Friday, November 26, 2010


the exams are over. the semester is over. everything else is over.

i can finally close all my books and throw my notes aside already. goodbye schooldays and hello holidays. ahhh, three months. i know that it's normal for every student to be thrilled that school's out and holidays are in. but seriously, i don't think i'm that excited at all. i mean, it's only the second day of holidays and i'm already missing school. lmao i know, you must be thinking "what the heck is wrong with this girl". but frankly speaking, i do miss school. i guess it's cause i've been spending lots of time with my classmates and that bond we share is getting stronger and stronger. especially between the five of us. you know who you are. :) and during the holidays, everyone's gonna go back to their own hometown. since most of my classmates are not local. sad but what to do? i can't stop them from going back right?

ahhh, three months. wonder what i'll become by the end of the holidays. it's either i've grown a garden full of mushrooms or i've already died from boredom. i was actually thinking of getting a job but i'm plain lazyyyyyyy. D: but i can't be so lazy bahh. i'm gonna go get myself a part time job. and hopefully i don't have to work until the sun goes down. and i don't wanna work everyday. lmao i think i'll go search for one once i'm done doing nothing at home. :P

Monday, November 22, 2010



i am so effing glad that i'm done with the exams. but i am kinda sad too cause i didn't do well at all. i hope i don't fail this unit at all. i seriously do not want to repeat it. i wanna graduate from foundation and move up to degree! *shows determined face

anyways, i'll be having economics exam tomorrow. somehow i'm starting to feel lazy. not a good thing pls. i wanna get my studying mode on and do my best for this unit. i know i can score for this. a P should be no problem i guess but i wanna aim for D. and this time, i'm more determined. lol after economics exam, i'd need to study for maths and also malaysian studies. and after 2pm on wednesday, i can seriously run to the lake behind G3(since my exam location is there) and screaaaaaaam. :D

can't wait for the exams to be over and i'll be free. gonna go play with mah friends and have fun. but for now, i gotta focus on my economics. wanna do good for this unit. so yeah, toodles!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


tomorrow is the day. accounting 062 will be the first paper. and surprisingly, i am kinda glad about it. wanna know why? just because i want to get over with this paper asap. i seriously cannot wait for the exam to end so i can just jump for joy and continue to study for the other three units. but i am glad also that by today, i have finished reading four chapters of accounting. i kinda lost my bank reconciliation lecture notes but that's okay. will go download it from moodle later to read. now, i'm gonna go through chapter one, two, three and four just to refresh my mind of what we've been learning in the past few months. honestly, until now i still can't really memorize the formats for the income statements and stuff. i'm still kinda bad at differentiating what should go where and this and that. hopefully by tomorrow i'll get everything into my brain and sit for the exams without much problems. my target for this unit is just a pass and nothing more. i'd be happy to get a P for this but i don't wanna be so greedy. besides, accounting is so not my thing. so i doubt that i'll be doing any good for this unit at all. lol

so yeah, all the best to every foundation student who's gonna sit for their exams tomorrow. let's diestrive for the best together! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


exams in three days. accounting exam in three days. gonna die in three days.

still friggin blur with accounting. thank goodness June and Gary taught me the last two chapters yesterday. now i'm kinda determined to continue studying for the other two chapters that wasn't covered in the assessment and midterm. after i'm done with these four chapters, then i think i'll proceed to read through the front chapters. and after that, i think i'm ready to hit either P or if possible, C for this unit. wish me luck people. :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


at first it was friggen hot. then suddenly, the wind is starting to become really strong. now the sky is half bright and half dark. i wonder what's going on with the weather lately. :\ seriously hope that it's not the end of the world. lol jk *slaps mouth* touch wood touch wood. i don't want the world to end now. not when i'm alone at home and my parents and sister are nowhere near me. *think too much*

anyways, half the morning is gone and i'm still doing nothing. i mean, my accounting textbook and notes are all in front of me right now but i don't seem to be motivated at all to even read it. i even thought of putting this aside to study for maths first. ughh and my head hurts. not liking it at all. it totally took away my accounting studying mood. about an hour ago, i was like searching for some old clothes that i hardly wear anymore and felt like wearing it. so i went to dig all the un-ironed clothes and found some of the tees that i haven't worn in ages. lol then after that my dad came back and i went downstairs to talk to him and look for food. and now i'm back upstairs, i start googling for things. =______________="

can somebody please save me? i seriously do not think i can study for this unit at all. seriously no motivation and i don't know anything about this unit. besides, if there is anything i don't understand, there's nobody for me to ask you know. oh goshh i feel hopeless. but i should not lose hope so fast. i've already given up facebook to study, so i should just continue on right? oh Lord, please guide me through and let me pass this unit. *shows the kelian face* :(

oh and one thing, Twitter is seriously being a bitch right now. my internet connection has already been bitchy the past few days, but now Twitter too? wtheck? it kept showing "Sorry! You've reached the hourly usage limit. Try again soon". very very annoying pls. it's like i want to tweet but i can't. bahh, i think i should go do some mathsaccounting now. XD


firstly, i wanna announce to the whole wide world that i woke up at 8am today. i know it's nothing special but seriously, i've been waking up at three or four in the morning for the past two and a half weeks. so i'm really proud of myself right now. lmao but then, i did wake up several times before the sun came up. so anyways, i'm not going to campus today since it's a public holiday and the library is closed. will be studying at home then. gonna go again tomorrow and hopefully, i'll get to learn some accounting. because seriously, up until now, i have NOT touched any accounting things at all. only studied for economics and commerce maths. i even have more motivation to study for malaysian studies more than accounting. how sad is that? ughh :( i really hope i can pass this unit. i do not want to retake this anymore next semester and i do not want to see the lecturer anymore too. lol

p/s: to anyone who's reading this right now, please please pray that i pass my finals next week kay? THANK YOU :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


good morning y'all. i feel good. got the studying mood right when i woke up this morning. :) hope i can really study hard for my finals next week. i seriously do not want to fail any of the units i'm taking this semester. if i do, i won't be able to go to degree next year. and i don't wanna be slower than my classmates. to anyone who reads this, do pray for me alright? i suck big time in accounting and maths. but i think maths should be okay since i did keep up with it but for accounting, i have been blur since the very first class this sem. i don't get anything at all and i never know what the lecturer is teaching :\ so yeah, you can see that i'm really desperate here. lmao

and one thing, i deactivated my facebook account last night. hope i can survive until after the exams. lol but i think it's okay since the main reason i login to facebook is to talk to my darling. and since she's got twitter now, we can just talk there. no need to go to facebook anymore. besides, twitter is just as addictive as facebook ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010


exams in a week! i can't seem to concentrate on studying. especially when my lappy is in front of me. lol but at least i managed to almost finish reading economics. you know, this morning i told myself that i want to study either accounting or maths in campus today and brought all my notes. so i was going to campus feeling kinda excited to study for something which is not economics. but then, when we went to library, i saw that one of my classmates brought his economics notes and guess what? i ended up studying for economics again. the whole day. =____________=" like wtheck? i'm supposed to be studying for something else. not economics again. lol not that i can guarantee get good results for studying economics so much but at least i took the time to read and sort of understand it.

ah well, i'm doing my maths revision exercise now. just because the revision class is tomorrow. another last minute work. but that's okay. as long as i did my work, that's enough. and accounting, i think i'll study for it tomorrow morning. since i'm already sleepy and i haven't even started with the exercise. just went through the questions only. lmao

Saturday, November 13, 2010


haven't been blogging lately. guess i'm too busy to update. well, now that all my assignments are done, i have to prepare for my final exams. it's in one week and i have four units to cover. of which two of the units, i have totally no idea what it is about. and the other two, i have to keep up and keep reading/doing exercises. lol hope i can get through with the finals asap. all i want is to pass, and if possible, get good results and enjoyyyyyyy.

then again, i'm not really looking forward to the holidays cause everyone's going back to their own hometown and it'll be boring. two and a half months. what can i do? i wanna work but i don't want a full time job. i want a part time one. maybe a weekend job or something. cause i don't want to overtire myself. and i got a lot of things to take care of. things like my skin, my face, my hair, my room, everything. i'm gonna do a huge spring cleaning, do masks, and wear long sleeves clothes when i go out just so i don't become darker. rofl

i'm looking forward to chinese new year too. i wanna get lots and lots of hong bao. aiming for RM1000 next year. hopefully i can do it. *crosses fingers* ahh, i miss the chinese new year food so much. and speaking of chinese new year, i kinda miss my grandma. it's been more than a year since she left and things have been really different. we hardly have family gatherings anymore. :( it's like the moment she left, my childhood left with her too. and my cousin in ipoh too. she passed away in february earlier this year. i miss her too. especially my dad cause they were so close before. oh damn, i think i'm gonna start to cry again T_T

to be honest, i really really really miss my childhood days so much. we used to have so much gatherings together. i still remember the times where we all used to play and laugh and talk together too. it was so much fun. but now, everyone's grown up already and going their own ways. things have changed too. awwww. :'(

ah well, it's already in the past. no point writing so much cause if i did, i don't think i will ever stop writing. why? because this is only about my dad's side. there's still more on my mum's side. lol i guess i should stop now. need to go and study for my finals. will be updating again soon. or after the exams. toodles ~