Saturday, February 26, 2011

two more days.

went up to Brunei this afternoon with the family. didn't go up until Bandar though. just went to Kuala Belait and Seria. daddy went to buy some car tyres and after that, bought some stuffs, had dinner and we're back. it was a three hour trip. pretty quick eh? yeah, it was. i guess i won't be having anymore trips in the future as class starts the day after tomorrow. nervous much! i still can't believe that i'm gonna be a degree student once i step into campus on monday. gonna have my very first degree lecture at 9am. woooo. am i excited? pretty much. i can't wait to see my friends! i kinda sort of miss them a lot. and when the semester starts, i guess i gotta be very busy. need to study study study. there's a few smartass kids in my class and i seriously cannot fall behind too much. if not, no face when go class wei. lol but still, to the people reading this now please wish me luck. i need confidence and strength to face every single day. i don't wanna wake up feeling tired and useless and going to campus with a D: or @@ or :X face you know. HAHA.

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