Tuesday, August 21, 2007


somehow, i kinda miss oxford pujut. ive got some friends there. i started to tuition there in march this year. and ive been there for five whole months. and in that five months, ive met a few old friends and have new ones too. here are some of their pictures.

peggy and erlene

jannetta and gwendolyn

jeremy with king kong. haha

joel. the so-called third DX member. LOL

sieng ung. haha funny dude.

my science teacher. miss yap

my maths teacher. mdm karen and mr byron

and well my oxford days started out in 2005. mummy put me in that tuition during the year end hols to prepare for form 2. then in 2006 i decided to go again cause my position in school was really bad. so i took four subjects. english bahasa malaysia maths and science. when in 2005 i didnt really have any friends there. but in 2006, whoah. i met a few friends there and theyre awesome. i remembered during maths class was always the craziest. theres joel ivan pricilla and summore others. we always laugh at the tiniest stuffs. there was once when joel called ivan susan. and some other names. and he even made the fei mao actions. damn it was funny. and that time the teacher kept rushing us to finish the maths. so we did the questions slowly while laughing. when class ended like 1 hour 30 minutes later, me and pricilla only did five questions. we even took turns to go to the toilet to actually stop ourselves from laughing and try to breathe *oops* and english was fun too cause i loved the subject. science.. so-so lah. kinda fun too as we were always listening to pricillas's mp4. and BM, hehehe theres this dude there. two years younger than me. me and jia tian always looked at him in class. haha and i think he saw us looking at him. but its really nice to look at him. i loved hair and the way he dresses and that jay chou smile *drools* hehehe

the only picture of pricilla that i have.

then it was 2007. i didnt go for tuition in january and in february i started to tuition at yakin there. one month later i moved to pujut. then in august, i moved back to yakin. few of my classmates are there. its actually fun too but i do miss my pujut and last year end days.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


as you all know, the hols have started yesterday. it was kinda boring though. i stayed at home the whole morning. then went to lunch at dynasty hotel with my mum and her ex-classmates. then we went back home and at night, i went to free2be. honestly, i prefer last year's free2be. but then last night was alright. i reached home at about 10.50pm :)

then today, i was waken up by my mum when she came into my room to choose my sister's outfit. then my sister came in as well as my dad. all three of them were making so much noise that i couldnt even sleep. so i had no choice but to wake up. then we picked up my cousin from ipoh and went to church. after church, we went for breakfast and back home to get some stuffs and off we go to batu niah with my cousins and aunts to go to my uncle's so-called orchard to get some talap. hehe i love that fruit. its like soooo nice and it jst taste good. and if you do NOT know what a talap is, look at this picture and you will know.

well on the way there, i jst sat in the car looking here and there. my sister slept and it made me tired too so i slept with her. when i woke up, my mum sister and cousin were sleeping. so i took some pictures since i had nothing to do and there was still a long way to go.

the view of between miri and batu niah.
shao wen and vallamy sleeping

we reached the place around almost 11am i think. then off we went to pick some talaps. hehe it was fun at first watching them plucking and catching em. and this is my dad trying to pluck the fruit with the long sharp metal pole thingy.

this is what happens if you do not know how to catch. so people, better learn you catching skills before you start catching talaps. isnt it a waste to see a sweet talap fall to the ground like how the terrorists bom each other during wars.

then, we walked further into the orchard. and continued plucking the talaps. well only my mum and sister stayed in the house and waited for us to come back.

clmbing the tall tree. *my fat dad in action*

this is a durian tree :]

this is how a talap looks like.

and this is how the inside is.

this is a talap tree.

still looking for more talaps.

well we went back into the house with at least 15 talaps. we had alot of fun but there was one thing that annoyed me which is SO MANY mosquitoes + the VERY HOT weather. and when we went into the house, and there were some durians and pomelo ready for us to eat. after eating we went to wash our hands and guess what. the water supply was so little my aunt said it looked like someone pee-ing. LOL

we went back to miri and went to tanjung to drink. i was so exhausted. about an hour after arriving home, my cousins from my mum's side came to visit. they jst came back from KL last night. then in the everning dad brought me and vallamy to eat dinner. mum was at grandma's house with my aunts and a nurse as they were doing sumthin to my grandma's leg. and now im here in my room blogging about what happened today and yesterday.

goodnite everyone.
have fun reading.
and enjoy the pictures.

Friday, August 17, 2007


exams are OVER. i repeat, exams are OVER. woo hoo~ im freeee. and we've got like a one week holiday. actually one week isnt enuff. but if you think about staying at home all day, then one week is definitely too long. pffft. i cant wait til PMR is totally over. im so gonna go out and play almost everyday of my three months holiday. and HOPEFULLY daddy and mummy would wanna go to KK and Kudat. i cant wait for that trip. im gonna like meet my relatives which i never know existed and im gonna see my nephew, before he goes to aussie to study (:

12 august 2007

heyyy. i went to see chun on sunday. he looked exactly like in the pictures. and well hes got big eyes. and he looks so much like a doll. which was really really adorable. hehe so at first i went to church at 7am as usual. then after mass we straight away went home, bathed and left for Brunei. i was really really excited. in my mind, all i could think about was 'omg. chun. chun. chun. chun. chun. what am i gonna say to him? aiya. i didnt get any thing for arron. chun. chun. chun. how do you look like in real-life. do you remember seeing me? i bet you dont. chun ah... is ur sister thr too? is my aunt thr also? will i be able to meet or talk to you? chun !!' haha yeapps. that was all i could think about. CHUN. so i reached bandar about 11+am and we went straight to Kiulap to find his gym. we found it and the place looks awesome. it was kinda crowded and there was free food too. but we didnt eat. was to excited to meet him liao. so when i went upstairs, i couldnt really walk as it was too crowded. then i saw this room at the end of the gym. i went over and guess who i saw? non other than chun. he was being interviewed by some reporters and there were photographers too. my first impression of seeing him[since 2004] was that he looks exactly like the pictures. hehe i was so glad. then when he came out, i took a really blur picture of him. haiyo.. everyone was squeezing here and there. no place for me to stand and take picture ah.

after that, i left. i went to have lunch with my cousins. we ate and talked until almost 2pm and my dad asked us to go to the gym and try to see whether hes there or not. we went to the gym and at least half the crowd was gone. we stopped outside and asked one of the workers whether he was there or not and he said yes, chun's still upstairs. so we found a parking, got off the car and went straight upstairs. there were still some people there. and cun2 when we reached the 2nd floor, chun came out. he went to the counter there and talked a while. i could see everyone with their phones and cameras taking pictures of him. my dad then took my mum's phone and went to him. i squeezed in and went near him. the bodyguard was already bringing him away when my dad said 'take a picture'. luckily he heard that and turned around and stood beside me and took ONE picture. ohmg. its like ONE friggin picture nia. haih well its better than nothing right?

and still im not that satisfied yet cause i didnt get his autograph, talk to him and didnt tell him that i was sorta related to him *sighs*

Saturday, August 11, 2007

short post

hmmmm. its a late saturday night. two more minutes to sunday. heh exams on tuesday. and i havent even started studying yet. people keep asking me about my target and i told them straight A's. but then do you see me studying? heck no. so how do i get straight A's when i dont even study? the REAL exams is in 7 weeks. haih its gonna be so hard for me. i really hafta start reading my books le. sumtimes i can feel like im really very stubborn. i always act like i know stuffs but there are times when i do not know the things im supposed to know. get what i mean? *sighs* well its getting late. and i should sleep now. hafta wake up before six and need to go church. so ciao!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

. . .

sheittt~ thats all i can say for now. its like a friggin wednesday afternoon. exams in a week. and am i studying? NO. as usual. its like sooo boring these days. nothing good happens anymore. i cant even be myself. idontknow why but its like im pretending to be someone who im not. i mean do act sarcasticly but it jst isnt that fun anymore. i guess i think too much liao. and one more thingy, i cant even think properly. its like everytime i try to concentrate on sumthin, my mind will wander off and wont come back to reality for a long time. haihs i wanna runaway. go some very far place so i can jst cry my heart out. ive got so much on my mind these days. im so confused. at times, i think that my life is gonna be over but i wake up every morning in the same condition as the day before. i wonder if i die right now, would things be better. i mean like die in a non-suicide way of course. blehs i guess i really think too much. ive got very very heavy head right now. so i better go take a nap. ciao!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


i jst got my computer back two days ago. haih my comp kena died last sunday. i sent it t ofix and all my stuffs were gone T.T sooo sad laa. and guess what date was last sunday. ure right. its 29th july. somehow, 29th july of every year sure got sumthin big happen to me de. its like i also dont know. well it all started in 2005. on that very day, me and him talked for the first time. as in our very first actual conversation. i could still remember the scene very clearly. we were in the school canteen at about 12+pm. i was eating lunch thr with my friends and while queue-ing up, he came to me. and he was like 'hey you stay back haa?'. well it was in chinese and he shot me with his killer-1000-watt-which-melts-my-heart-everytime-i-see-it smile. and that few seconds of talking to him was like heaven. my heart was pounding like mad that time. i even felt like crying. *sighs* but its all in my memory now. him. his smiles. they way he said hi. everything about him. when i close my eyes, i can see him. standing thr. smiling back at me. and then it was 29th july 2006. the day i cut my front hair. it was sooo ugly and my front hair wasnt straight at all. i didnt like it. i looked so weird. haha but now its okay liao laa. kinda long. but still not thataight. and finally, its 29th july 2007. the day my computer died. i was like half chatting and half doing my project when the computer became so lagged. so i switched it off and went downstairs. when i came back up to switch it on, it wouldnt start. i got worried and tried to start it like more than 30 times. and in the end, we had to send it to fix. the dude fixing the comp said it kena virus liao. so he had to reformat the whole comp. noooooo. my songs. my pictures. almost everything. all gone. haih so now, what do you think of my 29th julys? hahaha :P