Saturday, October 18, 2008


another ordinary day.
nothing much happened.
well, only that i cried quite alot today.
why? cause of the tv shows.
idk why but lately ive been crying alot when watching tv.
this morning i watched the X Family on Shuang Xing and i cried.
then jst now when watching The Big Give on Hallmark, i cried again.
apuuuuu. something is wrong with me ==

oh and i went to _ today for _.
got to meet _ and as i was leaving _ wished me luck in my exam.
omgggg i so cannot believe _ would say that.

anyways, im more and more addicted to Jay's songs.
hopefully i'll be able to get all his songs soon :)
well, off to study and sleeping in a bit.
need to wake up extra early tmr. goodnight :\

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