Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's officially february.

my favourite time of the year has come again. other than the fact that chinese new year is in february, i somehow kinda really like this month a lot. maybe it's cause the new year is usually in this month, also because my birthday is coming - not that i'm excited about getting older or anything, and also because usually the start of the year is like the slacking time of the year. in school(kindergarten, primary, secondary), the hard work usually come in march. besides, valentine's coming soon too! no idea why i'm so hyped up about it cause i've been celebrating valentine's alone for the past 8teen(soon to be 9teen) years. -_______-" LOL but still, it's like the best time of the year. in addition to that, now that i'm in university and well, our semester breaks follow the australian calendar, which means that we have holidays from november all the way until february. yes you heard me right. school holidays in february. isn't that just great? :D

anyways, there's this trend going on twitter lately which is #februarywish and well, i think it's a great trend and i'm thinking of listing down all my wishes for this month. so yeah, let's start with the very first one: my february wish is for everything to go smoothly for the rest of the year. second, i want a brand new set of beats by dr dre! my third wish is to have a peaceful birthday. fourth, let school be better than what i've expected. and fifth(yes, this is my last wish. don't wanna be so greedy :P), let me get lots of hong bao this year. i'm really in need of money at the moment T_T

so yeah, that's all about february. and before i end this post, i wanna wish everyone reading this a blessed chinese new year. HUAT AHHH! :D

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