Thursday, February 17, 2011


yes, it's officially the last day of chinese new year. and yes, i'm devastated. i mean, fifteen days went by just like that *snaps fingers*! and i didn't have enough fun. well, not really. cause like first day of new year was on a thursday and kids have to go back to school on monday. which in fact was on the fifth day of new year. so four days wasn't really enough. although i did go visiting with my friends afterwards. but still, this was one of the best chinese new year ever. why? mainly because i had collected enough hong bao money. i've reached my target this year and i'm really glad. gonna be setting targets again next year. oh and did i mention that chinese new year next year falls on a monday. that means, nine days of school holidays for school kids and also my sister! *including the saturday and sunday before new year* then, we can visit more houses with my parents :DD

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