Thursday, February 24, 2011

chris medina!

chris medina is officially out from american idol! very sad wei! i'm so gonna stop watching american idol from now on. :( this dude was the reason why i even started watching american idol. i'm actually a very lazy person and i'm really lazy when it comes to catching up with these shows once a week. so yeah, i'm not a huge fan of these chasing tv shows things but one unusual night, i was downstairs with my mum and sister when i switched to channel 711 on astro. american idol was showing and there was nothing better to watch on tv so i thought, "why not? at least this time it's shown only a week or so slower than the actual airing in america". and towards the end of the show, i saw chris going in for the auditions. before he sang, he told the judges his story which indeed did touch my heart. i felt very sorry for his beautiful fiancee. and there's this part when he said "what kinda guy would i be if walked out on her when she needed me the most" which actually moved me. i was close to tears. like seriously, he's such a sweet and loving guy. and he's definitely a keeper. juliana's really lucky to have him. i'm jealous of her. lol but still, i was devastated when i found out he didn't make it to the top 24. i mean, he could've been the next american idol. even j lo cried when she told him no. ahh, very sad. but oh well, that's the final decision and i can't do anything about it. just hope that chris will continue to give his fiancee all the love and care she needs and i wish him the best. would love to watch him go on tv again if there's any chance that he would. oh and the video below is a short clip of his audition and story that touched the hearts of everyone. :')

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