Tuesday, October 14, 2008


its the second day of PMR.
and also the second day of my one week holiday.
the other day mummy was asking about PMR,
and i jst remembered that a year ago, the exam had already ended.
and it was when i started my drama marathon.
which in the end didnt turn out as expected
cause i was aiming to watch like 15-20 dramas?
but in the end only watched 10 of it.
well, the first one i watched was KO One.
and the continuation which was X Family.
and i remember that i also watched It Started With A Kiss.
at first i watched it cause Jiro was one of the main actors
and Ya Lun was one of the supporting actors.
who knew, when i started to watch it i got addicted.
i watched it all day and all night.
and guess what? i fell in love.
oh yes, i fell in love with the main actor of the drama, Joe Cheng :)
and what made me love him more was that hes as tall as daddy,
which is jst right for me. ahahaha.
but anyways, that was Oct '07 and now its already Oct '08.
and i realize that its already been a year.
and im still loving him. woooots
and in this one year he had his hairstyle changed.

from It Started With A Kiss ..

to They Kiss Again ..

both pictures taken with Ariel Lin. :)

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