Sunday, February 6, 2011

that pleasant feeling.

you wanna know why i love chinese new year so much? it's not the amount of hong bao that i receive - well that is part of the reason too actually lol but it doesn't matter so much anyways, it's not because i get to wear my new clothes and certainly it is not because i can eat lots of (new year) food but the fact that i can spend the new year with my loved ones. as you know, people nowadays love to move here and there causing families, be it uncles and aunties or cousins or even siblings to be apart from each other. and when everyone gets busy with their own lives, they hardly stay in contact with other family members. for those who stay in neighbouring cities, there may be more chances of them meeting up with each other once in a while. but what about those that move faraway? like, one sibling can be living in Australia while the other might be halfway across the globe. how do you expect them to meet up all the time? so, new year is the time for families to come together, to celebrate with our loved ones and just to spend time together you know.

since the death of my grandparents from both sides of the family, we hardly come together anymore. although most of us are living in the same town, we don't see each other as often as we used to. and it's just really sad you know. my dad once said, (in mandarin) "once the older people of our family pass away, the younger generations will be separated sooner or later" and i believe that what he said was true. i remember about two weeks before my paternal grandmama died, all my aunties and uncles from all around the world came back to visit her. they even took a family photo together. without my late grandpapa that is. and to be honest, the last time i ever see my dad and every one of his siblings gather together was like, idk, maybe during the death of my grandpapa? which was like 10 years ago. or in that case where my grandmama was sick, 8 years back.

anyways, you get my point right? so yeah, i guess that's why i love chinese new year so much. but sad enough, right after the first day have passed, you can feel that chinese new year is ending soon. and we'd have to wait another year for it to come again. and i'm sure next year will be an awesome one, why? because first day of chinese new year falls on a monday! heck yeah. which means that the normal malaysian school holiday will be one week starting from the saturday before chinese new year. more days to bai nian, more days of fun! :D

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