Wednesday, February 23, 2011


realize that i haven't been updating lately. and yes, i'm just that lazy. lol class is gonna start on monday. i guess that's why my laziness is coming back to find me. i mean, i love school don't get me wrong. it's just the annoying teaching and learning (units that i despise) that i don't like. pffffft. i wanna go back to campus and study ecs all day long. now, wouldn't that be fun? we just need to talk talk and talk. the part of it? it's all english and there's no calculations or formulas. :D

but heh, i cannot be daydreaming anymore. when i get back to campus on monday, i'm a full-time degree student now. goodbye to good ol' foundation. ah, another step into adulthood/matureness. i hope i don't screw up this semester. i want everything to go by smoothly. which i doubt is ever possible unless i'm a smartass nerd who can score more then 3/4 of the full marks for every exam. :\

so yeah, four more days of relaxing and i'm back to reality. say goodbye to my summer holidays and hello to books, lecture notes and driving 10-15 to reach campus. oh and speaking of driving to campus, i don't have friday classes again! woooooh ~ actually, i don't have wednesday classes too but some of my friends say it'll be boring at home if we only have three days of class. so now, it's four. i'm not really loving it though. my thursday timetable sucks to the max. i wanna change class! really really really hope that i'll be able to do that. gonna go find the lecturer on monday and talk about it. wish me luck people! *fingers crossed very tightly.

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