Thursday, April 30, 2009

the smoke outside is seriously gonna kill me.
gosh, i really hate waking up everyday smelling it.
whats wrong with people nowadays?
so nice to burn stuffs is it?
if you like to burn so much,
then go burn ur own house laa ==

btw, i did not go to school today.
i got headaches and nose-aches(got such word or not? o.O)
and its all because of the smoke lor.
i think Miri's gonna be very hazy real soon
if these monsterspeople continue illegal open burning.
urghh but still im super happy at the moment.
why? because im not in school :D
then tmr also no school.
wooooots, happiness pls.

lol anyways,
ive been kinda addicted to quite some songs lately.
will post em out one by one when im free/found the lyrics.

ps: Chinese Karaoke Singing Competition 2009 is this Saturday !
pps: good luck to all the participants.
ppps: and extra luck to the 5 Dalton I participants :D :D :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i hate going to school everyday.
im always clueless about everything
and im always alone at school.
i hate feeling alone esp at places with many ppl.
idk why but eventhough ive got friends thr,
i'd still feel very alone.
somehow i can feel that thrs this unbreakable wall
in btw me and everyone else.
i feel so isolated most of the times.
im really helpless :|

Monday, April 27, 2009

where can you go when theres nowhere to go?
what can you do when theres nothing you can do?
what can you say when theres nothing left to say?

im speechless ...
big fake smiles and stupid lies.
im very tired of life, i really am.

내가 왜 우는 계속합니까?
나는 이런식으로 삶에 가고 싶지 않아.
내가 어떻게이 자리에서 가출 수 좋겠어,
모든 나쁜 기억을 뒤로하고 떠나 .
모든 걸 다 잊고 싶어 ,
그리고 새로운 인생을 시작합니다!
네, 이거 내가 원하는입니다.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


went on a date with darlingg yesterday :)
its been so long since we go out.
although we did meet each other at PC Fair,
but that was only a while?

anyways, we spent the whole afternoon at Parkson.
since we both didnt eat lunch,
we decided to go to McDonalds thr
but who knew it was super crowded.
no more place to sit le but the counter thr still filled with ppl @@
so we went downstairs and had lunch at Pizza Hut.
it was really full too, as well as KFC that is.
but we were patient and waited for quite some time
before getting ourselves a seat.
actly, we saw Vivian and her mum then we jst followed up behind them
and we were lucky enough to get in after 10 minutes of waiting.
well, i havent been thr for quite long alrdy.

lol so after lunch we walked up and down Parkson a few rounds.
darlingg bought an anklet and we bought the same earrings :D
lol then we jst went around looking for accessories.
then we went to Cindy and i bought a pair of earrings for mummy.
its an advanced Mother's Day gift ^^
ohh darlingg and i each got a free Double Chocolate too.
haha but too bad i had to go back by 5pm.
wanted to stay longer though.
but overall i had a good time.
thanks for yesterday darlingg :)

more pics at darlingg's wretch :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

i dont know anymore.

im really tired.
tired of all the pressures around me.
noone understands, and they never will.
sometimes i wonder how long will my life
continue to be this way.
its been three years and ive had enough of it all.
i want everything to go back to normal.
back to the way its supposed to be.
or at least speed up the time until end of the year.
maybe by then i'll be much happier.
unlike now, lost and miserable.
i can feel tears filling my eyes now
i want to escape from this torture so much
but i this is life right?
i still have to move forward like nth ever happened.
*SIGH* but life is really too hard for me to handle.
i seriously want my old life back.
i want to wake up everyday
with that anticipation to face a brand new day,
not waking up every morning
having to put on a fake smile to go through the day.

im never good at putting my feelings into words.
maybe thats why i never tell anyone about them?
its always kept in my heart and i have to bear it all myself.
but i cant talk to anybody also,
doubt they'll understand anyways.
if only i could runaway to a faraway place
or better yet, jst disappear.
maybe, things will be better this way.
sorry for not updating often.
been lazy and tired.
besides, thr isnt much to blog about.

anyways, its the 2nd and final day of Hari Sukan.
wonder hows everything going at the stadium.
hope the ppl thr wont die from hotness
cause like lately its been reaaaaaally hot.
like omg laa, i dont know how some ppl
can stand the heat and jst stand under the sun
for hours and hours like thrs no sun.
i no need stand outside also can feel the heat liao laa.
like the other day in William's car,
apuuu the windows arent tinted or whatsoever AT ALL.
and i was inside for like one whole hour?
i could see my hands turning red in less than 15 minutes.
why is tinting even illegal?
maybe tinting more than 50% is but abit also cannot ma?
luckily all my cars got at least a little bit.
no need black also nvrmind.
the windows of my honda(s) are like green and blue.
and one of the car the back window is original black.
if not, i think i can jst die inside the car ==

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i had this weird but sort of wonderful dream last night.
i dont really remember everything but all i knew was that i saw him.
yes, he even shot me with his killer thousand watt smile.
and of course i could feel my heart melting in an instant.
aaah, we were at this house party or sth.
many people were there and lots of stuffs were going on.
i opened the door to go outside,
and there he was standing at the gate with his friends.
the funny thing is that he was half naked -_______-"
i didnt know why but he was only wearing his b-ball pants.
not sure if he had armpit hair or not though. LOL
too bad we didnt talk much but it was a good dream,
i like seeing him in my dreamscause i cant see him in real life :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

saw this picture on the net jst now. omg
can someone tell me what event is this?
i really need to know. pls and thank you :)
Yesterday :

i went to school kinda late.
the motivation talk alrdy started when i reached.
so i went to take a chair and walked into the hall.
the talk was given by this KK dude named Hilter Yew.
*click on his name to go to his website.
i thought the talk would end like before recess,
but who knows its until noon -_______-"
the way he gave his talk was quite funny lo.
but he talked really too loudly laa.
throughout the talk, he asked us to close our eyes like more than 3 times i think.
and when we closed our eyes,
he would play soft music and ask us to use our imagination.
i didnt really like it lo cause i kept on crying ==
esp the part when he talked about graduation and stuff.
omg this morning i even woke up with my eyes looking like this ---> @@
lol and after school, there was this BK quiz.
because of the silly motivation i didnt have time to finish reading Luke.
aduhh but it was okay laa.
wasnt as hard as i thought lo.
jst hope i can pass with flying colors and get the cert.

Today :

i woke up at 8am this morning :D
but i did wake up like once or twice btw 5am-6.30am lo.
stayed home the whole morning.
had Nagaliar's nasi lemak for lunch today.
the feeling of eating that nasi lemak brought a huge smile to my face.
its been sooooooo long since i last ate that.
then in the afternoon mummy and i went to Boulevard
while we dropped Vallamy over at Faryl's house to play.
after buying some stuffs,
we went back to her house for about an hour?
then daddy called and asked us to go to the prawn store thr.
its a place for you to catch prawns
and its really fun but tiring.
the price is RM20 per hour.
in that one hour i caught a small fish(it appeared out of nowhere lol) and a prawn.
was very very happy about that :D
its like i caught it 2 minutes before my time is up.
woooooots, i shall go back to that place someday
and continue catching more prawns :) :) :)

my prawn :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

do watch the video above :)

nth much to blog about actly.
jst that Suto, Darren, Simon and I was rotan-ed this morning.
refer to the front part of "this post".
was the 3rd one to get hit.
and i got hit so hard until my hand also hei qing ar.
not only us laa, still got other students also.
everyone was standing in the staff room waiting to be caned.
lol the mark is still on my hand ler.
haihh so unlucky ba today.
shouldnt have gone to schl at all.
didnt even study much.
jst waste time "makan angin" outside the class
and jst talk talk talk until class finish.
haih will be going to tuition later again.
feeling very very lazy at the moment lo.
luckily physics class is cancelled.
can go Lan Zhong see basketball competition liao :D
anyways, heres the picture of my kasian hand ><

go click the picture to enlarge.
can see the two red lines and two purple spots? @@

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

went to read Ivy's blog jst now
and was kinda shocked to see that im nominated for this award. haha
anyways, thanks alot for it babe :)


the birthday girl is none other than Joanna Voon Kah Ni,
my silly 14 year old cousin.
getting older liao lor,
dont always play2 k?
haha need to study hard.
may God bless you always.
and remember to be a good girl.

Monday, April 13, 2009

the living room wasnt flooded when i went downstairs this morning.
urghh, i was really hoping it'd flood again so i dont have to go to schl.
lol schl was kinda boring as usualtoday cause we didnt really study.
during the last two periods our English teacher wasnt in,
so me Simon, Darren and Suto went over to 5S3.
they were having oral and we went to watch and sun bian play. lol
but we were chased out by their English teacher a few times.
lol it was hilarious when he chased Simon out of the class.
and also when he called out "Michelle" when the person he called was actly Tracy.

anyways, after schl daddy drove over to mummy's office.
she came out and they talked for awhile.
then she turned to me told me daddy bought her a new phone.
omg heres our conversation.

Mummy : daddy bought me a new phone jst now.
Me : @@ seriously? a new phone? when?
Mummy : yeah, but i havent received it.
Daddy : (interrupt) i didnt tell you?
Me : lol no you didnt ==
Mummy : yesterday he heard me telling you that my phone isn't really functioning well anymore so today he bought me a new one.
Me : wth.. why i dont have? i also want a new phone.
Parents : hahahaha..........
Me : -_____________-" not fair ba.
Mummy : wait for your husband next time buy for you laa.
Me : my husband? i want him buy a house for me lo, who still want phone? ==
Parents : hahahahahaa......
Me : @@ (OMG)

i dont exactly remember every single word but thats about it i suppose.
lol but luckily it isnt SE or Nokia or any common phone laa.
this brand is i-Mobile.
never really heard of it before lo.
daddy said its from Thailand or sth?
after work, mummy showed me the phone and it looks cool.
can watch TV directly from the phone ler.
still got TV3 and other channels according to the countries available.
and the camera is 3MP ler, mine only 2MP pls.
its really unfair laa, whatever my mum wants my dad will give.
haha shes jst like a spoiled child you know.
and my sister is the exact same like her.
theyre like diff aged twins @@
hahaha abit khua zhang but its true lo.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

remember my post in January about my house getting flooded?
well, it jst got flooded again.
but i wasnt at home when my house got flooded.
my aunt called to tell us her house was flooded,
which meant alot of water have alrdy masuk-ed my house.
when i got home, the water alrdy subsided.
the water was only about an inch high in the living room.
if only i was back home half an hour earlier,
i couldve seen the water coming into my house rising to as high as 5 inches.
not only my house, almost the whole Miri was flooded i suppose.
on the way back home, i could see the roads and longkangs covered by water.
everywhere i looked, i could only see water, water and more water @@

well, thank God nothing bad happened or anything.
im really exhausted from washing the living room
and theres still school tmr. omg
i dont wanna wake up early laa ><



Friday, April 10, 2009

what does it mean when someone asks for your number?
many ppl think that when someone asks for your number,
it means they like you or sth.
but to me, there are many answers to this question.
like example :

1. they want to ask you sth in private
2. they are interested in your friend
3. they want to be friends
4. they are doing a dare or sth
5. or thr might be a possibility that the person is interested in you

lol so yeah, those are my answers. what do you think?
haha im blogging about this is because of a certain someone
who is ever so perasan to think that guys who want her number like her.

anyways, tmr night i'll be sitting alone with my sister ==
cant believe both my parents have to be godparents tmr.
adehh i dont even know where to sit ler
and how the whole thing goes or whatsoever.
honestly, i dont remember anything except the lighting of the candles.
omg i have really bad memory lo. @@

ps: i dont know how much longer i can stand *SIGH*
after soooo long, i can finally online.

Friday, April 3, 2009

saw this picture while searching for pictures of digital cameras.
lol it isnt that nice but it is kinda cute laa.
haha sure Melody would like it since thrs a Hello Kitty there.
btw, i saw someone driving today.
whats more, she was driving in front of a police car.
scared or not? hahahaha.

anyways, the internet connection is reaaaaaally very sucky lo.
i still cannot go online at all -_____________-"
wonder when will it be back to normal.
i kinda miss going online to search for lyrics and dl songs ler. *SIGH*
oh and somehow i started to cough AGAIN.
like wth laa, how i can suddenly start coughing?
and i cannot sing anymore laaaaaaa.
its like everytime i try to speak or sth,
i'd start to cough really hard until my throat hurts.
omgg how am i gonna sing like that? apuuuuuuuu ~