Tuesday, March 1, 2011


hey guys, guess what? it's already march! wtf i know riteeeeeeee. why does time go by so fast? two months went by just like that and in ten months, 2012 is coming. oh gosh. y'know, one year ago today was the first day of foundation orientation. i still remember being clueless about everything and being the new student that i was, went around campus trying to figure everything out by myself. lol yeah, the effect of not attending orientation. XD but still, i managed to get everything into place by the uhh, second week of class? ahhhh, speaking of foundation really makes me miss my foundation life a lot. to be honest, until now, i still cannot believe that one year has already gone by. closing my eyes now, i could still remember that week in the first sem right before tuition free week and after. i was having midterms before tfw and rushing for my wrs essay the week after. i also remembered most of my presentations as well as the time during final exams. and also in second sem too. i remember going to class on the first day of school which was back in august and after a few blinks, the final exams were already over. :\ and now, here i am being a full time degree student. five years back, i couldn't even imagine myself being where i am today. seriously, this university thing came so sudden that i still feel shocked every once in a while. and in like three years from now, i'll be a fully degree graduate student on the hunt of a permanent job to feed myself for the next thirty years. *gulps

this is a combination of both semesters. i've posted this picture before but i just have this sudden flashback that made me miss my foundation year so much. :(

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