Saturday, October 4, 2008


oooh, i jst realized that i cant go and read my older posts. in my blog that is.
there isnt any archive thingy at all. which is lousy but good actly.
so all the ass things that ive written, you b*tches do not have a chance of reading what i wrote before.
not like i write bad things but who knows, i might do that one day.
OR on a second thought,
i might try to to create a space for my archives in case you missed out on sth interesting.

anyways, daddy is still sick lar =(
hope he gets better soon enough.
his birthday is coming also.
he should be healthy and strong, not sick and weak.

and btw, exams in 2 days. dammit.
Add Maths is first day again.
how can they do this?
im supposed to die halfway through the exams.
NOT dying on the first day. bahhhh ~

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