Monday, June 30, 2008

trip to Kota Kinabalu

so, i went to KK last Friday. came back early yesterday morning. i had a really good time there. not gonna blog so much about it. jst let you guys see some of the pictures i took. and this is one of the best trips ive had cause :

1. theres Warisan Square and 1 Borneo.
2. no need to go KL liao[cause KK is jst alike].
3. got islands to explore
4. more foreign ppl
5. i left most of my problems in Miri.
6. i actly bought the things that i need :D
7. it was fun though tiring
8. i got to eat what ive been longing since last year. HAHA
9. im kinda liking the place alot
10. going thr isnt as expensive as going to KL.

10 good reasons why i enjoyed myself. HAHA. and like, im going back next year. and by that time, im definitely going to Kudat. wooooots. gonna have fun fun fun. well, we mostly went to eat during the trip. did a lil' bit of shopping. i like 1 Borneo. went there yesterday and fuhhh, memang besar lah that mall. its almost like 1 Utama liao. and alot of the stores there are quite similar with KL, so no need to wast so much money going there. going to KK is already good enough. so as i promised, its picture time (:

some of the stores found in KK :

at Tang Dynasty Hotel[the one next to Wawasan Plaza] :

at Warisan Square :

Saturday :

the extinct-ed car that appeared out of nowhere

what ive been craving for since 2oo7


selling mangoes also wanna read Timulak Kapal Perang *shakes head*

the very big nangka(however you spell it)

my "nephew's" cantek car

Manukan Island :

my lunch for that day

find the spelling error

Sunday morning :

free water and chinese tea at every table

car show outside 1 Borneo :

miri car eh. bangga rasa. lol

1 Borneo :

saw the Yayasan Sabah on the way to 1 Borneo

Joe and the others are sitting behind this thing :O


the girls toilet was very very crowded

toilet bowl = cool?

the correct way to sit on the bench

this is the inappropriate way

airport :


okay, im gonna summarize the whole trip in one short paragraph. lols so ummm, we reached KK in the afternoon. went to check-in at the hotel then off we went to Warisan Square. went there from Friday-Sunday. then on Saturday morning we went to visit my dad's cousin and his family. in the afternoon we went speedboat riding to Manukan Island. on Sunday, we went to 1 Borneo. actly, i wanted to see Joe[NOT my hubby arh] - since he looked real good in the photo i saw in the newspaper - and Yoyo. lols so like we went there, saw them, and went shopping. at the same time, there was this car show there. saw lotsa cars. but mostly protons. HAHA. then at one point when i wanted to pee, daddy and i went to toilet. then - you can see one of the photos above - the girls toilet was sooo full, everyone had to queue to get in. the guys' toilet so empty. when daddy came out, i asked if i can use the guys toilet then he said noone's in there except the cleaners then i went it. so like thats the first time i use the guys toilet. HAHA. when i came out this kid told his mum
"Mummy, got girl go into the boys toilet lah". i couldnt help but laughed. lols then for lunch, daddy and Vallamy went to have chinese food whereas me and mummy went to Dome's. while waiting for our drinks Joe, Yoyo, Joel[unexpected celeb] and the crew came in and sat at one corner. security guards were everywhere and lots of ppl were standing at the window there trying to take a look at them. gosh then we woke up early on Monday morning as our flight back was the earliest one. then saw daddy watching tv so i went over to see what he was watching. and guess what, it was the Euro 2008 finals. it was the last 2 minutes i think. then like suddenly, times up. Spain won. wooooo. everyone screamed and shouted. lols then we got ready and went to the airport. reached Miri before 8am. was glad to be back home.
BUT, now im sick. going back to school tomorrow. so not looking forward to it =|

[ AHVIAN] ♥♥