Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ive been having sushi for 3 days straight last weekend.
starting from Thurs, i went to Sushi King(blogged about it already)
then Friday i went out with some friends and went to Sushi King again.
and on Saturday, *drum rolls loudly*
i went to EXCAPADE!
after sooooo long, i finally had the chance to go there.
like omg, its been 2 months?
i seriously miss the food there.
and seriously, its like 10 times better than SK.
but that time i wasnt very hungry so didnt order much.
BUT HOR, i got order my favorite Salmon Sashimi lor
and its more than enough le :)


idk whats been happening to me lately.
ive been having crazy mood swings
and even the tiniest thing can piss me off.
not only that, going to school also no mood.
see the same faces everyday also very sien.
day by day, i become lazier and lazier
and all i want to do is sleeeep.
become sleeping beauty also can
so i can sleep for 100 years
*thats written in books. is it true? cause in the cartoon she only sleep for less than a day. lol
and i wont be having any "fan nao" when im sleeping.
*sigh* im very tired of everything. :(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

big bowl challenge.

its been two days since the rally.
*SIGH* i really miss it lor.
i miss all the singing and laughing.
i miss leaving behind all my hurt and attend the rally with a happy heart.
i miss being who i was in that three days.

i think im starting to become the usual me again.
yes, that means im back to thinking alot
and feeling very down(on the inside) again.
gosh, when will these feelings ever go away?
eventhough i do feel that im much happier now,
part of me will always be the same i guess.

anyways, i went to Sushi King for lunch today.
while taking orders,
i noticed a leaflet thingy on the table.
i took it and saw that its the eating challenge.
the one where they serve you a huge bowl of either udon or soba
then you gotta finish it within 10 minutes so its totally FOC.
BUT if you dont, then you gotta pay RM38.80 for it.
so yeah, after thinking and thinking and thinking
i decided to order it and give it a try
since the promotion ends on 30th Sept and its cool to try it bah rite? :P
so when my super huge bowl of udon arrived,
the waitress took out a bell and a big timer.
the moment she pressed start,
i had to hurriedly push everything in the bowl down my throat.
boy, was it hard cause the soup was really hot(hot as in panas) and its very sweet too.
halfway through, i almost puked cause the udon was very "mian"
and the soup was starting to taste disgustingly sweet and a little sour O__O
and right when i was about to finish half of the udon,
daddy went to stopped the timer thingy and said in Chinese,
"better dont play anymore lah. later u get sick ah and it tastes very geli lah".
that time, there was only 3 minutes left
and there is no way i could finish it up in jst 3 minutes.
there was so much udon left and i had to finish all the soup too eh.
gosh, i think hor, i wont be eating udon anytime soon lor.
im getting sick because of it. :\

this is before i started eating.

daddy took away some of the remaining udon liao so left quite little. lol

ps: so far only 2 dudes managed to pass this challenge.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Set Free.

its a day after Fr Stan's Youth Rally.
& im missing it sooooooo much right now.
u know, the past 3 days have been friggen awesome :D

so the Rally started on Sunday and ended yesterday.
had lots and lots of fun in these 3 days.
thank God i decided to go this year ah.
if not, sure my Raya holidays will be super boring.
i saw many2 familiar faces there too.
guess this rally was a success.
if not mistaken, more than 800 people attended the rally leh.
plus those from Limbang and Bintulu that is.
is it cool or is it very cool? haha
and this time, there was a healing service on the 2nd night.
during that night, it really got me thinking(and crying) alot
and its that moment that i could actually let go of the burdens and sadness
and sing and cry my heart out.
there was this Limbang girl who got possessed also(i think)
and started to growl at everyone and throw chairs.
then another girl from idk where was so full of the HS that she kept on dancing.
there was also mass from the first until the last day of the rally.
and the concert was really good too.
not forgetting about his talks as well, ahh those were the best.
from his talk about us being unique to chastity to being set free.
there were quite alot of questions asked too.
and most of the questions were plain funny.
one of the funniest question asked was "can married couples have sex once a month?"
and also "is it a sin to spurt semen after waking up from a nightmare?"
hahahahahahaa it was really funny pls.
even Father was laughing his "Bible" off. LOL

honestly, i have been thinking ALOT about the rally since it ended.
i miss the talks, the singing, laughing, the father and practically everything.
and this year was way more awesome-r than last year.
part of the reason was because i got to SHAKE HANDS WITH FR STAN.
*screams like a mad die-hard fan of the father*
and i also shook hands with my so called "son".
hahaha he even mentioned my name leh.
that time i almost flew up to the sky
and no, im not exaggerating at all. lol
not much pictures were taken though
cause i was focusing on the rally too much to take pics :P

pps: i miss the rally + concert.
ppps: any kind human would like to sponsor Fr Stan to come again next year?
pppps: i miss my son too ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


왜 이런 일이 생긴거야?
난 정말 그것에 대해 흥분.
그럼 행복을 바라고 있었,
하지만 난 여전히 내려 느낍니다.
난 내 눈을 감고 소원을 그리고 잊지 다.

on the brighter side,
guess what date is it today?
its 20th of September 2009
and that makes my current blog post's title. :D
cool eh?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


i cant wait to see Fr Stan again tomorrow.
gonna be super excited about it :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my DiGi number is officially 5 years old today.
time passes really fast hor?
i mean like, its already been so long
since i started using this number.
i remember buying this number for more than RM30
and that time it was already promotion price.
lol and i'll continue to use this number until forever :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

im sick again.
urghh, idk why lately i keep falling sick.
and my headache seems to be getting worse.
gosh, exams are very very near.
i dont wanna fall sick anymore :(
so people, pls pray for me k?
i know God will see your good heart and bless you.
and i will gratefully thank you too. lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

郑元畅 - 畅一首歌


omg after waiting for sooooooo friggin long,
his MV is finally offially out. :D
gosh, ive been waiting so long for it to come out.
here is the MV below :) :) :)

ps: isnt he jst awesome? ♥♥♥
pps: im in love with him all over again :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009


happy birthday to my little angel, Vallamy :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

hate people like this.

wth is wrong with people nowadays?
they never seem to notice the sign board at the side of the road
gosh, i hate it when sometimes people drive so slowly at the wrong lane.
did they not learn about this while listening to law?
or are they so blind to not see it?
or is it that they absolutely do not care at all?
i do admit that im not a very cautious driver
and im sometimes very careless too,
but at least i do not make other people's life harder than it already is.
take this morning for example,
i was rushing to school as i was already late after feeding my car with petrol.
at first everything was fine when i went to pick my cousin up
until when i reached somewhere around Boulevard?
even before going on the fly over i could see many people driving oh so slowly.
whats worse, they were driving on the right lane, which is the fast lane
and i could see a Kancil overtaking at least 6 or 7 cars
from before until after going on the fly over.
not only that, those slowpokers(got such word?) were driving on both lanes.
so yeah, i didnt have the chance to overtake them
only somewhere until Suncity did those people disappear from my view.
grrr i hate how these people are so inconsiderate most of the times.
i mean when you see someone speeding behind,
you should at least make way and drive to the side to let the person overtake.
but no, some people are jst so degil(whats that word in english ah?)
and they jst drive like the road belongs to them or theyre the only car on the road.
ughh blogging about these people jst makes me so mad.
and i still have to drive to and back from tuition later :\


Monday, September 7, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the owner of the car below :D

ps: primary 1-5 have holidays from tomorrow until Thursday!
pps: this is soooo unfair. omg

yes, its Zheng Yuan Chang Day today!
if not mistaken, the above pic should be his EP cover.
Hit FM (Taiwan's rado channel which i suppose isnt available here)
will be airing his songs every now and then from today until 9th September(i think).
but his album will officially be out on 25th September.

*SIGH* i want his album toooooooo!
doubt that it'll be sold here anytime soon
or maybe it wont even be available in Miri.
and guess what?
early birds will get to have exclusive an 3D mouse pad or a 2010 calendar!
those who live in Taiwan who will be attending his preorder signing event
will also be getting a small size personal intimate(thats whats written on the net) poster.
ishh, very jealous of those Taiwanese girls pls.

but still, i wanna congratulate him for this is his very first album
i can see that hes been working real hard for the past few months working on this.
and i jst wanna say(IF you happen to come across my blog, which is actly 0.001% impossible),
"Congrats! and all the best in everything. 加油!加油!加油!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

back to basics.

so im using my very old skin again.
yes, its the classic template thingy.
and this time, i think i'll be sticking to this layout until at least end of the month?
LOL idk but im kinda lazy to change skins.
besides, its sweet, simple and much easier to navigate, no?
hahaha :P

Saturday, September 5, 2009

i d o n t k n o w w h a t t o d o a n y m o r e .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009