Sunday, October 5, 2008


it was windy at Sunday School this morning.
somehow during class, it felt as if my whole self was there but my mind was somewhere else.
images started to appear in my mind as Uncle John was talking in front of the class.
luckily there was Praise and Worship.
only then that my mind came back to me.
oh and i fell in love with the first song we sang when we went into the hall.
didnt manage to ask for the title but i hope i'll find it soon :)

gosh, final exams starts tomorrow. nervous much? heck yeah.
this time im really gonna stop myself from doing what i love most,
switch on the computer and listen to songs while online-ing.
gonna try to study without music this time.
hope i dont fall asleep too soon though. hahah

ps: do pray for me. i really wanna do good this time. jst to show daddy and mummy that i did put in some effort in studying and that ive sacrificed not touching the computer at all.
pps: i think my brain's about to turn into goo. dammit.

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