Saturday, February 12, 2011


happy birthday to me!
i'm finally turning 9teen. so this post is dedicated especially to me. how do i feel being older? not that fun i suppose. i mean, this year is my last year of having the number "1" on the front number. i should live life to the fullest this year, no matter what. and i hope that i can keep this promise of mine. seriously, i want to put all the bad memories and everything behind to start over. besides, it's still the beginning of new year and i should be happy right? and God has been blessing me for nineteen years now. He's given me wonderful parents and a lovely baby(to me that is) sister. we may not be rich but at least we have a place to stay, food to eat everyday, and clothes to wear. what more can i ask for, right? oh wait, there is. i wanna meet jay chou and marry him wei! anyone who can grant me this wish, i'll love you forever and ever. :DD

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