Thursday, October 16, 2008


i think my blog's gonna turn into a Jay Chou blog.
hahah everything is about him lately.
oh oh and his album is officially out.
i think i wanna buy the original disc this time :)
Jay Chou Jay Chou Jay Chou.
hes like a big influence to me again.
not only me but also to millions of other people in this world.
and i must say that his songs are totally awesome.
oh and i read this article this morning and it really is touching.
well the part about his fan falling into coma that is.

It's rare for Jay Chou to hold an autograph and singing session, yesterday Xi Men Ding was packed full with 5000 fans, his latest album has broken 90 thousand copies pre-ordered. It's surpassed the record of "Common Jasmin Orange", he was very touched by it, he was eager to share his new songs with the fans, as autographs were being signed they generously played one of the songs. A group of female fans from Poland appeared, they held up a banner saying "Jay, we invite you to Poland!", they also hummed "Fragrant Rice", he said smiling: "This makes me think of Chopin."

The fan Liu Yan Lin who fell into a coma after a car accident would only respond to Jay Chou's songs in the past, with the caring of Jay Chou, her condition gradually got better, yesterday she appeared at the autograph and singing session accompanied by her mother, seeing her able to walk on her own, Jay Chou clearly expressed his thoughts, he was surprised and happy with the miracle.

its like although she had coma, every time she heard Jay Chou's songs her eyelids would flicker. cant believe that her miraculous recovery was due to listening to Jay Chou's song. so now you see how big of an influence his songs can be? hahah and this one part below also the same.
*Li Si Duan is a reporter, i think. lols

When they talked about Jay Chou giving Li Si Duan a signed poster, Li Si Duan smiled saying his daughter worshipped Jay Chou a lot, she'll listen to whatever Jay Chou says, Jay Chou immediately wrote on the poster "Listen To Your Parents", Li Si Duan smiled saying he was going to use the poster as a family instruction.

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