Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not it’s just the beginning, you might have to meet a few more jerks. but one day you’re gonna meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Like the sun rises and sets with you.

- 17 Again

Monday, May 30, 2011

anybody ever wonder;

The few people who have knocked down the walls you built up and whom you trusted with all your heart are the ones you will never forget. When someone like that leaves, they take a little piece of your heart with them. And the hole in your heart you now have, it just constantly reminds you of the person who was the cause of it. And I guess that’s why people who placed their trust in the wrong people feel so messed up. Because every day, they feel those void, empty spaces within themselves and wonder when they’d feel whole again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

520 ♥

the title says it all. it's 20th may today and in chinese, 520 means i love you. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the past;

In Greek, nostalgia literally means the pain from an old wound. It’s a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone. This device isn’t a spaceship, it’s a time machine. Goes backwards, forwards, and takes us to a place where we ache to go again. It’s not called ‘The Wheel,’ it’s called ‘The Carousel.’ It lets us travel the way a child travels, round and around and back home again, to a place where we know we are loved.

- Mad Men

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mummy's day!

i love you, my dearest mummy. thank you so much for raising me up. in the past, i've contravened and disappointed you. but despite all that, i love you more than words can say. & this comes right from the bottom of my heart. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

graduation day!

from the title, i suppose you already guessed what this post is about? yeaaap. it's graduation day today! and yes, i've finally graduated from foundation! i seriously cannot believe that time actually pass by so quickly. i could still remember that right after high school ended, i was searching for a job and still thinking what and where i should study. then at the start of last year, i've finally decided to continue my studies in Curtin University cause that's the only place in my hometown where degree is offered and i don't wanna go so faraway to study. i mean, i don't wanna leave home. i can't leave either. so yeah, it's better to just stay here and study and at least i get to go home everyday. so i registered for foundation but everything was so last minute!

and i received my offer letter quite late but wtheck, at least i've gotten it. so *pooof* there i was, standing in campus as a new student. the first few weeks of classes were hectic as i was still new and didn't really know where my classes and who my classmates were. semester one went by just like in high school. not to fast and not to slow. then it was semester two and i got closer with most of my classmates. and i guess getting to know them more means more fun which also means that time is going by even faster. which was true, cause in a blink of an eye, the semester ended.

then it was the three months break and in march, i stepped into campus being a full-time degree student! oh yes, i can still remember the first day of school quite clearly. but look now, it's already graduation day and half the semester has gone by! seriously, time passes really really fast this semester. but i don't want it to end so soon! sad. and lol i guess i'm already going off topic. so yeah, back to what i was supposed to be talking about; graduation. so today's the day. graduation day. no mortarboard but we get to wear regalia(s)! first time for foundation graduates cause this year they've decided to combine our graduation together with the diploma students. and this time, it wasn't held in campus!

anyways, i'm just really glad that i've finally graduated and in a nutshell, foundation was plain awesome. i loved every bit of it and if i could, i would definitely love to go back and relive those moments again. i know that it's more than impossible but hey, it is definitely a year i'll never forget cause to be honest, my foundation year was one of the best years of my life. :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011


so i'm finally done with the accounting group project. i feel like a bird ready to spread it's wings and fly right now. well, not exactly fly since i'm not gonna go anywhere. lol but yeah, i'm really glad that it's done. i can finally rest tonight. thank God for letting us have a public holiday tomorrow. but then, i think i'm gonna be busy tomorrow cause mummy's gonna be cooking laksa and of course, i as the daughter, should help out. :) fyi, my cousins are coming over for dinner. looking forward to dinner tomorrow cause i miss mummy's laksa oh so much! :D