Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my weekend

well, im not supposed to be blogging now since exams is in two days. gosh i havent even touched my books yet =\

hmmm, last saturday evening i went to the indoor stadium with joanna, david, their mum and samuel for the aiFM thingy. before the speech even ended, david and samuel disappeared. lols they went off with some friends to eat. its supposed to start at 7pm and we reached there fifteen minutes earlier. but then, the place was already almost full. it was crowded with chinese people. it was actually a kinda nice show thingy. the performances were okay. guess what? nick chung was there ! he sang about five songs i think. there was an autograph session after the whole concert thingy. too bad i didnt stay back to get his autograph. hehs
then on sunday, we went to KB and Seria. went to Supa Save then to Escapade to eat[finally] and came back in the evening. at least my weekend was fun. next time, i'll be having tuition on Saturday and Sunday and it wont be so fun nemore ):

Thursday, February 21, 2008

思念是一种病 - 张震岳

this is a good song. meaningful lyrics. i give it a two thumbs up :D

當你在穿山越嶺的另一邊 我在孤獨的路上沒有盡頭


恍然大悟早已遠去 為何總是在犯錯之後 
他們說這就是人生 試著體會
試著忍住眼淚 還是躲不開應該有的情緒
只是這段時間裡 尤其在夜裡 
我想我的思念是一種病 久久不能痊癒

當你在穿山越嶺的另一邊 我在孤獨的路上沒有盡頭
時常感覺你在耳後的呼吸 卻未曾感覺你在心口的鼻息

不知不覺無聲無息 我們總是在抱怨事與願違 
想想自己 到底做了什麼蠢事情 

當你在穿山越嶺的另一邊 我在孤獨的路上沒有盡頭
時常感覺你在耳後的呼吸 卻未曾感覺你在心口的鼻息
思念是一種病 Oh 思念是一種病 一種病

當這個世界 不再那麼美好 
我相信 一切都來得及 別管那些紛紛擾擾
別讓不開心的事 停下了腳步 
就怕你不說 就怕你不做
別讓遺憾繼續 一切都來得及

當你在穿山越嶺的另一邊 我在孤獨的路上沒有盡頭
時常感覺你在耳後的呼吸 卻未曾感覺你在心口的鼻息
思念是一種病 Oh 思念是一種病 一種病

When you are on the other side of the mountains and hills, there’s no end to my lonely road

In a lifetime how many times are you too late
in discovering you’ve already lost what’s most important to you
Sudden realizations are long gone, why is it only after making mistakes
that you’re willing to believe that you are the one who was wrong
They say that’s just life, you have to try and learn from experience
Try enduring falling tears or you’ll hide yourself away from the feelings you should have
I can’t plead with the world to stop turning,
I know avoidance isn’t useful at all
It’s just that right now, especially at night,
I’ll still think of things that are hard to forget
I think my yearning is a kind of sickness, for so long I haven’t been able to recover from it

When you are on the other side of the mountains and hills, there’s no end to my lonely road
I often think I feel you breathing behind my ears, but I’ve never felt the breath of your deepest thoughts

Frantically forgetting that the people beside us need love and concern,
excuses always increase the distance between us
Unwittingly, unknowingly, we’re always busy complaining and disobeying,
yet we’re unwilling to look back and examine ourselves
Thinking of what foolish things we’ve actually done,
perhaps it’s God testing me
It’s just that this wound requires a bit of time,
it’s just that I yearn for everything that has passed
Those people and things are far from me,
and we eventually will also find distance turned to memories

When you are on the other side of the mountains and hills, there’s no end to my lonely road
I often think I feel you breathing behind my ears, but I’ve never felt the breath of your deepest thoughts
Oh yearning is a kind of sickness, oh yearning is a kind of sickness, a kind of sickness

For how long have you not said I love you,
for how long have you not embraced the people you love
When this world is no longer so lovely,
only love can make things better
I believe, it’s still not too late, ignore those constant disruptions
Don’t make unhappy things stop your progress,
I’m just afraid you won’t speak, just afraid you won’t act
Don't let the regret continue, it’s still not too late

When you are on the other side of the mountains and hills, there’s no end to my lonely road
I often think I feel you breathing behind my ears, but I’ve never felt the breath of your deepest thoughts
Oh yearning is a kind of sickness, oh yearning is a kind of sickness, a kind of sickness

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

todays the day

20th february 2008

two whole years. i know im over him but somehow i kind of miss him. i miss his smile. the one that melts my heart in an instant. you know, the other day i was thinking, "how many times have we actually talked to each other?". not many times but still, at least ive talked to him. i wonder if he knows that i miss him.
somehow, almost everything about him i can remember. like when we talked or when he said hi or sumthin. last year, i only saw him twice. one time was in the car and i saw him cycling past. the other time was during the drag race competition. both times he didnt see me though. hehs i got good eyes eh?
well its been so long.

btw, todays post is dedicated to him. and IF he gets to see this, which i doubt, i wanna say "I MISS YOU". lol and uhhh, heres a picture of him :

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

start small

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

- Theodore Roosevelt.

Monday, February 18, 2008


two nights ago, some church people came over to my house for dinner. mummy had to cook from morning till afternoon. it was tiring for me too cause i was supposed to do my homework and iron clothes only. but mana tahu i was needed to peel + slice the potatoes, garlics, big onions, red onions, cucumbers and carrots. i cut my finger twice and luckily there wasnt much blood. at night, they all came and ate like theyve never seen food before. LOL in short, they jst ate very very fast. it was a good night lah.
then the next day we went to church as usual then to sunday school. chriss and another dude came into our class and guess what, amanda was the only one left in their class. so miss lee asked her to join my class. lols sure fun bah if every sunday like this. combine classes. and uhhh, during class i kissed cass and was her reaction big. i dont know why but she always reacts in a very "kua zhang" way. hehs and no im not lesbian. shes my cousin okay? after sunday school me, joanna and vallamy took my aunt's car and went straight to my cousin's house. had lunch there with some other aunts and uncles and cousins. the person living next door was having this open house and aiyerr, the smell of the buddhist thingy was very strong. couldnt stand it at all. we did take some pictures but i dont have em. so you can check it out at joanna[CLICK HERE]'s blog. not sure if she updated or not. if not yet then you can check back in few day's time. lol
and today, assembly was boring. as always. so much crap lah. and we were supposed to be locked in the hall again for another hour but thank God we didnt =\


Friday, February 15, 2008

valentines day

yesterday was valentines day. went over to cass' house to celebrate together with mandy, michelle, ana, stef and sabs. it was a good afternoon. we had fun. there was cake and drinks and CNY food and computer and tv and taking pics and talking. lol at least this year's valentine was celebrated in an enjoyable way (:

lol this picture so dark

our valentines cake (:

guess who this is. LOL

and these are some of the pictures we took yesterday. and well today was a "interesting" day. as you all know, we got roll call every morning at 6.40am right? well today we were kept in the hall until 8.40am like that. gosh the hall was filled with us students and all the shutters were put down. so you can imagine how hot it is to be in there for two whole hours with the oxygen getting lesser by the minute. luckily he let us out before nine. if not, i wouldve become a roasted pig. i could even feel my face's temperature rising =\

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


it was a very very cacat-ed afternoon today. hehs went over to dexter's house to do the science fair thingy. stef aiyin and her "new" friend, sam[?] tagged along too. our project thingy somehow half succeeded and half kinda failed. lol hopefully nothing goes wrong during the actual science fair. and ummm, we sorta made this chocolate thingy using baking chocolate. very very the sweet leh. but it tasted good =p overall, it was a good afternoon. hope tomorrow afternoon's gonna be as good.

btw, its VALENTINES DAY tmrw. someone's gonna get a surprise ><

Monday, February 11, 2008


oosh !
i want a new phone.
i want a SE phone.
but i dont know which model to get.
i read a phone mag this afternoon.
w910i seems nice.
but its red in color.
i want a black phone.
and guess what?
w910i is a SLIDE phone.
wth. ive been using slide phones for two years le.
how how how?
someone help me make up my mind.
which phone to buy?
i want a not-so expensive phone.

btw, school sucks to the max.
its like deserted today.
not much people came.
all prolly still bai nian-ing ):

Friday, February 8, 2008

the three days of CNY

its already the third day of CNY. time passes so fast. and i dont think i have enuff angpao money to buy a new phone and put some into the bank. well, at least i had fun in these three days. though im sick. you know, i got sick like since the first day. but then it was in the evening. i got fever and problems with my uhhh, wei. lols i dont know the english name for it. im feeling better now but still abit sick.
went to my aunt's house for lunch jst now. i was still full from eating breakfast so i didnt eat at their house. quite alot of people were there. even my teacher was there. her anak is so so cute. after eating, my aunt took out this cake to sort of celebrate my cousin's birthday in advanced. you know what cake it is? why, none other than OREO FANTASY. woooo im so in love with that cake. esp the oreo part. so damn nice mann. im still so bloated. then later need to go to joshua's house for dinner. adehh. i guess i ate too much at pascal's house this morning. too much porridge and chicken wine. this morning was quite fun actually. after going to pascal's house for breakfast, we left for another two more houses. philip followed too. so when we reached dennis' house, the adults went to eat and us kids jst played the very chun astro game. and because it was so chun we kept on laughing everytime we played it. amanda laughed the loudest i think. lol then after that we went to ummm, augustine[i think]'s house. it was so boring that we got wu liao that we jst sat there and stared at each other. HAHA. really babi mann. bored until like this. all i know is that me joshua and philip kept laughing from nine all the way to eleven. lols around four, my ex-babysitter's daughter came with her two anaks. gosh, her son grew quite tall. the last time i saw him was like two years plus ago? and he was still like a kid. now, hes fully[well almost] grown. lol he was my childhood friend from like more than 10 years ago. oosh ! somehow i was very very nervous to see them, esp him. i didnt even dare to go downstairs to greet themhim. only until mummy called me down like three times baru i went down >.<
the past two days were good too. on the first day we mainly went to family members' house. went to church early in the morning and back to my grandma's house. then we walked to nicholas' house and to mine. after that is cassandra's house. in the evening, we went to chris' house. oooh, his chihuahua is so adorably small and cute. i went home afterwards and got sick. kesian lei. i even got fever in the middle of the night.
the next day, i felt a tiny bit better but still sick. wanted to stay at home but my parents forced me to go bai nian and see doctor. so i went and when i went to see the doctor, i cuncun see him coming out and closing the place. i rushed in and guess what, the wife was kind enough to give vallamy and i angpao. later that day, we went to my cousin's house and off to his brother's house about two hours later. then we're supposed to go to my mum's uncle's house together but i was still sick so i stayed at my cousin's house and sleep/sort of help them jaga rumah. they came home two hours later and i watched a movie before leaving with my cousins to their friend's house. and gosh, was i glad to follow them there cause the amount given in the angpao was like omfg-ly banyak. luckily i follow. if not i would've kekurangan alot of money and it wouldnt be enuff to buy myself a new phone. lol

the scary fish outside chris' house

chris' chihuahua


joanna and vallamy

my niece's bed. lol

and last but not least, the FAMOUS FAHRENHEIT a.k.a. FEI LUN HAI 飞轮海

left to right : calvin, chun, jiro, arron. the one in red is the manager :D

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


*BOOM* sounds of the fireworks are filling up the sky around my house. people everywhere are playing em. well, its still early and im bored. you know, somehow this year aint really the same as the past few years. i mean look at dinner jst now. only few of us were at grandma's house. if it was like five years ago, the number of people there wouldve doubled. or maybe even tripled. i remember when i was young, my cousins and i would play firecrackers outside grandma's house after dinner. we used to have so much fun. but now, its all different. everyone's becoming older and it aint that fun nemore. time passes really fast and things change. and people too. and in the end, all thats left will only be memories.

talking about this makes me miss my childhood days. when all of us would gather at grandma's house during some special occasion and us kids would jst fool around and laugh together. ahhh; those were the days. the happiest times of my life. i would give anything jst to go back in time and re-live those moments once more. like what daddy said before, as we grow older our relationship would drift us apart. i mean, as kids we can play all we want and as we grow older, we'll all be busy with our own things and wont have time for our family no more. and slowly when we become adults, i dont think we'll be contacting each other anymore. well, maybe during special occasions but not on any ordinary reasons.

as you see, teenagers these days care more about their peers rather than their family members. which is a very very common thing nowadays. and a not-so-pleasant thing for our families.
"if theres a party held by their friend which is on the same day as one of their family's birthday, i think they would most likely go to their friend's party instead." - quoted, unknown[dont remember].

ooops. im outta topic. lol anyways, CNY is in less than three hours. tmrw's gonna be a fun and busy day. need to wake up early for church though. blehs *mum calling from downstairs* blog again tmrw. ciao peeps.

btw, i can still hear the sound of the non-stop fireworks outside my house. and its gonna continue all the way til past midnight =\

one more day

last night was very last of the night bazaar. i guess we'll hafta wait another year for it to come again. you know, its been going on since last friday and i went every night, except for saturday as it was raining. but we did drive past and went up to Canada Hill to see the fireworks.
it was very very very crowded last night. i think almost the whole of Miri came out. and since there were so many people, the place was like air-less. could hardly breathe. everyone were squeezing here and there. well, daddy's lucky cause hes tall. one very good advantage. and because of his tallness, he was looking around finding for people taller than him, which he actually couldnt find.
mummy, vallamy, my niece and her mum were sitting in front of the stage watching performances. and my cousin went off to somewhere to buy some stuffs. so i was left with daddy and as we were walking around, i suddenly saw two heads popping out of the crowds. and i was like "finally, two tall dudes". and when i actually got to see their faces clearly, guess what? its none other than my two cousins. HAHAHA.
then daddy saw his friend, which was same height as him. and theres this dude that was selling some thingy at the stall, hes tall too. around daddy's height also i think.
btw, there were two drunk dudes there. one fainted earlier on after the lion dance performance and the other also fainted. i think lah. lol
quite alot of familiar faces there. even little miss afidah. she looked so diff from her usual school uniform. in addition to her looking like a cute kid, i couldnt even recognize her. and this dude there. oooh, engtaoness. LOL i saw him the night before at parkson with his girlfriend and well i saw him again at the bazaar the next night. lucky eh?
after the second round of lion dance performance, i followed cass back home. on the way to her car, i saw coconut* de car. aiyoh. i didnt even see him at the bazaar. sad sad sad.
i cant wait until tomorrow morning. wear new clothes. go to church. go bai nian. go get angpao :DDD


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


lol IGNORE the title. todays a good day for me. somehow i went abit weird and kept on laughing. i made meaningless jokes and laughed about it for an hour. pffffft. everyone's at home today. which is a good thing also. i helped mummy arrange the sweets and stuffs on the table and put all the can drinks into the fridge.

i cant wait !!
im gonna go bai nian and get angpao and eateateat and have funfunfun :D

Sunday, February 3, 2008


so its sunday today.
and two days before was friday.
first of february two thousand and eight.
i was sick and did not go to school.
stayed at home until evening.
went out for dinner with aaron and vallamy's ex-babysitter and the family.
after dinner, we sent aaron back.
and off we went to Eastwood Valley for the "long piao piao" CNY singing thingy.
quite alot of people were there to watch this old Taiwanese lady whos sold 90 albums.
before she came out, Jerry and some older dude[so called local singer] sang some songs.
then the lady came out singing together with the lion dance performance.
we left the place at around 8.45pm to go to the night bazaar.
there was supposed to be an opening ceremony but it was canceled.
postponed to the next day, which was yesterday.
so mummy and vallamy went to watch the lion dance/singing/dancing performances.
me and daddy went off to take a look at all the stalls there.
on the right were the malay stalls and the rest are chinese stalls.
yesterday night after dinner with my cousins, we went again.
but then it was raining so we didnt go down.
and since it was the opening ceremony, fireworks were being put.
daddy drove up to Canada Hill to see the fireworks.
it was very very the cantek you know?
but then it lasted like not more than ten minutes.
kinda short but at least we got to see part of it.
we went home afterwards since there was this huge traffic jam in the middle of the town.

then today morning we went to church as usual.
went for breakfast and back home.
left the house half an hour later to go shopping.
daddy picked us up around noon and had lunch around 2020.
we went to pick shirly jie jie from her house and i accompanied her to the saloon.
she cut her hair + dyed it.
which took about three hours plus.
damn my ass was numb from sitting there so long.
halfway through some guys came in.
and guess what? my old crush was there too.
gosh he still looks the same as in primary school.
same thin and same tall. HAHAHA
i was looking at him when i remembered that i liked him before.
its been six years leh.
lol which means i liked him in primary four.
and you know what? i even remember his birthday !

LOL anyways, im gonna stop here.
going to the night bazaar in about an hour or so.
need to get ready first. ciao ~

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V: Not judgmental
I: Loves to laugh
V: Not judgmental
I: Loves to laugh
A: Gorgeous
N: Sexy

Z: Lives life for fun
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
E: deeply in love with his/her gf/bf

A: Gorgeous
B: Loves people
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Is great in bed
E: deeply in love with his/her gf/bf
F: People wild and crazy adore you
G: Never let people tell you what to do
H:Freakin’ beautiful eyes
I: Loves to laugh
J: Makes people laugh
K: Really silly
M: Makes dating fun
N: Sexy
O: Has one of the best personalities ever
P: Popular with all types of people
Q: A hypocrite
R: Good bf/gf
S: Lives life for fun
T: Great kisser
U: Gets blamed for everything
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded
X: Never let people tell you what to do
Y: Loved by everyone
Z: Lives life for fun

I tagged:
Lu See

Friday, February 1, 2008


guess what?

well, im sick AGAIN.
lols actually ive been sick since last sunday.
its been almost two weeks.
and *AHEM* i did not go to school today.
woooooo ~
i holiday satu day earlier than my friends.
i think my sickness is making me weird.