Friday, February 25, 2011

dinner & dessert.

kinda lazy to blog so it's gonna be a very short post. so my cousin david's going to perth on saturday to further his studies there. actually, it' his final year and he's gonna be graduating there. and since my third aunt from ipoh is here and going back next week, we all decided to have dinner together at a chinese restaurant in town. ordered lots of food and we ate so much. it was fun having dinner with so many family members around. so much to talk, so much to laugh. my sister went around asking riddles after we finished eating. there were a few that were really funny. kept talking and joking. after dinner, daddy brought us all to dessert master for some well, desserts. my cousin joanna and her mum followed my car. and in the car, we were like telling ghost stories that seriously gave me goosebumps. eventhough i've heard some of them already before. the stories were mostly about bintang plaza. i guess all mirian should know what's been happening there since last year. :\ omg goosebumps are coming again. so anyways, we went to have desserts, talked for a little bit more and went back. i seriously need to enjoy my last few days of my summer break before class starts on monday. XD

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