Friday, February 4, 2011

second day of cny.

it's only the second day of chinese new year and my stomach is not being nice to me. :( come on, today there's six houses to visit and at all the houses there's food(cooked food i mean) to eat. aihhh. sad sad. chinese new year is meant for us people to eat and receive hong baos(non married ppl) and also have lots of fun. not becoming sick and wake up at 2am to go to the toilet. OMG but it's good also like that. i don't have to eat so much anymore. since my stomach is not feeling well, i'll have to stop eating oily things. besides, i've already eaten so much yesterday that it's enough to last two days. lol

anyways, yesterday was amazing. i loved yesterday. although it was really tiring since i didn't have enough sleep, i was really satisfied. we went to seven houses to visit. there was food at some of the houses and it's all delicious. i think i ate the most at my mum's god mother's house. there was masak hitam, curry, kacangma, some unknown named food and most importantly, there was 芋头扣肉!idk why but i've been craving for it lately. and this year my mum decided to cook it for me. it was good but problem is, it's too sweet. i mean the gravy. but when you eat it with the meat and yam and rice, it tastes just right. and well, when i ate the one at my mum's god mother's house it tasted really good. feels like the one i used to eat all the time at my grandma's house during chinese new year. ahhh. *flashbacks* LOL then in the evening, we went to my mum's "actual" family and there were lots of faces that i saw for the first time. i have another 16 cousins over there but not all were present last night. it was kinda awkward at first cause i didn't know anyone else there except for grandma and some aunts. we were there for more than two hours and it just feels really nice. even my sister didn't complain or anything. she even told me "i never called yiyi(referring to aunties from mum's side) before". awww. so sad to hear that. but at least she got the chance now.

and another thing is the hong baos. i received 17 i think yesterday and well, it was great. i love getting hong baos then going home to check how much money i got. and guess what? i'm very satisfied with the amount i got. i think this year i might receive the highest amount of money compared to the last 18 years. no, i'm serious about this. but that's what i think. cause last time, my mum used to be the one guarding the money and everything so i wouldn't really know the actual amount. but this year, i'm gonna count it all by myself. lol so far, i've already got a few hundred bucks and yesterday was just the first day! hopefully my stomach will be much nicer to me later and the next few days, and hopefully i do not become lazy so i can go visit with my friends and get more hong baos. :D

btw, below is a conversation between me and my dad last night. we were drinking beer and this is one part of our conversation which i thought was funny. fyi, this is sort of direct translate from chinese. XD

dad: you want some more (beer)?
me: aiyah, don't want drink so much lah. later my face become very red ah. (it's already red)
dad: i share with you lah.
me: ok loh. eh why your face not red?
dad: my face not so fast red one. i need to drink maybe at least 7 or 8 tins then it'll be red.
me: is it? where got like that one? but later your drunk ah.
dad: i where got so fast drunk. last time i drink beer one go one go like that also not drunk. drink xo also no problem. no drunk.
me: HAHA. that was last time mah. now leh, mana boleh?
dad: now? no need drink ah. i smell it also drunk already.
me: ...

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