Thursday, October 9, 2008


ohh i saw CS this morning in the car. lucky much? woooots.
and i still cannot believe that he follow her car to school everyday.
and he reminds me of year end 2006 when i had holiday course in Oxford.
that time was the best. no stress at all.
only laughing and having fun everyday.
i remember during BM class, me and Jia Tian used to look at CS all the time.
and he only took BM class. which is a sad thing lor.
i could only see him on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays.
one and a half hour each day, four hours each week.
and i remembered Maths class too.
Pricilla, Me, Joel and Ivan.
jst the four of us sitting in front of the teacher.
everyday talk and laugh and talk and laugh.
that time i really was happy. i really was glad.
i didnt have much problems back then.
in fact, i didnt have any problems at all.
ahhh, how i wish i could turn back time.
go back to the start, back to before my troubles began.
and i'd love to re-live those days.
the days of happiness and laughter.
i remember being much of a jovial kinda bright cheery person.
but now, *pooof* ive changed. @@

oh well, tmr we're having the raptai thingy.
omg im so not looking forward to it.
and theres English Paper I too.
im scared i dont have enough time to finish both essays.
hmmm, the first one is informal letter.
so should be okay? but the second essay bahh.
the very important essay.
i dont think i can make it in time.
oh people, do pray for me. pretty please? :)

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