Tuesday, September 30, 2008


celebrated Rachel's birthday at Pong's Cafe jst now.
some of them couldnt make it though.
so like, we had dinner and went to
Parkson afterwards.
wanted to watch something nice but then the times werent ngam.
at first we wanted to watch
The Love Guru, but it started at 8.45pm ler.
and that time it was already like 9.20pm?
too late le so in the end we ended up watching
The Stranger.
the sound effects were abit too loud for me.
and kinda scary lar looking at the masked dude.
luckily i didnt finish watching the movie.
if not, i think i wouldnt dare to stay home alone for at least a year :O
khua zhang much? well, its true.

and somehow lately ive been feeling weird.
something's very wrong with me.
i wonder all day and night.
i think about "you de mei de".
my heart feels empty.
my shoulder seems to be heavier than usual.
i find myself getting mad even at the littlest things
my bad temper has become a hyperactive volcano.
i get headaches and dizziness more often.
but ... idk lar.
*lets out a BIG FAT SIGH*

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