Wednesday, April 30, 2008

short trip

omfg. i am so pissed with blogger right now. gosh, all the stuff i typed jst now are all gone. damn you blogger. grrrrrr ! oh well, i guess i gotta start all over again. as you all know, i was sick yesterday. but around noon, i got abit better so i went up to KB/Seria with my cousins and mummy. they asked me to go along with them since i had nothing better to do at home and mummy asked me to go since there was enough space in the car and its better than having me sitting in front of the comp or sleeping the whole afternoon. and it took me like about an hour to decide whether i wanted to go or not. the only reason they went there was to go to Supa Save to buy some stuffs. and while taking pictures of the bread, i saw this ang mo dude. he has got the prettiest blue eyes ive ever seen. i mean like ive seen ang mo with blue eyes but his were jst wow. it got me speechless. and he doesnt look bad either. can consider the engdao-est ang mo ive seen so far this year. HAHA. wonder if he got any younger relatives with those eyes :P
we came back around in the evening and boy, was i exhausted. eventhough its like a very short trip but you know, im sick bahs. slept quite early last night. luckily tmrw no school. can sleeeep all i want[as if i can].

the back view of him

popo talking on the phone =="

cheeeeese !

cadburry baby (:

the many diff types of salad dressings

the thingy that looks like hair gel

guai leh i bring book to read :D

the weird looking thingy =\

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

again and again

i think ah, this year ah, im meant to be sick lah. [woooo. trying to talking like a singaporean. lols] i mean like, im not feeling well again today. and i didnt go to school. its like, since january until april, which is now, ive missed school four times. one time each month. and its all because of me being sick. wonder whats wrong with me. i guess this aint a good year for me after all *sighs* and i was still wishing so hard that this year would be a good one. pfffffffffffffffffft

Sunday, April 27, 2008

dearest you

can you like stop with all those things youre doing right now? its like wtf man. you think everyone loves you har? or are you jst trying to get attention like how some people are trying to do right now. you know what, those "some people" arent getting all the attention they want with the things they do or say at all. its like totally 101% USELESS. and instead of giving them attention, people would think otherwise. like whats happened to *coughs* them. so pls lah. can you stop with the act? im getting very fed up with it. well, im not the only person. why oh why do you want so much attention anyways? and also being proud of having many friends. does having many friends and wanting to know their friends make you popular? and what for wanna be so proud if youve got friends? its not like i dont right? and whats with saying all those things? cbk lah or mcb lah. you think youre very cool is it? scolding people and saying these things. if its very cool, why do i NOT see every single person alive saying those things? its not that i dont say these things and im jealous or sumthin. its jst that, you know, saying these things jst makes you low classed. no offense to those whos been using those words since forever. im okay with it actly. and if youve been saying em non stop since the day we met, then i can excuse you from saying that. BUT, you werent like that before. maybe you did say it once or twice, but i told you not to and you actly stopped. but why now youre starting again? i remembered last time when we used to be close. people always tell me the bad things about you and i never seem to notice it. but now, i think ive seen it all. the very hideous side of you. and no, im not saying that im perfect or anything. its jst that you dont have to show it to everyone and think its cool eh? can you like at least make an effort to change? even a TINY BIT would do. all these childish acts really do make you look like a fool you know? well, lets jst get this straight. act cool + proud + show off + lying + blahblahblah does NOT equal to popularity/glamour. it actly equals to giving bad impression to people and ruining your reputation. gosh theres so much to say right now. but i guess this is enough. dont wanna blab so much. you read this and change whatever is written here and i shall love you. seriously. HAHA.

and one more thing, i do not hate you. i jst want you to know that youre living in the real world. NOT everything has to go your way. so open your eyes dearie. its time to wake up. stop being so self-centered and you have to remember this, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU AND THIS IS LIFE[THERE ARE UPS AND DOWNS], SO FACE IT. i want you to grow up. you need to grow up. youre not a kid anymore. and its not like i dont dare to say all these to your face. the reason why i wrote it here is because IF i do say it to you, im sure you wouldnt listen at all and would get angry before i even start speaking. or jst act like im talking to the wind.

p/s: this post isnt about one person only. its actly about some few persons.

heres a question i found in the internet - "HOW CAN I ACT COOL WITHOUT ACTING SO STUPID?"
a very good question indeed. and here are the responses.
once you stop acting like what you think everyone wants you to be, what you will say will be natural, and thats a lot cooler.
2. relax and be yourself. dont try to be someone that you arent. let people see you for you. it will work out best.
3. dont worry about acting cool. just be your inter self.
good answers ay? well, think about it after reading this. changing how you are now may jst affect your future. and someday, you might come thanking me for all this :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

take a look

this picture explains it all. i dont have to say much. *sighs* all of a sudden, my mood disappeared. i dont know why but im really tired. tired as in wanting to sleep and also very close to not caring about some specific things anymore. my life hasnt been better since last year and i dont think it ever will. im kindasortofabit hating it but what can i do? lifes gotta go on bah right? haihhh at least i do get a lil tiny bit of surprises and fun once in a while.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


went to Parkson yesterday with Michelle and Tracy. it was supposed to be the three of us since Cass couldnt make it due to fever. but Vincent, Lu Seng, Thomas and Tiong Bing came along too. went to the arcade to play some games then we went to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd a.k.a. 老师嫁老大 i like this movie alot. its very hilarious and i give two thumbs up for it. here is a short synopsis about it.

"Ah Long Pte Ltd" is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Following the retirement of her triad leader (Richard Low), a young lady, Li Hua (Fann Wong), tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and 'loving' triad that stands against the use of violence. She also suffers a nagging mother and gets involved in a romance with Mr Fang (Mark Lee), an effeminate dance instructor cum image stylist.

after watching it, we went off to Giant and they boys ordered the roasted chicken. so like, all seven of us shared one whole roasted chicken. Danny suddenly showed up and the boys left with him. i went back at around 3pm and headed straight to tuition. we had this topical test which was kinda hard and guess what? the teacher wasnt in for one whole hour. cool ay? well, here are some pics i took yesterday.

rachael's pencilbox. so cute hor?

Friday, April 18, 2008


uhhh. woke up about half an hour ago and my head hurts. gosh. its like only four in the morning and im thinking of how to finish of my english oral. you know what? i think im jst gonna hand it in next week. dont care about that teacher lah hor? lols and ive been kinda busy lately. so much stuffs to do. homework homework homework. and exams coming up. stressnye. another three more weeks till sumatif 2. hope this time i wont get as bad as before =\
dang, blogger wont let me upload pics. pffffffft. well, im off to finish my oral then. ciao ~

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ashton and demi

guess what? jst now when checking my yahoo mail, i saw this advert at the top of the page showing those celebrity photos. and ngam2 they were showing Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. uhhhhs; how come theyre still together?! ashton is like way too HOT for her pls. and shes older than him by alot. not that age matters but still, hes young you know. AND innocent. people still got a long way to go. and demi, shes divorced and has three kids[i think]. its like so unfair for him know? when i first heard that they were gonna get married, i was seriously shocked. i couldnt believe what i was hearing/seeing. gosh. how could they? he was my celeb crush that time. now hes not anymore but i still do like him. like ever since primary school bahs.

omg omg omg :O

UNpretty demi and HOT ashton

on a front cover of a mag @@

their wedding

ashton with demi and her kids

you see. they are so NOT meant for each other. anyone support me? HAHA.

Friday, April 11, 2008

hari ini

so f-ing tired today. supposed to go back at noon but i stayed until like four plus? gosh. ive been walking up and down the school for like two hours? HAHA. cause the first four periods before recess were english and BM. as for english, we're having oral and i went in and out the class more than 10 times. only once i asked permission. and the rest of the times, i jst went about myself :P
during BM, teacher wasnt in class.
wooooots. NO ORAL ! and like got teacher sit in but i asked permission and went out. came back to class 20 minutes later. lols after recess it was add maths. didnt like it at all. i really wanted to shout at her and leave the class but somehow something inside was controlling me and told me not to get so pissed off. hmph !
went to Tanjung Seafood for lunch with cass stef and hash. saw some people there. and as usual, i had butter chicken rice. yum yum yum (: when we got back to school, we rested at the bus stop and about half an hour later we went into school. went up to 4s3 and did some homework. well, stef was the one doing most of the homework. i was jst talking and scribbling in cass' school diary. lols went back around four plus and reached home before five thirty.
right now, its only 7.30pm and my eyes are gonna close soon. so tired leh =\

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

im tired

something went wrong with me today. halfway through maths class, i suddenly thought of boy*. well, the teacher was talking in front of class and you know, its really boring. then i remembered that she was his form teacher last time. all of a sudden, an image of him in school uniform appeared in my mind. he was shooting his killer smile and i could feel my heart beat speeding up. at that moment, the tears jst rolled down my cheeks. luckily it was only a little. i seriously dont know why this happened. i mean, its been so long already. gosh. even i was shocked that i would actually cry.
talking about this, i somehow kinda miss him. i havent seen him since august last year. wonder hows he doing now. *sigh* i guess i gotta stop here for now. i cant go on anymore. if i do, i dont think one box of tissue is enough =\

* the name is not written for P&C reasons. though i think many people already know who he is @@

Friday, April 4, 2008


i can hear the sound of raindrops on the roof.
its been a while since it last rained.
lately ive been listening to jay chou over and over again.
im addicted to two main things right now.
1. HIM
2. jay chou's songs
so many thoughts running in my mind.
i think im gonna be paranoid soon.
people often tell me that i think too much.
maybe im jst making life hard.
and im confused about a hell lots of things.
and my life aint getting better at all.
instead i think its becoming worse than i expected.
so much for hoping for a good year.
its useless to wish so hard for sumthin.
somehow right now i feel very pissed.
my gosh ! so so geram lah.
i think im gonna continue in pinyin.



i actually wrote in chinese. cool ay? it was supposed to be in pinyin. but i remembered that using the comp to write in chinese is quite simple. so jst write in chinese. HAHA. but that doesnt mean i can actually read a whole chinese book. well, im tired and i should be off to bed now. ciao !