Monday, February 28, 2011

day one.

first day of class was alright. only one lecture on monday. isn't that just, great? but then, i went back home like six hours after lecture. why? cause there was just so many things to be done. went around campus with june cause she had some stuffs to settle. went up to the office to look for the lecturer like three times? when finally we've found the person that we needed to meet, she wasn't in. had to wait like an hour until she came back. but then the queue to meet her was really long. and since june found this friend, we kinda cut queue. XD and so after waiting for an hour and a half, we finally get to meet the hod lady. turns out, we couldn't change class. and like, all our trips of going to sob so many times and wasting almost two hours waiting for her was all useless. blehh. but i guess it's okay. one semester's gonna fly by very soon anyways. so yeah, kinda looking forward to tomorrow's class now. definitely not accounting lecture that is. i'm talking about bis tutorial. something like e-commerce. this should be fun :D

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