Saturday, February 5, 2011

stop for a minute.

third day of chinese new year and i'm still very euphoric. reached home about 1am in the morning and i slept for like 5 hours only? lol to be honest, i haven't been sleeping much at all in the past few days. been sleeping late and waking up early. although i was really tired, it was still worth it. why? just because it's chinese new year! lol

anyways, i went visiting with my family for the past two days and guess what? on the first day we went to seven houses. then on the second day, we supposedly planned to visit six houses. then it became eight and in the end, i went to eleven houses. heck yeah. i've been out practically the whole day. from like 8.30am all the way until 1am the next morning. lol actually we've already stopped at the eighth house. it was our last stop but coincidently, my friends are out visiting their classmate who lives on the same road as the house we were currently at. so i went out to talk to my friend which ended up with me going into the house to talk and following them to two more houses.

was so exhausted when i reach home. uploaded some of the pictures we took that night and went straight to bed. my mum kept asking me to sleep early cause in the morning, we're supposed to reach one of our church member's house by 8am and she lives at the other side of town. lol so yeah, we had to wake up early and leave the house early as well. omg

after that we had to rush to get ready as there were people coming over to our house for lunch. had some workshop people and my mum's birth mum's family over as well. speaking of workshop, there's this kinda chubby dude at the workshop who loves to ask me to drink. lol i remember last year at one of the mechanic's house, he kept asking me to drink beer. he opened idk how many cans of carlsberg for me to drink. good thing there wasn't any beer at home this year but then my dad took out some wine and he was like "amoi, minum!" so i had no choice but to drink. but i only took a mouthful and hurriedly went inside the house. XD but all in all, it was a really good afternoon despite me being in the kitchen washing all the dishes.

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