Monday, January 31, 2011

goodbye january;

i can't believe one month went by just like that *snaps fingers but failing badly cause it didn't produce any sound* my goodness. i think 2011 is gonna fly by just like 2010. i could still remember that exactly one year ago, i was still working at Boulevard and quite clueless about the future. well, i'm still clueless now but at least i've landed myself in a place i never would have imagined being.

honestly, if you were to ask me what did i do this whole month; i doubt that i can actually give you an exact answer. why? because i seriously have no idea. i only remember watching tv and slacking around the house. lol sad but true. i did do some other stuffs like becoming my mummy's driver and uhhhh, i don't remember! omg this is a bad sign. i really don't remember doing anything else this whole month! am i starting to lose my memory or is the above really the ONLY TWO things that i did this month? :O i need help!

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