial kinda bright cheery person.
but now, *pooof* ive changed. @@

oh well, tmr we're having the raptai thingy.
omg im so not looking forward to it.
and theres English Paper I too.
im scared i dont have enough time to finish both essays.
hmmm, the first one is informal letter.
so should be okay? but the second essay bahh.
the very important essay.
i dont think i can make it in time.
oh people, do pray for me. pretty please? :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i cant concentrate on studying moral lar.
all i did was read english literature.
its like sooooo much more interesting than moral.

uhhhs, and i jst realize one thing.
my blog is empty.
i mean it feels empty cause its missing something.
and the missing part of my blog is of course . . .


cause i havent posted up his picture for quite some time already. no wonder my blog's been kinda weird lately. omg i miss him so much. ive been so so busy nowadays that i dont even have time to think about lotsa stuffs. and one of those "stuffs" is HIM. *lets out a sigh of relief* at least it feels complete now :D

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


oh am geeeeeee.
i totally flunked my Biology exam this morning.
all my hard work came to almost a waste.
not like i really did work so hard for it though *ooops*
but i really wanted to good for this exam you know.
and its like the FINAL exam already bah.
uhhs, if only the exam was on Monday, maybe i'd studied more.
plus, i had my period yesterday so like my studying mood was gone.
Paper I was still okay. then Paper III i lost 16% for the report part and Paper II, it was kinda okay but not really okay.
@@ they shouldve put the Bio exam either yesterday or next next week bah.
since ive got one week of during PMR, still got time to get on the study mode and really study.
bahh, its BM tmrw and im not gonna do anything about it.
its either im gonna fail but almost pass or jst ngam2 pass.
oh well, i think im gonna go find a corner, sit there and think about how badly i did today.

but before i go, Happy Birthday Jessica ! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


it was windy at Sunday School this morning.
somehow during class, it felt as if my whole self was there but my mind was somewhere else.
images started to appear in my mind as Uncle John was talking in front of the class.
luckily there was Praise and Worship.
only then that my mind came back to me.
oh and i fell in love with the first song we sang when we went into the hall.
didnt manage to ask for the title but i hope i'll find it soon :)

gosh, final exams starts tomorrow. nervous much? heck yeah.
this time im really gonna stop myself from doing what i love most,
switch on the computer and listen to songs while online-ing.
gonna try to study without music this time.
hope i dont fall asleep too soon though. hahah

ps: do pray for me. i really wanna do good this time. jst to show daddy and mummy that i did put in some effort in studying and that ive sacrificed not touching the computer at all.
pps: i think my brain's about to turn into goo. dammit.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


oooh, i jst realized that i cant go and read my older posts. in my blog that is.
there isnt any archive thingy at all. which is lousy but good actly.
so all the ass things that ive written, you b*tches do not have a chance of reading what i wrote before.
not like i write bad things but who knows, i might do that one day.
OR on a second thought,
i might try to to create a space for my archives in case you missed out on sth interesting.

anyways, daddy is still sick lar =(
hope he gets better soon enough.
his birthday is coming also.
he should be healthy and strong, not sick and weak.

and btw, exams in 2 days. dammit.
Add Maths is first day again.
how can they do this?
im supposed to die halfway through the exams.
NOT dying on the first day. bahhhh ~

Award Winning Blog :)

Ive jst received and award from Miss Christianne Melody. Thanks for the award. First of all, i would like to thank God for letting me live up to today. I would also like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. And also i'd like to thank myself for making this blog... blahblahh. [LOL i sound like im getting some big award]

What is Brilliant Weblog?

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Here are the rules to follow:
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As per the rules I would like to pass this award to my fellow lucky bloggers mentioned below:

i) Abel Wong

ii) Joan Yang

iii) Ee Xin

iv) Kristine Wong

v) Siok Ngi

vi) Jessica Voon

vii) Flora Wong

Friday, October 3, 2008


uhhhs, i hate it when i cannot wake up late.
its the holidays man. goshh
you know, its like 9am right now
and i was hoping i could like at least wake up at 10am?
bahhh somehow since young ive always woken up early.
well, thrs once when i was six, i remember sleeping at 3am and i woke up at 10.30am?
yeah, that was the only time ive woken up so late.
other than that, during the holidays, its either five or six.
but lately ive been waking up at seven or if im really tired then eight.
if you want me to sleep until 9am also hard. dammit.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


woke up around seven this morning.
daddy isnt feeling well =(
Vallamy had this tuition function thingy at Tanjung in the morning.
so the three of us went without him.
the thingy started at 8.30am and we were there on time.
our breakfast was the butter milk and red bean bun from Sau Pau Cafe.
then the kids took a group photo and started their games.
boy, this morning the beach was really very windy.
my hair was almost blown away when i was at the Jetty with mummy.
on the way down the Jetty, i saw this two dudes.
they looked like they were gay and theyre so cute together.
haha the were both linking hands and walking slowly up the Jetty.
then daddy came for a while and left to work.
it was a good day actly cause i was walking and talking with mummy.
guess what? we actly had a good chat this morning.
and no, we didnt argue at all.
not even once the whole morning there i guess.
hope this can continue until forever lor.
i seriously cant stand argue-ing with her like almost every single day of our lives.
the ending of almost every argument aint pretty at all. and that sucks big time.
anyways, we left as soon as they gave out our lunches.
went back home and then went out again to go bai nian.
Vallamy didnt wanna follow so she was home alone.
went all the way to Senadin there and some of the workshop dudes went also.
there were like 10 dudes and 2 ladies squeezing in the van. haha
after taking our "free lunch" we went back home.
i guess thats all thats happened.
cause after we came home, all i did was online, sleep and play. lols
btw, here are some pics taken this morning :)