Saturday, October 31, 2009

정말 스트레스입니다 .
난 도망 가고 싶어,
정말 다 지겨워 .
누군가가 날 구할 수 있습니까?
난 더 이상 참을 수 없다고 생각 .
난 잠들려고 모든 걸 잊고 싶어요. :(


Thursday, October 29, 2009

i still cannot forgive that fugly school guard for calling me "AUNTY".
whats worse, he called me that twice. grrrr ~
do i look THAT OLD?
ish ish ish, that man is blind!
next time, i'll wear my school uniform to show u that im still young.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



seriously i think i found his Facebook profile.
gosh, even i myself cant believe that he actually plays Facebook.
waaaah, imagine if he accepts my friend request
and starts talking to me(which is 110% impossible).
walao, i think i can straight away fly up to the moon eh.
omg omg omg i am feeling soooooo high rite nw.
and im like smiling non-stop at the moment.
good thing there's nobody near me nw or they'd think im insane. LOL
anyways, i never expected him to play Facebook eh.
wooooots, he even said "lately im addicted to Facebook". :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

周杰伦 & 袁咏琳 - 画沙

this song is amazing.
i meant Jay Chou's voice that is xD
he sounds reaaaaally good here man.
the moment i heard this song,
i was like "i miss his voice!". LOL
actly not bad lah this song.
jst that the Cindy girl sounds kinda err idk hw to say.
u listen to the song and u'll know what i mean.
oh btw, shes a newcomer and this is her very first song.
shes super lucky to have sung a duet with Jay Chou for her first song. ><

wu hou de feng yao huang zhi ya dou luo le sheng xia
wo dui zhe chan ren zhen shuo hua zai dui ni qian gua
wan feng qing qiao zhao hai sha lang dui ji qi wu xia
wo gen chun zhen zai bi sha ai shang ni fang bu xia

zhe feng jing ru hua (kai man feng huang feng huang hua)
yuan zi li hua sa (jiao guan zhao na zhong qing hua)
deng zui mei de wan xia deng gu shi zhang da

yong shou zhong de liu sha hua yi ge ni ya
ceng shuo guo de yong yuan wo men yi ding bu hui ca
wo de qing chun kai shi zai xuan hua
yin wei da sheng shuo ai ni er sha ya
yong shou zhong liu sha qing miao zhao ni de lian jia
ye da ying shuo hao de wei lai jue bu hui zhong hua
xu guo de cheng nuo wo jiu bu hui zai qu na
yin wei wo ai ni ya

jiang si nian ya cheng hua
you ni de ji yi gan zao cheng ping zhong sha
xiang sha lou ban xiang zhao ni di di da da
ca mei mei de zhi jia he ni pao de cha
yuan lai xing fu ke yi zhe me you ya

bu lun duo da feng sha lu duo fen cha
wo ye yi yang zhao dao ni ya
guan ta feng zen gua guan yu you zen xia
yue tong wo jiu yue lai (yue xiao sa)
bu zhai bu shu yu zi (ji de hua)
wo ai shan zhao lei guang wei ni wo ke yi dang sha gua
zhe feng ru hua (kai man feng huang feng huang hua)
yuan zi li hua sa (jiao guan zhao na zhong qing hua)
deng wo men de tong hua deng shi yan luo xia

** (x2)

super delayed tag. lol

why do you chose this photo?
because it brings back memories. memories of the past that i miss so much and really wish to go back to.
(a little cheating cause i edited a few pics and make it into one)

when is the last time you ate Pizza?
last month i think. but that time i had to share one piece with my sister.

the last song you've listened to?
光良 - 右手边

what are you doing besides answering this tag?
listening to songs and doing some english exercises.

besides your own name, how do you like ppl to call you?
ahvian. or anything nice.

do you love anyone?
yeah, i love darling Joe <3

if you were given any superpowers, what would it be?
read people's mind? yeah, that'd be cool.

do you have a brother or sister? if so, what is their name?
yeaap, a younger sister. her name's Vallamy Jane :)

what is your biggest dream?
im sure ur gonna think that its ridiculous so im not gonna tell u XD

what mobile service are you currently using?
DiGi and Celcom Xpax.

are you still studying?
for now, yes. but not anymore in about a month's time :D

what is your ambition?
*SIGH* dont wanna talk about it.

what is the closest item near you that is blue?
my pencil and towel and pencil case and blanket and mini towel. lol

when is your birthday?
12 February :D

who is the last person to text you?

what color pants are you wearing?

how much money do have in your wallet now?

pretend you’ve had 15 beers. describe what you would be doing right now?
in the toilet puking out the bitterness thats in my stomach.

do you talk to yourself?
yes. hehe

spell your name backwards.
eel naiviv.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

dedicated especially to MElo :D

and ...
*drum rolls*



Hujan - Bila Aku Sudah Tiada

Friday, October 23, 2009



Alone I sleep,
And alone I wake,
Alone I dream,
And alone I ache,

Alone I live,
And alone I cry,
Alone I think,
And alone I'll die,

Alone I try,
And alone I fall,
Alone I fail,
And alone I crawl,

Alone I break,
And alone I sit,

Alone I was,
Alone I am,
And alone I'll always be.

Michael Reynolds



I'm running from the tears,
And I'm running from the cries.
I'm running from my friends,
And I'm running from my life.

Everyone I've hurt,
And everyone whose cared.
Everyone whose tried,
And everyone whose dared.

Everything I've done,
And every time I've tried.
Everything I've said,
And every time I've cried.

As I run into the dark,
As I run from the light.
Who will guide me through?
And who will make this right?

Why should I stop?
Why should I slow down?
When all that waits for me,
Is a lonely heart that's drowned.

So who am I?
What have I become?
But a stranger in the night,
A man who is on the run.

Who will care?
And who will try?
Who will understand?
And who will just walk by?

As the rain rolls in,
And every ones in bed,
I'm out on this road,
And I'm walking straight ahead.

- Michael Reynolds

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

can anybody tell me which part of the world do not have lizards?
other than the north and south pole that is.
cause if there is such place,
i'd wanna migrate there immediately.
seriously, i cannot stand lizards anymore.
they are ruining my life, continuously. :(

Monday, October 19, 2009

RON95 & RON97

now i know the difference.
between 95 and 97 that is.
last night, i went to refill the petrol.
i was thinking of finding for RON97
since ive been using RON95 for so long
and i kinda miss using the old petrol.
but i was kinda in a hurry
as i was almost late for church.
so i jst went to the nearest petrol station
and went to pump some oil.
but who knows, the moment i drove into the petrol station
i saw the word "RON97".
wooots, thank God it was available there.
gosh, ive been searching for it since last month.
and i heard that only CKS + Petronas beside Columbia Asia got?
the i one i went to was beside Poliklinik(is that hw u spell?) thr.

well, my main point is that RON97 is definitely much better.
when my right foot press on the accelarate thingy,
the car jst speeds up and in seconds,
it goes up to 60, 70, then 80km/h and so forth.
i remember when i was using RON95,
whenever i step on the accelerate thingy,
the engine will sure make a weird loud sound
and it'll take a much longer time to reach speed up.
but hor, both petrol masih very "makan minyak" lor.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

dear you,

let me begin this post with I HATE YOU!
seriously i dont even know how and where to start.
but good thing im writing this post now.
if i were to write it 3 hours ago,
i would be cursing from the start until the end.
cause i really cant take it anymore.

so first of all, i am a human too.
do you know that?
i got feelings too you know?
i am just like you, can you not tell?
i know this is not entirely your fault
but cant you at least just be nice?
we dont see each other very often anyways.
you know, the last time we met was in October last year?
its already more than a year.
2 days ago was the first time i saw you this year.
call me crazy, but somehow i still count and remember the days we met.
i know its already been 4 long years
but somehow seeing you,
i still feel excited you know?
the other day seeing you smile at me,
eventhough itwasnt reallylike last time
but at least i was really glad.
but last night,
*sigh* what happened?
im disappointed.
i dont like you.
i hate you.
i dont ever wanna see you anymore.
i know you'll be much happier this way.
i'll even try to avoid you IF i do see you next time.
and you'll have one less person to stress about.

but just to let you know,
i cried again.
this morning,
just thinking about you makes me cry.
i thought that i was strong enough.
i thought that i wouldnt simply cry anymore
but i was wrong, very very wrong.

rambut baru.


i did actually decided to cut my hair before
but due to some reasons, i did not.
then yesterday, i decided to go and trim my hair.
so i went to the salon and the lady was like "i'll help cut ur split ends".
so i was like, "okay and remember to cut abit of my front hair too".
i left the cutting to her as i played with my phone
and 10 minutes later i looked up to see the mirror
& found almost half of my hair being chopped off!
i was really shocked ahh.
gosh, she told me "uve got too much split ends and i cant cut it all at once".
wtf that means if she was careless,
she couldve cut my hair into a boy's hair. @@
and after that im gonna wear a wig until my hair grows long again
which is like forever since my hair grows super slow. *SIGH*
anyways, back to the topic. lol
so, it isnt really that bad though.
i mean, at least most of my split ends are gone
and my hair feels healthier now.
haha so i didnt say much and continued playing with my phone.
and then she came to the front.
she asked me hw short i want it to be
and i told her, jst below my nose.
guess what? she go and cut until above the nose.
apuuuuuuuu ~
really very short eh.
not to mention super fugly too.
aduh, then i jst told her to cut into fringe la.
lol what to do? it already looks like a retarted fringe anyways.
urghh, then my fringe ah macam not enough rambut like that.
feel that its abit too thin.
i told her to take more hair but she said no need.
apa ini? its my rambut, not yours eh =______="
but in the end, my hair didnt turn out that bad la.
my mum said i looked much younger
and my dad said i finally looked like 10 years ago.
well, here's a picture of my hair before and after.




what do u think?
before OR after?
which one nicer?
u know,
im not used to this hair yet.
hopefully i will, soon.

conclusion : I STILL MISS MY LONG HAIR! :'(

Friday, October 16, 2009


i saw him.

my emotions are so mixed up rite nw.
i was really shocked to see him.
i mean, i did expect to see him there
(cause my friend told me she saw him thr watching the event)
but somehow i was still surprised.
i cannot believe that i actually saw him.
and he saw me too and shot his killer-1000-watt smile
(idk why i gave this name to his smile but whatevs, it still melts my heart lol)
maybe its cause i havent seen him in a while?
the last time i saw him was on 1st October 2008. LOL
but i think im totally over him already bah.
so no need to feel this way rite? *SIGH*


pretty darling and me :)

met darling at Imperial jst nw :D
soooo long didnt see her liao.
really miss her alot lor.
hehe tmr she got hairshow oh.
its before the Star Beauty Search final.
if not mistaken, the hairshow starts at 5.30pm.
so to anyone who reads this,
do go and support her k?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i am happy.
exams are finally over!

but im sad too cause i'll be leaving my blog.
not permanently of course.
i'll jst be updating once in a blue moon. haha
final exams are coming real soon
and i gotta be busy preparing.
maybe i'll update like once a week or sth?
or if got anything interesting then i'll update.
till then, BYEBYE!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

one more day,
jst one more day and its over.

but im feeling very lazy at the moment.
i do not have the will to study at all.
all i feel like doing is sleeeeeep.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009


aaaah, the person and country above brings back memories of 2007.
i remembered hw i was never really into chinese songs.
maybe in form 1 and 2 i did listen to a little bit of jay chou,
but not more than that.
and before i even entered form 1,
chinese songs were never my type of songs.
i'd only listen to english songs and more english songs.
lol until when Fahrenheit, 飞轮海 started becoming famous.
if not mistaken, that time X Family had jst started airing
and Hana Kimi was the hottest drama at the moment.
for all i know, Fahrenheit was in the dramas(Calvin + Aaron not in Hana Kimi).
and that time Wu Chun had opened a 2nd branch of his gym, Fitness Zone in Kiulap.
and after some blah and blah(i dont really remember),
i finally found out that i was kinda not-blood related to Wu Chun.
and and here's the exiting part(for me that is. LOL),
its because of him that i became very interested in Taiwan stuffs.
yes, i was into dramas, and songs and even tv shows.
i remembered after PMR, i started watching Taiwan dramas
and in the 3 months holiday, i managed to watch more than 10 dramas.
that time, i remembered having this determination to watch all the dramas Fahrenheit have acted in.
eventhough i failed, i succeeded to watch the ever famous It Started With A Kiss, 恶作剧之吻。
oh and that was when i came to know about darling Joe <3
since then, i never took my eyes off him.
yeap yeap, i was superly addicted to him
and im proud to say that i still am :D
well i guess part of the reason i wanted to write this post
is jst to show hw i came to love my darling Joe sooooo much. ^^
and one thing, ive been loving him for exactly 2 years le.
hehehehehe ;)


DADDY, 生日快乐!

Friday, October 9, 2009

i hate smokers!

today very soi pls.
after exam, i went to pick my mummy from work.
on the way there(reach somewhere near Dr. Aziz),
some very inconsiderate pig threw a cigarette down from the shophouse.
gosh, the cigarette was still burning and it fell right on my car.
it dropped on the wiper there
and since i couldnt stop in the middle of the road,
i drove all the way to mummy's office there to take it out.
but who knows that before i even arrived,
the cigarette already fall into the engine there
and my whole car was filled with the smell of cigarettes.
imagine if i hadnt taken the cigarette out,
then suddenly the weather became very hot
and the engine also lots of hot air
and suddenly *boom* my car explodes.
omg thank God that did not happen
cause mummy was smart enough
to have that thought and remove the friggen cigarette.
but seriously if i ever found out who that pig is,
he/she is sooooooo gonna get it.
(& if my car did explode, im gonna haunt that pig every single day/night of his/her life)
*curses while typing*
and and got 2 tiny parts of the rubber part(i think) was abit burnt.
and the facebook luck thingy still say that im 100% lucky today.
pigu laaaaah!




Wednesday, October 7, 2009

selamat hari jadi!

happy birthday Jesz :)
uve finally reached a new turn in life
but thats okay cause it doesnt mean ur old.
it jst means that ur more matured
& there are more responsibilities to be responsible of.
no worries, im sure there'll be tons and tons of fun for u too.
hahahahaha. :P

still, all the best in everything yeah.
take care and God bless.

ps: u look like a younger girl version of 彭于晏 in the pic above. hehe
pps: i didnt know it was u until i saw it in ur facebook. haha
ppps: and again, do have a wonderful birthday this year ^^
its english tomorrow!
idk why am i so excited though.
i mean, english is actly kinda hard la
hard to score that is. lols
and i heard that starting this year,
there will be 3 types of A's in SPM
err, A+, A1 and A2?
if so, then i'll be aiming A+ for my english.
but still, not nice la like that. haha

anyways, we're using conference room for exam today.
yeah, starting today until next Tuesday that is.
wooot, and its 2 classes combine.
nw is that cool or is that cool? LOL

ps: wish me luck on my english tmr k? :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

exam starts today.
omg physics first day again.
and second day is biology O_O
seriously, i dont have mood to study lor.
only feel like studying for english. gosh

Sunday, October 4, 2009

i was kissed by a mosquito on my lips yesterday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

how i wish to have my own Dibo
so i can wish for anything i want, anytime. :(