Friday, February 11, 2011


sorry for not blogging in the past two days. i wanted to but it's either i've been busy, sick or lazy. quite a lot have happened while i was gone. see, on wednesday, i was supposed to go visiting with my friends (yes, again. lol) but i was too lazy. but i did tell them that i'll be going to one house with them. so i did but ended up following them afterwards. good thing the houses that they went to afterwards were all in pujut area cause in the morning, they were up at airport road that area and it's like so faraway from my house. XD so i left the house and 1pm and came back at around 6pm? my house was the last stop and they all went back home after my house. it was a long afternoon but it was fun. four cars going visiting together. the past few times that we went visiting, it was like two cars only? lol

then yesterday, my mum called me at about 9.30am and asked me to go pick her up at noon. wanted to stay at home to watch tv though. lol so i went to pick her up and we went Bintang to buy some stuffs. after that, we went to see the doctor. yeah, like finally. my parents have been asking me to go since last week but i just don't want to. i guess my sickness have just gotten worse so i had no more choice. somehow, when i got home yesterday, my headache started to hurt so badly i swore i could've died from the pain. seriously, it hurt so much, i could hardly move. i felt so helpless. i went to sleep at about 6.30pm and woke up at 9.20pm or so when my mum came into my room to check on me. i waited for an hour to finally take my painkiller and went back to sleep. woke up again this morning at 7am. so overall, i slept for almost 12 hours and i felt just like a pig. lol but thank God my head doesn't hurt that much anymore. :')

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am var dediler geldik.