Monday, February 7, 2011

first quarter of new year.

fifth day of chinese new year. went visiting with my friends again. it's been a really tiring day. been visiting with friends since yesterday. we went to five houses yesterday and today, we went to only four. so that's nine houses in total for two days. not bad huh? i guess we spend too much time at one house. or else we'd definitely be going to more than 10 houses.

then after visiting yesterday, some relatives came over to my house for dinner. yeah, mummy cooked some food and asked them to come eat. well, it's like a new year dinner for us family to gather together. and it's also because three of my cousins came back to miri. one coming back from perth and the other two from kl. mee jing came over too cause she was going back to kl soon and if we didn't ask her to come yesterday, we're afraid that we won't be seeing her anymore cause she's busy and we're busy. lol

then today, i went visiting with my friends until about 3pm something when i had to rush back home cause i'm going to pascal's house with my family. had dinner at his house and sent my sister to tuition. after that, daddy, mummy and i went to bintang. we went looking for specs cause i needed a new pair but in the end, it was mummy who bought one, not me. lol after looking at specs, daddy brought me to the clock store and asked me to find a watch that i like. i already knew he was gonna buy one for me cause he kept telling me that watches nowadays are cheap. which actually is not cheap to me. he just said that i won't feel bad about him buying me a watch. aww. in the end, i chose this very pretty watch which costs less than RM100. and i'm very satisfied with it. :DD

AHHH! another 10 more days and chinese new year will be over. gotta wait another year for it to come again. gosh, i just love the new year. i mean who doesn't, right? :)

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